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21 May 2018 23:36:59
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21 May 2018 22:37:22
Any of the posters/ Eds know if Darmian to Juventus is close to completion?

August 2015 vs Spurs we thought we had the next Gary Neville on our hands lol.

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{Ed004's Note - It seems a likely move}

21 May 2018 23:29:37
One down in the deadwood department.

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{Ed002's Note - What an awful thing to say.}

20 May 2018 14:20:36
Manchester United Looked on verge of bringing in Talisca as an attacking option. Looks like Jose thinks Rashford isn't ready as back up yet. so may be loan move for him?

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20 May 2018 17:28:10
Rashford is best suited to lw. I suspect that the goal this summer will be to move Martial on, and bring in a new striker. Rashford will be back up to Sanchez.

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20 May 2018 22:22:42
Is he any good?

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20 May 2018 23:23:17
20 goals and 7 assists this year I think 8 have been headers. Looks a talented player, quick and skilful. He is 6’3 so ideal for Jose. Usually plays no 10 or second striker. He’s left footed but I can see him playing on the right wing for us if we sign him. Only 24 as well so probably would prefer him to Willian.

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20 May 2018 23:50:32
I despair every time I hear a player is tall so he's ideal for Jose.
Not a criticism of you Park, more for Jose.

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21 May 2018 06:19:58
I would agree Rave. Jose's obsession with tall players always makes me question whether they are being signed purely for their footballing ability or to play the long ball. In this case Talisca looks like the former but we shall see it happens.

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21 May 2018 11:09:16
Replacement for Fellaini as our plan B. Which actually seems to be our plan A. Keep it tight until 70 minutes then throw on someone tall to play the long ball game.

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21 May 2018 12:12:06
Looks like we might get Willian this summer too. Will be 30 by the time season stars, so perfect age for Jose.

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21 May 2018 12:31:54
As a back up to Lukaku and small games, he look promising. if he manages to perform batter and make right flank his than best. he Has a Brazilian flair to his game and we have seen Rashford need more time to developed over all. May be 1 or 2 loan will help him boost his confidence and footballing decisions.

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21 May 2018 13:47:23
We have offered no atttacking threat down our right hand side for years. Who cares what age these players are as long as they’re effective and do the business. William would be a super signing, but we are starting to look a bit Chelsea now. Who knows, JT for new assistant role?

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21 May 2018 14:44:46
Don’t get me wrong, Willian is a good player, but signing him is symptomatic of Jose’s approach since he left Chelsea first time round. It’s planning for the next season or two, put not building a team. If you contrast it to Pep at City, he’s building a young side to dominate for years, Jose is trying to win Jose a title but not planning beyond the season ahead.

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21 May 2018 15:13:37
Danny would you not agree that Jose has to have a good season ahead, so in his shoes would you not go for a right winger that you can trust, also Pep pretty much had everything in place for him when he took over something that Jose was not afforded as he is still repairing other managers mistakes.

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21 May 2018 15:52:39
It’s hardly repairing mistakes if you’re creating a team that you know will only be able to play at the top level for a few more seasons. Pep has brought in young players for the future, and has helped the young players at the club develop. Jose has, increasingly, started to look for players in the latter stages of their careers to replace younger players because he doesn’t care about helping players develop. It’s a trend toward caution and reducing mistakes, at the expense of building a team that lasts.

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21 May 2018 16:22:58
Willian can be top level for 2-4 seasons, ideal for Chong to grow and progress into first team in that time.
Agree that Martial should move on and Rashford should be LW back up. Zlatan style striker for back up to Lukaku, say what you like about him getting the second contract but Ibra could’ve helped us on Saturday.

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21 May 2018 20:09:29
To be fair though fellas and ladies, would you rather have some instant success or would you rather him go for younger players and short term not be as successful but have a brighter future? I’ll not one of your fans so my opinion isn’t really of much importance but I can see Jose’s point of trying to get success fast maybe he doesn’t think he’ll get long enough to see the long term benefit of younger players etc? What’s your guys thoughts. I’d love Rashford at Anfield won’t ever happen but the kids clearly special.

