16 Jan 2018 00:06:57
Nice to see ronaldo saying he wants to leave madrid and rejoin, just as contracts are being discussed, can you imagine, one journo was mad enough to say he was using this to his advantage for more sheckles, as if!

1.) 16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018 02:01:11
I'd just love for the club to come out and say something like, "there is zero interest in signing Ronaldo - there hasn't been interest in quite some time. Hopefully Ronaldo and/ or his representatives will cease disrespected the club and supporters that have been pivotal and supportive throughout his career. "

There comes a point where enough is enough. Even when it isn't coming directly from him, the people behind him are forever trying to get MORE, pathetic!

2.) 16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018 07:28:12
Why would we go out of our way to stop him blackmailing one of our biggest commercial rivals every time he wants more money? It has positive elements for us too, because we are included in in a massive international media story every time he does it.

3.) 16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018 08:43:42
With you on this Beast. Ronaldo on the decline now and not what we need unfortunately. Stillone the best players to wear a Utd shirt of recent times - bar Scholsey of course.

Sanchez on the other hand, if it happens and it’s not all an elaborate joke will be amazing.

4.) 16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018 11:03:50
He's probably trying to get Zidane sacked.