14 Sep 2014 11:32:36
Can I just ask where all the Mata hate has came from recently?! The whole team has been playing poor recently but ever since we've signed him and played him in the hole I think he's been our vest player. He has played in the hole 11 times and has scored 7 goals & assisted 2. Chelsea player of the year 2 years running as well don't forget. I also think he can only improve with players like Di Maria & Falcao in the side because with their pace and movement Mata will find it easier to find them. I really hope he continues to get a lot of game time as a 10 as I feel he is much better than Rooney in that position, if not then I feel we could continue to struggle.

1.) 14 Sep 2014
Because Cleverley has gone out on loan and Fellaini hasn't been playing. Everyone loves to have someone to complain about it seems and Mata is the most recent player. It'll blow over I'm sure

2.) 14 Sep 2014
14 Sep 2014 12:38:32
Mata is a great player, with the players we now have I believe we will see brilliant things from him. I put the side I would love to see today on the teams page. Mata is right in there behind Rooney and Falcao.

3.) 14 Sep 2014
It annoys me how people say that Mata has been poor since signing for us.

If you look at his stats, he's been involved in pretty much a goal per game.

4.) 14 Sep 2014
I don't think it would be fair to say that Mata has been either good or bad since signing for us. He has had his moments and been in the right place on more than one occasion - but conversely he has also has a tendency to go missing for spells during games.

Based on form and ability I'd say he deserves a place in the starting line-up; but unfortunately I don't see it happening with a fully fit squad.

5.) 14 Sep 2014
Mata has been missing a hell of a lot in virtually every game. Yes he has scored a few goals and has a few assists to his name, but his all round game hasn't been great, certainly not what you would expect for £37mil and keeping out players like Janujaz.

Obviously he is class, but he is very slow over the ground and he is not impacting games effectively - he has barely created a chance this season. I am hopeful this will change because the lack of movement around him has a lot to do with it. So he has been relatively poor since signing, but it is understandable.

Now we have class around him he should lift his own game and those around him rather than being a passenger. Stats are misleading.