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21 May 2018 22:05:03
I think a balance needs to be struck being youth and experience. As the season wore on, Jose started erring on the side of caution and picking more experienced players who are less likely to make mistakes. The level of our football got poorer in the second half, but we ground out some big results. If you look at the team that started in the FA Cup final, only three players not in their late 20s/ early 30s. Looking to sign players like Willian is an indication that this is the direction the squad is heading. Jose is building a team for the short term, and spending lots of money to do it.

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21 May 2018 22:26:36
Problem is Jose himself cannot see himself staying long term so he is going for short term success which translates to short term signings. Personally like Willian and if we get 3 years out of him then Chong is ready to step up then that would work out nicely. Problem is fans want instant success and so does Jose so he will try and win any way possible and f he does so he will be off.

Cesar - all depends on the style of play for me. If he is building a young and exciting team which is competing but not winning, then I think fans will be more patient. Issue is the style is so bad and Jose always had winning the big honours to fall back on. When he doesn’t things get toxic and fans get restless. If Jose was to build for the future with young players and improves the style I am happy to be patient. If he can deliver a title in the short term and style is like his first Chelsea team, I wouldn’t be complaining.

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19 May 2018 20:25:52
I take comfort from the fact we’ll never see that group of players as a starting 11 again. Today truly showed how poor we are down the flanks. Young and Valencia must be in bottom three pairings of fullbacks in the prem.

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19 May 2018 22:29:01
Zero delivery from the flanks it’s true. Toothless all match and Chelsea kept us very much at arm’s length today.

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19 May 2018 23:22:12
i wouldn't hold your breath, 4 transfers windows in and we still and Valencia smalling jones and you.

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20 May 2018 07:15:01
2 wingers that can't cross or go outside the fullbacks. Rashford played out of position again and another 45 minute game. and this was a cup final! Second half we asked questions but whee were we first half. And Lukaku tells Jose he's not ready to play? Is the tail wagging the dog?
So we finish 2nd and I've yet to meet another fan that's happy. Jose has a lot to do and what world star wants to play this brand of football? Another long summer buying average players?

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20 May 2018 08:29:03
Said to a pal of mine watching it that we’d wasted a whole half of s match in this game. When we woke up it was too late, not that we ever looked like scoring.

Perhaps we need an attacking coach to work on these aspects of our game alongside Jose if he to stay as it’s not working.

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20 May 2018 13:05:11
we Should be getting shot of Jose, he won’t get anywhere near city next season all he will do is buy short term fixes like Willian which doesn’t helper the club in the future. Do we waste another season. Why not get in a young manager who actually understands the modern game and will maybe play for a win now and again. City will be untouchable for next couple of years so get a manager in with a 3 year plan to produce a winning squad who play the Utd way. One More season under Jose Andy his bus stop could do unrepairable damage I mean what too footballers want to come and defend all season.

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20 May 2018 14:26:30
“Unreparable damage”? Really? You actually believe that? The club will be ruined *forever* if Mourinho stays?

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20 May 2018 20:43:54
Think one more season of rubbish and Jose will be heading for the exit door. Jones and his kamakazi defending cost us again his face gurning at every tackle. Our defence is old and one dimensional. Sanchez has done naff all since arriving, Rashford needs a boot up the butt, He his not world class as yet, but plays like he has won everything in the game . Lot of players in our squad need to take a look at themselves over the summer and come back wanting to play for the shirt and to entertain the paying fans. That goes for Jose also, Other teams are working him out and he has no plan B, C or D. Roll on the World Cup .

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{Ed025's Note - its hard to disagree with that rock..

21 May 2018 12:14:14
Cheers Ed.

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{Ed025's Note - your welcome mate..

19 May 2018 14:47:12
Looks like lukaku is out.

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19 May 2018 15:20:50
Huge blow👎🏻👎🏻.

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19 May 2018 15:23:25
Out? On the bench per rumours.

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18 May 2018 20:01:54
Apparently you guys have agreed a deal with Lazio for Savic. 95m or something around that.

This comes from the same guy that also said Poch is coming to Chelsea though, and he called Arteta to Arsenal a couple of weeks ago.

Just wanted to let you know. I'd be ecstatic if Chelsea could spend that way again. Sergej is very good.

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18 May 2018 20:49:02
Whats the name of the 'guy' Jackson?

