17 Jul 2014 18:04:02
we have to sign a centre midfielder now as carrick is out for 3 months and he is our only reliable centre mid, hopefully we will force through the vidal deal now :). we also need a centre back, hopefully we will sign varane or hummels for this position, these signings would improve our squad immensely and make use title contenders!

1.) 17 Jul 2014
Apparently the op has improved his pace, but they're slightly worried he'll lose it again once he gets off the crutches.

2.) 17 Jul 2014
17 Jul 2014 20:02:50
Nails. that is So harsh but made me laugh my butt off

3.) 17 Jul 2014
I have a feeling the surprise resignation of Conte has given Juventus cold feet in selling Vidal.

If its true Conte resigned because Vidal would be sold, Agnelli and the directors at Juventus may fear severe protests from fans. If they sell Vidal now, the resignation will ultimately be connected with Juventus "selling" their best players.

I think they would have liked to present the sales of Pogba or Vidal as intelligent business. Profits would be re-invested, the team would improve, and the sales would ultimately pave a way for a return to knockout phases of the champions league on a regular basis. - One thing Conte has failed to achieve.

Agnelli did seem to leave a bit of room for something to happen. He stated something along the lines of selling the player only if they wanted to leave?

I think we are in a position where Vidal will have to submit a transfer request to push a move through. Juve directors will then be able to justify the sale without loosing face.

That probably means us paying an additional 3-4 million so that vidal receives the money he will loose if he has to submit a transfer request.
I hope we would pay that extra sum, but the transfer has dragged on already because of an inability to compromise over a fee. Any extra payment and I think it may be the end of the deal.

4.) 17 Jul 2014
Lol nails, that made me chuckle!

5.) 17 Jul 2014
Redisotope, I agree. I was trying to make the same argument yesterday. Juventus may need a little time to make the transfer look good on their end.