21 Jul 2014 15:57:35
Evra to Juve confirmed, undisclosed fee so no Evra + cash deal for Vidal, still hopeful we will sign him though, seems to be just a matter of offering enough for him.

1.) 21 Jul 2014
21 Jul 2014 16:35:59
Player plus cash deals are rare.Clubs don't like it for obvious reasons.

2.) 21 Jul 2014
So the reported fee is £1.2m, surely he is worth more than that? or are we just trying to sweeten Juve up a bit for the Vidal deal?

3.) 21 Jul 2014
His legs are gone, he's on a big salary & Juve can sign him up on a free in 6 months - I'd say £1.2 is reasonable enough. Presumably this means we're pretty confident of signing someone who can cover LB (Vermaelen/Blind/?).

4.) 21 Jul 2014
I would imagine that the fee is undisclosed for a reason. My personal theory is that the fee they have paid is high for Evra so that Juventus can announce the fee for Vidal as a larger figure to appease Juve fans. I think the Evra deal is just the start of signings going either way. I still think that Nani will leave us for them at some point but I would think that'd be after the Vidal deal has gone through. Once again with an undisclosed fee hiding a little bit of extra money

{Ed002's Note - I have never read such nonsense. The fees will be declared to UEFA. If as you propose Manchester United are taking part in a fraud I would expect a transfer ban and perhaps a points deduction.}

5.) 21 Jul 2014
Ed, is that really classed as fraud? I was merely speculating that the fees all round might be a little higher on each side to make the loss of Vidal from Juve better sounding for their fans. I obviously know nothing about any of it but just like to speculate

{Ed002's Note - Of course it is fraud and I cannot imagine that Manchester United would be so stupid.}