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18 May 2018 20:59:17
No disrespect jackson but why would poch go to chelsea considering they have no champions league to offer and hazard and courtois look to be off.

Its a sideways step at best and hell have bigger clubs knocking at his door surely, Barcelona real or psg.

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18 May 2018 21:27:37
All the info seems to be from a Spanish journalist called Diego Martinez the info given is off his twitter so it’s just 1 of many “in the know” people that will crop up in the next couple months.

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18 May 2018 21:37:40
Diego Martinez or Stephen Howson.

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18 May 2018 22:46:46
Mort, I think it's that Diego Martinez guy. I'm not on Twitter myself but someone told me about it.

And yeah, Chelsea don't look like winning the PL any time soon with the way we're spending, and the type of players we're spending on. Frankly, it's a bit pathetic. But I love the club, so whatever. Support them till the end :)

So it might be a sideways move for Poch. But on the other hand, we did win 2 of the the last 4 PL titles, and we sure as hell can pay Poch more than Spurs can. So for monetary reasons alone I could see him moving to us. Or maybe he likes the look of our outstanding youth players :-P

We'll see whether this Martinez guy is full of rubbish (similar to his namesake, Roberto lol) . He also said Martial will be starting for you tomorrow with Lukaku on the bench. Could be a first test for his knowledge.

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18 May 2018 19:00:36
Any insight Ed's into who the new assistant will be?

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{Ed004's Note - I haven't heard anything on it}

18 May 2018 19:34:07
I'll throw a guess out there. Andre Villas Boas.

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18 May 2018 20:44:55
DD I don’t think you are too far off the mark. I also think JM’’s next assistant will speak fluent Portuguese.

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18 May 2018 23:43:10
Thought Jose said there would be no new assistant?

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19 May 2018 09:50:51
No official assistant spenno but he will be adding someone he has worked with before to his coaching team. Intrigued to see who it is. Could very well be AVB.

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19 May 2018 12:22:44
Seen a couple of people mention zanetti?

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19 May 2018 15:15:45
It appears the new staff recruit will be fitness coach Stefano Rapetti.

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16 May 2018 16:46:02
Manchester United are on the verge of finalising a €50m deal for Alex Sandro. Official confirmation of the switch could come in 'the next few days'. [La Stampa] #MUFC

Wonder if 'La Stampa' are reliable, anyone know? This is the consequences of no Ed002 lol.

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16 May 2018 16:58:53
From what I’ve read it seems reliable. I looked back on other deals they’ve reported and they’ve been bang on especially with Juventus. Terrible not having Ed02 around. Might have to start trusting Sky sources lol.

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16 May 2018 18:16:52
Looks like it’s going to happen which is great. He’s not been picked for the Brazil squad for the World Cup which is ridiculous. Yet England have Ashley young who will most probably be first choice. Says it all really! But without a World Cup we Sandro will be fresh and raring to go. Seems darmian will move the other way so good deal for both parties.

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16 May 2018 18:55:25
Thanks Dan, nice to have a fullback who can attack for a change.

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16 May 2018 19:49:04
Will he be allowed to though?

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16 May 2018 20:28:22
Should do beast, like he used Cole, Maicon, Marcelo etc.

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16 May 2018 21:11:12
Give it a rest for a day at least, beast.

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17 May 2018 08:32:29
Guys, here's a novel idea. Just wait and see :)

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17 May 2018 08:33:25
Hey Beast, was wondering, do you open your party poppers directly into the bin?

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17 May 2018 11:12:08
Come on beast mate that line from Rwwd must have made you laugh😂😂😂.

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17 May 2018 11:19:51
La stampa are basically rehashing what castles said nothing new.

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17 May 2018 13:28:51

Post of the day mate, I like it :)

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17 May 2018 16:05:29
I was thinking the same to be fair. I'm just seeing all this positivity which is ignoring reality and feel compelled to keep showing you what hides behind the curtain.

It's like everyone vents during and moments after the game, then all is forgotten/ ignored because tomorrow is another day and it's back to relying on hope rather than fact.

Truth is we have a great attacking left back and have wasted him, but a nice shiny new signing will answer all the problems of course - just like Sanchez has!

