18 May 2014 06:56:30
I know the pres are full of nonsense but please God, not Robben and Sagna. If LVG trusts youth and wants to build a team, let's not start with 2 players over 30. Robber is a class act but an unpleasant one, and Sagna isn't good enough. Their age though is the biggest thing that concerns me.

1.) 18 May 2014
Yeah totally agree. Robben is undeniably class and one of the better attacking mids in the world right now but his age and attitude are concerning, not to mention his wage would be pretty substantial and United should really be looking towards youth.

2.) 18 May 2014
I agree I hope lvg builds a team for the future rather than a short term fix

3.) 18 May 2014
I disagree. I think that Sagna on a free transfer would give good cover at right back for a couple of seasons, without taking up any of the transfer funds available. A younger right back could then be looked for in two years time.

Robben is way better than any of the other wingers we have at the club, barring our youngsters. We need to be careful how we develop the younger players - too much playing time could cause burnout. Having Robben, who clearly works well with LvG can only be good for the club. Robben on one side with Lawrence/Januzaj on the other would be good attacking potential in my view.

4.) 18 May 2014
There is a case for Robben. Firstly, he is currently better than all of our wide options. Secondly, we are losing A LOT of experience this year, Giggs, Rio, Vidic, still maybe Evra, even players like Valencia have been here a while. We need some older professionals to help guide the younger players, Robben would only be here two or three years but could quite easily have the effect that Cantona had for SAF. He would help nurture Januzaj who would learn so much from him as well as other young players we have or might buy like Depay. The elder states men in the squad would be Robben, van Persie, Carrick, Rooney, Fletcher etc - we must keep some of them.

It's also said that LVG thinks he can get a lot out of Nani. Nani has a lot to give when he is believed in, look at that fantastic season he had when Ronaldo and Tevez left and Rooney was injured. He was doing something important every single game. We currently have wide options of Januzaj, Kagawa, Valencia, Nani and Young. Does Januzaj, Robben, Depay and Nani not sound better to you? It does to me.

5.) 18 May 2014
I would rather have a player who will be at his peak and at the club more than 2 year.
Pedro, sanchez, reus, draxler players you can build for the future with
Im against buying players in there 30s for a short term fix.

6.) 18 May 2014
Robben would be a fantastic acquisition for us exactly what we lack and he would demand the ball just as much as another player in our team that I dare not mention. I wasn't thinking Sagna but Mike B has a great point and I have changed my mind. We always seem to have make shift right backs playing, not only does it damage the flow of the team it means players like Smalling/Jones are constantly being played out of position and have one eye on something else.

Sagna would be good cover for Rafael and who knows may provide the kick up the backside that Rafael needed last season, nothing wrong with competition - although Sagna is a 6/10 for me.

{Ed004's Note - I would honestly rather promote Varela than pay Sagna 100k a week to be perfectly honest. I'd even sign arias for 7/8 mill on less than half the wages}

7.) 18 May 2014
Sagna would be on 100k a week and would be a starter (you don't pay a player 100k to sit on bench)
So what you are saying is let's get a 31 year old sagna on a big contract and dump raf to the bench.
I ahree with ed004

8.) 18 May 2014
It's tricky Ed, haven't seen much of Arias.

Varela, would you fancy him for a run of games if Rafael gets injured/sent off, which is looking more and more likely every season? With Evra, Vidic & Rio leaving we are a bit short on experience and Prem experience at the back, even DDG is young. Sagna could be a good stop gap, £100k a week isn't too big a price for guaranteed cover of decent quality.

{Ed004's Note - and why would Sagna agree to sit on our bench? He'd start for most teams in the world. I feel he is the wrong side of 30, has lost majority of his pace and could be a bad apple if he gets annoyed at not being a regular. Look at Flanagan at Liverpool or even better Luke Shaw who got his chance due to the lb getting injured. What's the point having an u21 team if we don't trust them. Also worst case scenario we still have Valencia, Jones and Smalling to cover Rafael and Varela. Tho I would prefer not to see players out of position}

9.) 18 May 2014
Jred, what about my comparison with Cantona then? He was old but what a revelation and help he turned out to be.

10.) 18 May 2014
Cantona was 26 when he signed for united.

11.) 18 May 2014
Cantona was 26 when we signed him and retired when he was 31. If Sagna and Robben were 26 I don't think many would be complaining. But they are not so I can see why some think it would be a bad deal to sign them. As long as the team and bench come the first game next season has a good range of youth and experience, I'd be happy with any player who improves us.

