04 Sep 2017 13:57:37
Hi Guys,

I just looked over to the european pages and saw a question asked about Greezman and Diego Cista by Deano which was answered by Ed002.

Here it goes :

Ed002's Note - Atletico Madrid were close to signing Diego Costa on Friday but played up wrecking the deal. Clubs do not generally look to business in January but Diego Costa may be a player they look to again. Griezmann is less likely to move in January than in the summer but with Vitolo available it is perfectly possible that Carrasco might be available - and I am aware of one club who are keen. With Manchester United adding Lukaku and making the dumb decision over Ibrahimovic then the need for Griezmann goes away unless there is a plan to push him out to left wing where he has now transitioned away from. So perhaps Griezmann would be an option for next summer (unless MU again sign Ibrahimovic), perhaps they will look to buy him and waste him on the left in January or perhaps they will look again for a left winger in January - we will have to see. }.

1.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 15:04:34
Play griezmann behind lukaku and miki on the right or vice versa.

{Ed004's Note - I am hoping by January that either Martial or Rashford have nailed down a place on the left and that Griezmann is signed to improve on Mata. That way we would have a bench of probably Fellaini, Herrera, Mata, Rashford/Martial and Ibrahimovic.}

2.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 15:25:04
I think ed2 makes some very good points above.

3.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 16:14:37
Personally I don't see the need for griezmann. We have Miki an Mata foe the number 10. We need someone for out wide.

4.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 16:23:48

Griezmann is better than both of them players.

5.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 17:53:27
I think Carrasco for right wing would be my preference.

6.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 17:57:12
Miki's got how many assists this season and not even playing at full potential.

7.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 18:56:02
Just because we don't have Griezman doesn't make him better than Mkhi and Mata. We've waited whole of last season for Mkhitaryan to get familiar to the league and it doesn't make sense to shift him to the right for someone who isn't even at the club. Who knows what will happen till next summer. Maybe Monaco produce one more world class player and we go all out for him rather than Griezman.

8.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 20:08:57
If miki adapts to pur leage and plays to his best he will be a top top player.

9.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 20:13:18
I don't see the point on splashing 100 mill on a fancy name when we'd have to move players around to accommodate him. Moving Miki turns him into another square leg in a round hole. Something I thought we as fans had had enough of the last few years and wanted to move away from. And not something Jose would be likely to do. Instead we'd be better off in signing a genuine singer or two.

10.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 20:26:35
I hear Adele is available mort 😁.

11.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 20:29:13
Good thinking Mort. Would improve the Christmas Karioke no end 😂.

12.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 21:40:03
Play her in goal, nothng would get past her.

13.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 21:56:06
Less of the body-shaming, Tony!

14.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 09:34:38
If micki has a good season why spend a fortune on griezmann. Would rather spend the money on a quality wide player ( not bale) and also look at improving our full back options.

15.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 10:08:14
Think it's pretty simple tbh if the manager thinks we need him he will try for him if not he won't.
I think the days of us buying players unnecessarily are over.

16.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 10:31:53
Watched a lot of miki b4 he came to us and altho its a different league, he is immense when he's on form!

If he can hit that form in the epl he will be phenominal for us leaving no need for grease-man.

17.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 13:49:37
When a great player like Griezmann becomes available and asking for the MU move (If true), then you sign him. Worry about where to play him afterwards. He'll clearly replace Mata in the side. However it's a squad game and I'd rather lose Ibra in the squad and sign Griezmann. I think then we are as good as any side in Europe on paper.

18.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 16:11:46
He had his chance to move and blew it. We have higher priorities.

And by all accounts our kareoke is shocking.

19.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 21:34:43
I usually agree with Ed002, but was Ibra really a dumb decision? Cost no transfer fee, will show up at a time in the season when the squad needs reinforcements but he won't be cup-tied like every other great player. I agree that starting next summer I'd rather let Zlatan leave if it means making space for a player like Griezmann, but to call it a stupid move, bc it might have stopped us from signing a cup-tied player in January? Simply don't agree.

{Ed002's Note - Stifling other players, stopping MU buying another stiker and costing enormous amounts of money. It was a dumb decision.}

20.) 05 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 22:53:43
But wouldn't buying another striker, also on big wages have stifled the same players and also be a dumb decision.

21.) 06 Sep 2017
06 Sep 2017 08:52:57
I agree Mort, that honestly is the first time have heard someone say resigning (which was always the plan) Ibra was a bad move.
Proven player, great impact, different dimension, vast experience.
No doubt he'll understand he cannot walk straight into the team and we know where he can play.
Had we signed a new player, we would have so many unanswered questions.

22.) 07 Sep 2017
07 Sep 2017 20:12:08
Totally agree melwing.