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17 May 2018 16:45:33
Beast shaw is not a great attacking full back he hasn't played 6 games consecutively for 3 years. I think that's you living in hope because there is no evidence for years that he is a great attacking full back.
For every ying there is a yang. Lots of evidence that we are improving lots of evidence that the squad is short. But for anyone like yourself that only looks for negatives there are lots of them to find too.
As a fellow poster for years and enjoyed the Craic with you many a time I have to say that every time any posters finds anything positive to say about anything you just take a polar opinion looking for a negative no matter what it is.
The essence of supporting Any sporting team is hope i don't understand why you try to suck the hope out of any positive comment about the club in general. It's quite hard to read at times and you have often written that jose comes across as a miserable person you need to take a look In the mirror mate as your coming across twice as negative as jose ever will to most.
You have been 1 of the best contributors on this page for a few years but honestly when every post is just to knock any positive comment about anything like your trying to suck the life out of anything that might possibly be good.
As I said yesterday your entitled to your opinions and put them across really well at times. But Now your bias and negativity about the manger is crossing into nearly everything you post.
The other day you said we needed 2 new full backs and you have been saying it all season. Today we are linked strongly (not sure I believe it) to a left back and now after a season of calling for new full backs you are suddenly saying we have a great full back in shaw you have been on the shaw is a disgrace bus for a long time.
My point is I know you have said you want to replace shaw all season but now when its happening maybe, you try to turn it into a negative. It's a bid odd mate.

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17 May 2018 16:48:24
Is he a great a attacking left back?

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17 May 2018 16:51:08
Beast must be talking about Ashley Young.

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17 May 2018 16:50:00
where is Ed2?

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{Ed001's Note - everywhere.}

17 May 2018 17:15:50
Ken - I'm praising one of our current players - how is that being negative?

I'm saying the way we play isn't good enough which by itself is a 'negative' comment, but surely that means I have positive expectations of what we can and should be doing?

I'm full of praise for Martial. I always praise our CB's because let's face it playing for Utd it is very hard not to have a good game with the amount of cover they get.

I am full of praise for DDG, I want players like TFM to get a game. Which is positive.

There are many ways to skin a cat and I think we are skinning it the wrong way. It doesn;t mean everything is negative, I actually think Jose talks sense a lot of the time (and say so), but words are cheap and he may slag off things, but the next game the worst performers play, the style is identical and the learnings are not on view. It's hard to be positive when we play such terrible football and fail to improve on it. I try hard to be positive, but most people on here tend to be overly positive about things, 2+2=5 stuff, so when I call for realism, that is not to be totally negative, it's just to pull in the hype.

Ultimately if this rubbish is praised, then that becomes the new benchmark and that is very very dangerous - there has to be some people prepared to be shot down for the betterment of everyone - I'm happy to jump on that grenade for the squad because most people don't even realise the pin has been pulled!

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17 May 2018 18:10:42
I couldn't disagree with you more mate. I think your anti mou glasses are are tainting everything you see.
You are praising one of our current players now because a new lb is imminent apparently so why praise shaw now when you have been calling for a new lb all season? How many times have u called shaw a disgrace, unfit, poor, not putting in effort or words to that affect this season. Now we get linked to a lb remember a position you have repeatedly called out needs filling and your negative about it? . Why the change of heart?
If we get a new th again a position you want filling will valencia suddenly become a great attacking full back.
You say you tell the truth. So why did you want a new lb all season and now moan when (it might be) addressed?

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17 May 2018 18:32:43
long time reader, seldom poster, but i got to agree on some points with beasty over here. jose talks a lot of sense, but i don't understand why some of the worst players are playing the next game. eg, smalling shouldve been benched a lonnng time ago with his silly mistakes and how uncalm he can be.
but i got to agree with kenny boy over here too. shaw hasn't played consequtive games to prove he's a great attackin full back, bcus to me, i think an attacking fullback should be consistent, and be able to track back 90+ mins, whereas shaw looks tired at the end of every match.

but overall, in terms of your views, both make good points, but i guess we are different people and will have different ways to support the club. some look for hope of postivety on the next match believing what the players and manager can doand some are looking into the past looking at players/ manager couldve done better. but at the end of the day, we still love and support the club.

so can we please jus hold each others hand and say. ”i love you”.

jk aside, lookin forward to our fa final guys!

