24 Aug 2014 18:14:27
Well, I thought that Cleverley was one of our better players today. Mind you, that just says how rubbish the others were, not that Cleverley upped his game or anything!

1.) 24 Aug 2014
I fault cleverley was terrible. Only passed backwards and sideways. Struggled to win possesion back and looked so robust and predictable on the ball.
He adds nothing going forward.

2.) 24 Aug 2014
Cleverley was one of the worst on the field imo with Fletcher running him really close for that title.

3.) 24 Aug 2014
You can't be serious?/Cleverly needs to go and fast he is useless, in fact beyond useless.There should be apeople carrier waiting to take some of the players onto another club.We are playing some of the supposed easier teams at the minute what will happen when we start to come up against the likes of Chelsea, man city, arsenal, even Liverpool, everton Tottenham, the way we are playing now I dread it and the rrsult.Things need to change fast and players need to go and replaced.

4.) 24 Aug 2014
Cleverly was crap as usual but he was not the worst today by a long shot

5.) 24 Aug 2014
I thought so too Mike and it does speak volumes because he wasn't anything special today. I thought he actually did most of the right things but people will always get on his back because they having nothing better to do.

6.) 24 Aug 2014
Cleverly was dreadful, I must have been watching a different game, not as bad as fletcher though.

7.) 24 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014 19:46:33
Always Cleverley huh? Wow, he may not be your cup of tea but cut him some slack. Is it his fault he's playing for Manchester United? No. LvG played him and he doesn't exactly go out there and walk about. He tries to do his bit, you can't say he isn't determined every time he steps out there.

At the end of the day, he plays for Manchester United. A club you guys support, and therefore should support Cleverley every time he puts the shirt on. You guys badmouth him as if he purposely goes out there to play bad.

8.) 24 Aug 2014
What just like we all should of supported bellion or djemba djemba etc

9.) 24 Aug 2014
The point of Mike B's first post was that Cleverley was not even among the worst, that is how bad we were today. He played well by his standards, which means very mediocre.

10.) 24 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014 21:33:05
If they are playing, then yes support them. You're not the person judging their games or what they do in training - that's not your job. As a fan your first job is to support the team, and that means those players who are out there on the pitch, especially those giving it their all for the team.

11.) 24 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014 21:59:08
Unless. they''re not trying, red79, which is unforgivable, then yes, you do support them. They're picked by the manager, and when they pull the red shirt on, you support them. Statements like that one of yours above, make you sound like a member of the 'prawn sandwich' brigade. Only supporting 'star' players.