12.) 18 May 2014
Cantona was 26 when he joined us and 31 when he retired, not exactly ancient Fresh.

13.) 18 May 2014
For me, Rafael is not good enough to be our first choice rb .
We need to spend a lot of money on other positions so won't have money for a rb
Someone like Sagna on a free could be a good short term option until we can either buy someone else or else VVarela comes through

14.) 18 May 2014
Great site chaps. I'm with Fresh, reckon LVG will want one or two players in the dressing room who already agree with his way of doing things. It's a good way to get the rest of the dressing room going your way especially when they may have more than a couple of new players joining. He probably knows Robben well in the same way he knows RVP and knows what he'll contribute on and off the field. Think Sagna on a free is also a decent signing, the back 4 needs experience to help rebuild.

15.) 18 May 2014
Robben could have that sort of effect though, I think he would be a brilliant signing who would add so many more goals to the side while younger players develop around him.

16.) 18 May 2014
I wouldn't mind if we signed Robben. He and RVP for the next couple of years will still be top class and if we are going to play a 433 there are a few better wingers than Robben.

The only issue with Robben would be the fee and the wages paid. If we could get him at a decent price on wages which were not crazy then he should definitely be considered.

Sagna we should steer clear of in my opinion.

17.) 18 May 2014
Rafael under Moyes was terrible, but under SAF the season before he was one of our best players and a first name on the team sheet when fit. There is no reason why he won't get back to those levels of performance. And yes, I think that having Robben, RVP and Strootman in his dressing room would help him no end, three players that he is close to and players that are crucial to his Holland team. That is what I think he will attempt to achieve.

18.) 18 May 2014
Fresh you contradict yourself far too much.

19.) 18 May 2014
So rather than go for say a sanhcez or reus or draxler players who we can build a team for the future around you would go for a 30 year old robben.
i don't see any real benefits of buying a 30 year old player when you are trying to rebuild.
it all just sounds a bit like we should sign ANY top player.
sanga for 100k a week for rb?
How about cole for lb?
Rumour is xavi is available cm?

{Ed004's Note - The only way I would go for robben is if we had already secured a right footed winger for the left side and LvG decided he wanted to go all out for the premiership and needed someone to help Januzaj develop. Ie if we had an attack of Robben, Mata, Sanchez/reus behind RVP it would be best in the league but I'd rather we looked at cb, lb and 2 cm's before robben}

20.) 18 May 2014
Why is it so important that lvg has players from the dutch team . He has only been the manager there for 2 year and has been in charge for 10 competitive games.
By the end of september for example the united players will of played more games under lvg than the dutch players have

21.) 18 May 2014
Ed I agree but I would still rather go for a top player mid 20s than robben .

22.) 18 May 2014
Well I wouldn't want Xavi, Cole or Sagna. Robben is my exception though, and players like Reus and Sanchez are looking a bit unlikely at the moment, I would have those two over Robben but he would not be a bad signing. I don't think I want Draxler here, we need pace and that isn't his best attribute, we are slow enough in attack as it is.

23.) 18 May 2014
To cut a long story short I 100% agree with AJH

24.) 18 May 2014
There is absolutely no point in bringing in a player like Robben.

He is over 30.
He would cost a sizeable fee.
He would command high wages.
He will block the development of young players.
His pace will soon start to decline, and then he will be far less effective.

A main reason why the team is in decline is because we have far too many older players who are past their best. The solution is to start building a squad for the future. Why pay a shed load of money for a player who is in the twilight of his career, when he will need replacing in two years? Van Gaal is an experienced continental manager, he doesn't need dutch players to hold his hands while he settles in.

25.) 18 May 2014
A reply to jred how can lvg be bought in to build for the future when he is only here for 2-3 years the fact we want him as a manager means his job is a short term fix

26.) 18 May 2014
Jred again man "sanhcez or reus or draxler" we don't have a chance to sign any of them

reus ruled himself out, his clause does not come into effect till 2015.

draxler is he leaves then I only see arsenal signing him.

and san is staying at barca

27.) 18 May 2014
I actually think Robben would be a good, worthwhile signing this season! Your all banging on about his age, I didn't see any of you on here 2 years ago when we signed RVP, moaning about signing an older player, for a big fee on big wages? Or 12 months ago when that sogning alone actually won us the league?

