27 Jul 2014 10:42:21
Juventus seem quite detirmined to hang on to Vidal, and would rather sell Pogba.

PSG, want to sign Pogba but can't afford to with the FFP ruling unless they sell some players to balance the books.

So how about we sign Marco Verratti from PSG, thus bringing in enough cash for them to sign Pogba while keeping the books balanced. And allowing Juventus to sell Pogba to finance their summer spending.

True it means we miss out on Vidal, but we get Verratti who is one of the best young talents in the world. And we know how LvG likes young talent.

A midfield of Verratti Herrera and Mata looks very good and balanced.

Surely this way everyones a winner. If only things were that simple. Lol

1.) 27 Jul 2014
Just been reading sly sports transfer centre, apparantly Juve want to extend Pogba's contract.
Good shout though, Verratti is going to be quality.

2.) 27 Jul 2014
I'd have loved Veratti but a midfield of him, Herrera and Mata is too lightweight. There's no thug player in there to make a few challenges if one gets made on our guys. We need a player of similar ilk to Roy Keane right about now imo

3.) 27 Jul 2014
Verrati will be a good alternativs but do we have any interest in him?

{Ed002's Note - Marco Verratti's move to PSG in the summer was unexpected as all indications were for a move to Juventus. If he were available there would be plenty of clubs interested, not least Juventus. There is some interest from Inter, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Monaco as well. PSG are looking to have him sign a new contract but will be prepared to let him go to Juventus as part of a deal for Pogba. Real Madrid will push if it looks like he is going to be available.}

4.) 27 Jul 2014
Agree with Bennett.

Who among Verratti, Herrera or Mata would be able to stop a Yaya Toure?

5.) 27 Jul 2014
Herbie, they have wanted to for around 6 months but they have been unable to reach an agreement atm. He only has a couple of years left on his contract and they would rather sell this summer rather than him having only a year left on his contract next summer.

So he will either sign a new contract this summer or Juve will look to get as much as they can for him. Ultimately though they will have to offload either several squad players or one big name in order to fund new signings this summer. So either sell Vidal or Pogba or sell 3/4 or 5 squad players.

6.) 27 Jul 2014
Yes I thought that was the case, I believe he will stay with Juve and Vidal will be sold(too us).
Unfortunate for UTD that fergie did'nt have faith in him.

7.) 27 Jul 2014
Thanks Ed, it makes a lot of sense then if we buy Vidal and juves interest in Verrati could lead to psg buying Pogba.
It will be a good deal for all three clubs, well I hope this is how it turns out.