09 Jul 2014 12:59:06
Juventus have approached united for Patrice evra

1.) 09 Jul 2014
Think he is definitely off to Juventus, will be interesting to see who they bring in as cover now.

2.) 09 Jul 2014
I think we will press ahead with Janmeet. primarily a right-back, but can also play left-back. For around £5m he would be a decent addition.

3.) 09 Jul 2014
Do we not have a young player who could be back up to Shaw, they couldn't be any worse than Buttner.

4.) 09 Jul 2014
Carloto, not really. Blackett isn't ready. I think we may go for Janmeet for RB, but he will also be the back-up LB. We will see.

5.) 09 Jul 2014
I know it's a long shot but hopefully Evra potentially going to juve would soften their stance with Vidal negotiations. I struggle to see us getting him, although if the opportunity arises, we should throw the figure at them without thinking twice

6.) 09 Jul 2014
We have Reece James and Tyler Blackett coming threw carloto, neither are anywhere near being ready to be part of a first team squad, perhaps never will be if i'm honest.

7.) 09 Jul 2014
RB? With Guillermo Varela, Jones and even Smalling able to cover there do we really need another RB who can cover the left? Why not a proper left back (if evra actually leaves) who maybe can cover the RB?

8.) 09 Jul 2014
Signing Vermaelen will kill two birds with one stone. He will likely be the back up left back if he is signed.

9.) 09 Jul 2014
Mbd, Jones & Smalling are not RBs, they are CBs. Varela is not ready and Rafael is a huge liability, near on most of the time. It may be time to sign a RB and if he can play left-back also, then that would be excellent.

10.) 09 Jul 2014
Would love Santon to be a target as he covers both left and right back but very much doubt we'll go for him. Don't really understand why he ever went for Newcastle tbh

11.) 09 Jul 2014
This is a strange one. Ud think that Juventus would pass on Evra, knowing that we will surely see it as an opportunity to negotiate for vidal. The fact that they are approaching us for evra suggests that vidal isn't yet apart of the negotiations. Usually we would have to approach them if the main player in the transfer is at their club. So, is this a ruse from Juventus? Are they trying to bait us back in, to negotiate for vidal?

Maybey we have been reluctant to meet their valuation of vidal, and have changed targets, to Enzo Perez, according to reports in todays papers. Juventus may now be worried, and have realised they need to lower their valuation for vidal. This might be Juventus's way of performing a u turn.

Vidal is a player they will have to sell this summer in honesty if they wish to get a serious fee for him. Remember what happened to snjedier? Inter wouldn't lower from 35m+ for snjedier. Eventually he ended up leaving a year and a half later at 29y/o for a measly 10million.

I would love to see united sign both Perez and Vidal. If we clear out the odd crop we have in that department, we should have space to play herrera and these 2 in rotation, and still give them all 30+ games per season. Would very much like to see us sign Enzo Perez. Feel he is exactly the type of player we are looking for. Sleek, technical passer, runs back and forth for 90 minutes making himself available for passes, while doing one twos. Quality player.

12.) 09 Jul 2014
Daley blind for me. Versatile player whos good enough to make sure those in the left back or no 6 role must be playing at the top of there games otherwise they would kno he would be straight in taking there place :)

13.) 09 Jul 2014
Maybe we are using Evra and Nani as part of the bargaining? 40 million plus Evra and Nani seems like a fair price. If Vidal wants the move then Vidal and his agent are going to have to push the move.

14.) 09 Jul 2014
09 Jul 2014 20:34:01
100% agree Domi B. I have seen quite a bit of Blind and he looks a good prospect I must say.