12 Jul 2014 19:22:36
Enough with chasing big names as summer targets which have turned into disappointments on the last day of the window whilst we have a lot of good players, I mean excellent who can us into a force this season as we have always been and expected, all at a good price;
Reus £28m buy out clause
Classie £20m
Blind £17m
Sneidjer £16m
Vermalen £12m
Vriij £6m
Gaitan £18m + Bebe
Total - £117m for 7good players

1.) 12 Jul 2014
Do you really think its just that simple? go out and get these players because we can't get the elite ones. i'd rather we buy nobody than start buying players who are done like sneidjer

2.) 12 Jul 2014
12 Jul 2014 20:05:43
Your over paying for most of them and where would sneijder play?

3.) 12 Jul 2014
This must be a joke.

4.) 12 Jul 2014
It would be difficult to pull of playing Football Manager let alone real life.

5.) 13 Jul 2014
Only 1 I'd be really keen for here is Reus but he's injured so not going to happen and I think a lot will depend on how we fair this season as to whether he chooses Barcelona or us