02 Sep 2014 01:13:39
So Danny Welbeck has left MUFC for Arsenal. What a sad sight seeing one of own home-grown players who had so much potential but never fulfilled it to our requirements.

I wish Danny the best of luck in London and hope he does well in the rest of his career. And I will never forget that Madrid goal he scored!

We have an alright replacement for him though in someone named Falcao? Never heard of him but all I know is he was in the world 11 or something last season? Seems like an alright prospect for us.

1.) 02 Sep 2014
I'm also sad he has gone but it's good to see new faces come in. Hopefully we will start winning some games after all of the money that has been spent.

2.) 02 Sep 2014
We need time to click, our starting 11 will be tricky. SAF had nothing but time and worked his system the way he wanted, anyone who was coming in to do anything either than what SAF did was going to have a roughy time. What LVG has done is great but he still needs time, new system, new personal, new style. He needs at least this season to get going and then we can be back on top 2015-2016

3.) 02 Sep 2014
Wellbeck's move is getting a lot of press/Twitter coverage because it was a surprise signing by Arsenal. His time at OT was up when Van Gaal came because the system demand clinical finishers. We need CL football. Would you rely on Danny to get you CL football? As much as I like him, I wouldn't.

4.) 02 Sep 2014
Always nice to see someone come through the ranks at united, but unfortunately his time was up a couple of seasons ago. never really made the grade, not really sure what his best position is.
£16m is great business for us. arsenal taking a back-up player from us, can't see that really haunting us what so ever

5.) 02 Sep 2014
Really shortsighted.

We now have 3 world-class strikers, 2 with knee problems and all at the age where they aren't really going to improve, with only a year or two before they start to decline.

Meanwhile we have sold the promising young striker who's going to be growing into his best just in time for the decline of the older 3.

Welbeck just needs some time up front instead of being stuck out on the wing. This is going to be just like Sturridge, and we'll be regretting this before long.