You need to get real half of you. Yes we want to sign quality Young players who we can have at our club for 10 years, but you need a mix of youth and experience. We have lost the experience of Rio, Vida, Probabily Evra and Giggs, so Robben (won everything ) would have a good impact on our younger players, I'm sure Janazaj could learn a lot from him.

If Ronaldo wanted the move back this summer would you all object because he's knocking on 30? I don't think so. Buy majority of players with years ahead of themselves but the odd one won't hurt. And Robben is as good as they come in his position!

28.) 18 May 2014
Red devil
It would appear that we are going to have the biggest spend in uniteds history and that lvg has been given the task of building a new squad.
I would of though part of his job would be to leave united with a young healthy team rather than a team full of 30 year olds and a squad that needs another 150 mill spent on it 2 years down the line.
I also have no idea how long lvg will be in the job .

29.) 18 May 2014
Reddevil again
I have no idea who is available reus or robben .
robben only signed a new contract 3 month ago .
I also have no ides who lvg would try to sign and I don't believe every rumour in the paper.

But in this theoretical debate I would sign a good young player coming in to his prime before someone lime robben in his 30s.
I agree with AJH and also fully agree with DANNY
If you are building a team for the future imo you don't buy 30 year olds.

30.) 18 May 2014
I imagine he will but what's wrong with 1 30 year old who is a class above all our other wingers, some areas will be building, some just need to stick some talent in there, I agree with ev1 on the right back area but robben could be a exciting attacking option

31.) 18 May 2014
18 May 2014 15:12:51
If we need to sign a wide player with experience of working with van gaal, has experience, used to winning things, top class but not too old then my shout would be muller. Personally i'd try and do a double deal for kroos and muller.

{Ed004's Note - Absolutely no chance of muller though}

32.) 18 May 2014
Ah well as theoretical debates go I would prefer reus haha or possible depay, but don't have anything against robben he might be 30 but he is still class don't think he has lost too much pace yet

33.) 18 May 2014
We can't afford to gamble on youth next season, or untested players in our league that will need time to settle. Robben knows the league, knows the player, knows our key player (RVP) and is world class every time I watch him.

IF we keep waiting for youth or the mid-market signings to turn into superstars we will fall further behind. The next 2-3 seasons are critical and it all starts by bringing in the right mix of youth and experience, Robben is perfect for what we need. Who knows how Draxler, Griezmann, Pedro will do in new league and without too much experience. Robben is the best choice whilst Janujaz matures.

Same argument goes for Sagna at right back, but more rotation with Rafael.

34.) 18 May 2014
I am with ed04 don't see muller signing for us or kroos

35.) 18 May 2014
There is always a danger that LvG will want a short term fix seems he himself is a short term fix.

However I would rather see us sign 24/25/26 year old players. We don't want them too young where they end up leaving before they peak and we don't want them past their peak. We want them going into their peak years. I don't think it's any coincidence that we are looking at players in this age group. How old are Mata & Fellaini. How old are Kroos, Reus, Garay, Vidal, Pedro, Cesc etc.

So for me, if we have mega funds this summer, we need to be purchasing experienced foreign players between the ages of 24 and 26. Maybe even 27. That is just my opinion. If we go for young lads then make sure they are English lads for the future.

36.) 18 May 2014
Could it not be that MU are enquiring about a BM winger (Mueller) and journalists are assuming it's Robben?

37.) 18 May 2014
Could it not be the media are linking us to any dutch player in an attempt to sell papers.
Is muller really a winger more a striker or 10 for me

38.) 18 May 2014
18 May 2014 16:22:36
You don't know till you ask ed, if we have all this money then just sound them out. Stranger things have happened after all, I never thought we would get van persie or Mata. Its not like it would bite Bayern on the ass in the champions league and they are over stacked in those two positions so a couple of players need to go. That would be my first option then if it is a no look elsewhere.

39.) 18 May 2014
Could be Shaqiri, wouldn't mind him at all.

40.) 18 May 2014
I thought Mueller's primary position was right-wing, but also able to operate on the left and as a number 10. I could be wrong though.

41.) 18 May 2014
I hate Robben

42.) 18 May 2014
Striker imo pal but he is a clever player.
Played the 10 under lvg at bayern

43.) 18 May 2014
He does look like he's all over the attack. I am quite surprised that his salary is a mere €2m. That's about £35k a week.