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17 May 2018 18:49:36
Ken - I want a LB for sure, but only because this manager won't play Shaw - who has been perfectly fine whenever played. If he would just give Shaw a run of games then we could all see what the supposed problem is, but he plays him, Shaw upsets the apple cart by doing well and he then drops him I assume hoping he throws his toys out the pram.

I just think our problems will remain even if we sign a RB/ LB and 9 other players - because the major issue is the person telling those players how he wants them to play. So I am anti Jose because he is so important and in my eyes the only reason we are so poor to watch.

Let's move on anyway mate, long summer ahead and hopefully some good footy to enjoy.

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17 May 2018 19:01:35
Remember when the main issue was cm and all we had to do was buy pogba.
The main issue was creativity all we had to do was buy Sanchez.
Main issue was cb all we had to do was buy lindelof .

Beast makes some good points above the answer isn't always just buy a new shinny toy . which seems to be some fans main objective can u imagine if United got a transfer ban.

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17 May 2018 19:04:25
No sweat pal. always good talking with you. Who do you fancy for wc?
Spain for me. sneaky ton on Denmark for the semi at 40./ 1 one of the crazy ones that come off every couple of years.

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17 May 2018 21:11:21
Likewise mate.

I've got a bit on Belgium, I've been banging the drum for them for the past 6-7 years managed to get 16/ 1 I think a couple of years back, but the price hasn't moved much since. Was going to have a bet on the group qualifiers but it seems so obvious and the odds are so rubbish it isn't worth it, as you say there is always a sneaky one.

I think England may be the surprise team, I fancy S/ F at least.

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17 May 2018 22:21:50
I'd love Southgate to do well. He has made some big calls. Stuck work a lot of the young players that have gone through him at under age. Picked players who he believes in and that can play in his system. He didn't pick shaw and France didn't pick martial. So jose not alone. 😂😂.

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15 May 2018 22:43:59
Really want luke shaw to stay at the club, yeah he may be over weight or whatever critics say about him but the guy is still young? with good coaching he will be a class left back and will come to bite us in the back side in a few years.

Believable5 10Unbelievable

15 May 2018 23:14:16
Coaching no. He needs to fix himself before anything, he’s had plenty of chances. If he were to stay he should be on a pay as you play contract that would get his arse in gear.

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15 May 2018 23:55:37
Lacks the discipline and fight for me. Had enough time to make himself our left back. Personally sell him. Don't think he good as people make him out to be.

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16 May 2018 07:14:33
What is his deal.
I don’t see how a guy that has all this in front of him looks so out of shape.

I read somewhere that his attitude at Southampton was poor too.

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16 May 2018 07:43:49
If Jose is staying as manager then we may as well cash in. Maybe another manager will get the best out of Luke, but the relationship/ trust between player and coach isn't going to be beneficial to him.

Shaw has been very good almost every game he has played to my eyes, but then he is dropped or slagged off. The manager clearly doesn't like the way he plays the game and Luke obviously lacks the desire to amend his ways to fit the managers wishes. Shame as he impresses me and I think given a run of games he will improve even more. For Young to be constantly picked ahead of him tells us all we need to know about his future I fear.

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16 May 2018 07:54:50
You mean he needs coaching to tell him to keep in shape because he is a professional athlete and the minimum requirement for his job that he must live like an athlete?

I do hate some of these tv pundits but when they talk about mental attitude not being right in the team I see permanently sad faced martial, tubby shaw, preening pogba and think yep, they have a point.

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16 May 2018 07:56:59
I agree with you there Beast, It was in one of our recent games Shaw burst forward and hit the post. The response from JM was to berate him for forgetting his defensive duties. Tells us all we need to know.

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16 May 2018 08:29:45
Shaw needs to go, for whatever reason his physical fitness and attitude for a top end professional is lacking and Repeated managers have not had faith in him.
His time with us is done.
I hope he moves and is successful but we need to move on and get a true number one left back in with Young as cover.

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16 May 2018 10:49:26
Similar to what rashford is doing . These young players think they are superstars . Which Cleary not the case as yet. Agree with recent posts how many more chances does Shaw need . It's a privileged position to be In being a high earner at such a young age. For me Rashford is going backwards in his development. Become very ball greedy of late.

