27 Mar 2014 10:22:38
Good morning Manufans (think Robin Williams)

Apparently the stewards won't let the fans take down the chosen one sign, and here was I thinking it was as an expression of fan sentiment. How long will this charade be allowed to continue?

It seems to me the club has a serious PR issue developing with the supporters. If they really want to keep Moyes then the first thing that needs to happen is for Ferguson, on behalf of the Board, to make a public announcement not just backing him but taking some of the responsibility for leaving him with a squad unable to compete. If the Board does not shoulder some of the blame and explain what their plans are, then we the fans have no choice but to condemn the manager. They cannot have it both ways. So, if slide continues through to the end of the season, with additional losses to teams like Everton, they cannot expect the supporters to continue to "believe" in Moyes. Why should we? All we can see is last year's champions being humbled week after week by a succession of clueless inept performances, lack of basic skills, inept tactics and poor substitutions, spiritless displays and (justifiably) low morale.

The sign reminds me somewhat of the one behind Bush as he proclaimed victory in Iraq - an increasingly ironic embarrassment.

1.) 27 Mar 2014
Peashooter instead of taking the sign down should it not just be amended to more accurately reflect the situation? Might I suggest :
'The Chosen to Carry the Can One'?

2.) 27 Mar 2014
Puzzled, made me chuckle that

3.) 27 Mar 2014
Jred - then my day is complete

4.) 27 Mar 2014
If I would have been Moyes as soon as that banner went up I would have told them to take it down, a banner like that should be earned and not because ferguson chose him.

5.) 27 Mar 2014

Apparently from twitter I am guessing?

What makes you think the board of a publicly listed company needs to start making comments in response, every time a few like you lot get your knickers in a twist.

You guys are a trip and take yourselves way too serious.


Very funny I have to say.

6.) 27 Mar 2014
GCU this is too much - I am getting a little self-conscious now

7.) 27 Mar 2014
GCU, I don't know how to use Twitter! If I did I would come up with even more inane ideas.

8.) 27 Mar 2014
It's not all Moyes fault, but he has had two transfer windows and 70m, not including Rooneys and Nanis new contracts, to spend in his first season, and made zero progress. That in itself is colossal ineptitude.
Has anyone truly seen anything in his attitude or career to date, that says, yep he has the capacity to dominate the great managers/teams of Europe?

9.) 27 Mar 2014

Enjoy it whilst it lasts :)

10.) 27 Mar 2014
GCU. 'enjoy it'. do you mean your fleeting approval or United's demise,
because I think the latter will greatly outlast the former

11.) 27 Mar 2014
The subject of our demise is another discussion and hopefully a summer of spending on relevant players and a bus ticket for quite a few in the current squad will be the end of that discussion.

The reality is this is just a bump in the road to titles no 21, 22, 23and so on and CL titles 4, 5, 6 and so on and only reconfirm our status as the greatest football club on the planet :)

The pundits love to write us off and we love to prove everyone wrong. it is part of our DNA like no other club.

12.) 27 Mar 2014

That is the same attitude we had in 1970 the titles would just keep coming

13.) 27 Mar 2014
Agreed red man. CGU, you keep telling us that mourinho is rubbish, and you put your self firmly in moyes's camp, but what's happened so far this season has not backed up your judgement.
Both managers took on top teams, but ours has demolished the club, the team and divided the players and supporters. While mourinho has managed to buy a couple of excellent players, united the team and the fans and stands at the top of the league.
They are not in the same league.

14.) 28 Mar 2014

I never said mourinho is rubbish and stop putting word in my mouth. Whilst he is a good manager he lacks certain things in character that obviously you are ok with but I am not.

What we disagree on is that he has always inherited good teams and has had massive money to spend to build his ideal teams.

If you believe the team he took over under their specific circumstances at Chelsea what DM took over at United and those circumstances are two of the same things, Unfortunately I have to say that you are truly clueless and borderline .

You are a hypocrite because given that year you could not stop bitching and moaning about how bad some of the players were and how we played poorly were lucky to win games. Now suddenly they are champagne footballers and the manager is at fault. At least I said they were no good last year and no good this year.

I mean how complicated can it be to understand we are an old team that lacks pace, concedes way too many goals, has a very poor midfield when matched against top level opposition and little pace or penetration upfront.

You don't need a Harvard MBA to figure that out, it is called a need to rebuild 1 or 2 players do not fix that or the philosophy of football that has been followed at the club the last 25 years.

15.) 28 Mar 2014
Red Man

I think you are damaged goods mate from your yester years of being a united supporter.
2014 is avery different time to 1970 football and the world is a different place.

Teams like stau bucharest and spartak moscow were european power houses and the scousers were winning tons of stuff. Neither is going to be repeated. :)


16.) 28 Mar 2014
"You are a hypocrite because given that year you could not stop"

was suppose to say "because last year"