03 Sep 2014 16:55:49
I love the term we're being called the gaalacticos lol

In all honesty I'm veryy disappointed with phelens comments, all because cleverley and welbeck have gone, I'm pretty sure their not the first home grown players that have been sold? At the end of the day if the players aren't good enough, they should go

1.) 03 Sep 2014
I agree with that. A lot of people are reacting as if Welbeck and Cleverly are our last youth players. I think Welbeck and Cleverly could flourish like Shawcross. Its good for them.They were not good enough at United. Further we can give chances to the likes of Wilson and Ben Pearson.

2.) 03 Sep 2014
Cleverly's departure is good for both player and club. Wellbeck was an unnecessary sale.

Despite playing in 2 competitions this season, Wellbeck could have been loaned, and simply come back next year as a squad player. 4 Strikers are required to challenge for 4 competitions. Why axe a player that needs replacing next year?

Im in favour of refurbishing the side with expensive world class players, but I don't agree with the idea that there is no value to bringing youth through.
There is a definate edge to producing your own world class players. Loyalty and mentality are benefits, but most importantly, their knowledge of the system is a great asset.
The best example has to be Barcelona. The trio of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi bettered Madrid for years. The key difference being their ability to perform in unison, producing telepathic football on occasion. The sum of Barcelona was greater than its parts. Not so for Madrid.

For United, a youth policy is not a realistic strategy.

Looking at football clubs capable of producing great "youth generations, " i'm not filled with confidence at the prospect of bidding our time. Shappy mentioned Ajax and Barcelona's youth teams produced the best young talent, a dn that it is the education lacking. I have to question that. To my memory, following football from the early 90's, the 2008-13 Barcelona side is the only youth "golden generation" they have produced in their history. Before the 90's they won 3 titles in 30 years in what was a bad period for them, bar the years of Johan Cruff in the late 70's.

As for Ajax, they have had 2 "golden generations." One in the mid 90's, and one in the early 70's with Cruff and Neeksens, - and 3 European cups!
United have had 3 in their history. One in the 50's, tragically lost in Munich, one in the 60's, and one of course in 92'.

When you look at it like that, the best ratio of youth "golden generartions" appears to be United's 3, over a 65 year period. that's 1 every 20 years if your lucky.

The only point at which youth should come through then - is when it does. If you have the problem of selling the first team after that, then do so. Until that time invest.

(Ferguson did exactly that. Barca did exactly that.
United spent lavishly in the late 80's to produce the 93' title winning side. In 95 we sold the first team and put the youth in. The same is true of Barcelona, mid 2000's. Ronaldinho & co out, Iniesta + Messi in, to partner Xavi.)

Much happier to let Woodward, and I don't believe i'm saying it, the Glazers run the club. Phelan, Parker, Ferguson, Chalton & co, as much as the idea griefs me to say it, you will stop United evolving, - in a period where only that will guarantee survival. We can all see we dangerous road United were going down, overconfidence in youth, overconfidence in David Moyes. i'm shocked to be saying it, but i'm grateful the owners and EdWW stepped in to sort the problem out.