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16 May 2018 11:50:37
Pogthedog: "It was in one of our recent games Shaw burst forward and hit the post. " Sentence should end - and he was sent a bill for smashing it the fat sod!
Seriously if a 22 year old needs cuddles and kisses to motivate him to get himself into shape and play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, it shows his worth, 0.As for his ability, since his leg break he really doesn't commit to a challenge which is probably a physcological problem that we can understand but it could lead to further injuries. Cruel to be kind ;get rid.

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16 May 2018 12:38:26
Not sure why many of our fans are slagging off Shaw - have you actually watched him play, it seems like you are hating on him simply because the manager doesn't rate him?

He plays as an attacking full back - we want this.
He works his socks off - we want this.
He battles and looks like he cares - we want this.
He is often in our top 3 performers when he actually plays - we want this.

He has been one of our most consistent performers when he actually plays. So those of you criticising him are simply parroting what the manager says or judging on things not related to his actual performance in my opinion.

Sure he could look trimmer, maybe if he played consecutive games he would look better on the eye, but who cares about that. Definitely could be more professional off the pitch from what I read, but surely the actual performance is what matters most?

I personally hate how Pogba strolls around the pitch all game, he looks like a supreme athlete but he doesn't play like one - he plays how Shaw looks and Shaw plays how Pogba looks, so looks can be deceiving. Most of us want somebody like Sandro, Rose or Alaba - all of them play in a similar way to Shaw.

If Shaw played a few bad games on the spin I could understand the lack of support, but the fact he rarely does despite being treated like rubbish should tell us a lot about him, more so than managers with axes to grind or reporters wanting to appeal to the masses and take the easy angle.

Luke Shaw could do more to help himself, but how many times can you get slapped down for doing nothing wrong and then still want to fight back, especially with fans choosing to ignore the performance and just parrot the BS.

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16 May 2018 13:10:10
I have watched Shaw play, He has pace, likes to attack, but his end product isn't good, defensively poor, But like many of our players he has moment of brilliance but is not effectively offensively or defensively.

I don't know how he performs in the training, but he had limited chances to improve his game.

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16 May 2018 14:13:32
Kenedy - is that Valencia you are describing as well?

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16 May 2018 14:46:06
The Beast, We need new LB and RB, to compete.

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16 May 2018 16:17:21
Beast I agree with a lot of that .
It's the same with martial the hating started when he was rumoured to be on the move .
For what ever reason people need to justify the sale and treatment of the player.

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16 May 2018 17:29:40
Think Jose will just let Damian leave. Young will be back up to Valencia and Shaw will be back up to Sandro.

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16 May 2018 17:56:39
Definitely mate RB and LB are essential, but only if they are permitted to play like modern full backs, otherwise it's same old same old - lacking numbers in attack.

Totally agree Jred - I'm waiting for the Pogba transfer hype to kick in and watch people go 180 on that once it becomes clear that he (his reps) is attempting to manipulate the club through the media and he'll be on his bike.

I treat it all with a pinch of salt, but I do want to stand up for players that actually do the job as far as I'm concerned when/ if picked that is.

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16 May 2018 19:06:30
I don't see how anyone can judge Shaw properly without not only giving him an extended run in the side but also having him play behind a consistently selected left sided winger.

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16 May 2018 22:44:00
Does anyone watch Shaw? He’s unfit/ borderline fat for an athlete and is constantly out of position!

Enjoy your career at Newcastle lad.

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17 May 2018 12:52:53
3 managers have all had the same issue with Shaw,

maybe he will watch the world cup thinking i could have been on that plane, like the liverpool full back whos only 19.

or he can go on holiday have a fun time and come back with the same attitude.

theres a point where nothing can be done and sadly i think shaw is almost at that point.

its a shame because before his leg break he was immense.

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17 May 2018 15:19:03
This sort of thing drives me nuts. Every time he plays, he is good, and still gets bashed. Yes, he is a little inconsistent, and his defensive positionng could improve, but what do you expect when he hardly gets a game?

It's Mourinho's perogative as manager to decide a player doesn't fit, but some of you lot citing performances as justification just annoys me, because he isn't playing badly at all. And if it's the way he plays which is a problem then the guys being mentioned aren't going to fare any better.

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15 May 2018 12:26:07
Manchester United are confident they will sign Toby Alderweireld from Tottenham for a fee of around £40m.

Believable7 1Unbelievable

15 May 2018 13:36:26
would be one hell of s signing. Rumours that Lindelof may go on loan to Wolves as Nuno Espirito coached him at Benfica. Personally would love Lindelof to get an extended run as I think he is very talented but playing regularly on loan will do him the world of good. We seem to be targetting the right sorts of players which is good to see. let's hope we can wrap them up before the world cup.

Agree5 2Disagree

15 May 2018 14:00:06
Hoping by august we have a back four of TFM, Bailly, Toby, Sandro. I mean Valencia, Smalling and Young🤮 😬😬😬. Does the window open this Thursday?

Agree5 3Disagree

15 May 2018 14:38:33
Yes the window opens thursday, does this mean (if he's not cup tied) we could sign a player from and English club before Friday afternoon and he would be able to play in the fa cup final on Saturday?

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15 May 2018 14:56:34
No they can't as registration was last July.

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15 May 2018 18:42:32
registration is basically why you can't sign a player you can't register them outside a window. isn't it? we only signed sanchez in jan but he can play. would be interesting to know if either side could complete a transfer in time to have the player registered could they play?

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed002's Note - No they can't.}

15 May 2018 19:44:52
All the money to spend on RB's and someone mentions TFM? I'd rather stick with Valencia for now.

Agree2 8Disagree

15 May 2018 20:52:31
Last registration period was January. Next is June.

Agree1 1Disagree

15 May 2018 21:34:56
Not sure I want a 29 going on 30 Yr old centre back as our main man in defence. I want someone who is 25 or 26 and just about to come into their prime and give us 4 or 5 years good service. Aldeweirauld is a good player no doubt but I don't think he is particularly fast and his pace will only diminish as he gets older.

Agree3 5Disagree

15 May 2018 23:57:21
Umtiti with Baily. Lindelof and Rojo as back ups. Sell Smalling and Jones. Make Axel 5th choice next year.

Agree1 0Disagree

16 May 2018 10:36:20
Sell Smalling? You honest think Jose will sell his 1st choice centre half?

Agree0 0Disagree

16 May 2018 13:15:32
We have a lot of 25 - 26 year old cbs an experienced head to organise it all back there is what we are missing in my eyes.

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17 May 2018 22:39:05
Lindeloff certainly looks set to join wolves on loan. client of mine at work is a wolves scout and he was telling me today. I always read posts like this and think nah. but it’s true!

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15 May 2018 10:20:26
Hi Ed002 is you are around hope you are well mate. I know you said we had interest in alex Sandro but is he now our first choice target for left back? Thanks.

Believable0 0Unbelievable

{Ed002's Note - I can't help with transfers any longer, sorry.}

15 May 2018 10:41:41
No problem thanks ed.

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15 May 2018 12:32:14
If there is any truth in Sandro at 50 mill and the lad from Napoli as right back who seems highly rated at 44 mill -I don't pretend to know much about him -then Shaw and Darmian out as directly replaced for a net spend of 60 mill for a key part of defence with added attacking flair seems a good deal.

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15 May 2018 12:52:37
would be a great pair of signings if true burrenway. I like Hysaj he looks a very good player. Only time will tell!

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15 May 2018 12:25:31
Ed002 - is there any light at the end of the tunnel? When will you be back?

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed002's Note - Right now there is no plan to do anything involving transfers any longer.}

15 May 2018 14:46:53
Yes Park3lung, a bit of pace and flair going forward. I would then hope TFM comes into the first team squad as a back up rb to get him some real experience.

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15 May 2018 17:41:54
Ed002 i am very sorry to hear that. I hope that there comes a time when this is all resolved and we have the pleasure of your wise words once more.

Agree3 0Disagree

{Ed002's Note - Thanks, we'll see.}

15 May 2018 21:13:54
Most of us echo those thoughts Pogthedog, this site is a better place with Ed002 on board.

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15 May 2018 22:41:22
Ultimately United will but whoever they buy.

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{Ed033's Note - Sounds painful and unnecessary :)

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