1.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 11:16:14
Great post!

Agree completely Shappy and i have echoed most of this down the page in previous posts.

2.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 11:40:34
Yes there seems to be a bit of everything that was championed below in here Zidane!

3.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 11:43:43
Top post. I couldn't have summed it up any better.

4.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 11:45:32
I don't think anyones saying he SHOULD be sacked.

But it is a logical question to ask considering recent history where the two managers who haven't made the top 4 have eventually been sacked.

All people are reasonably asking is do these same rules apply to Mourinho or not?

5.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 12:00:07

Similar sentiment to what I wrote down the page, the fact the players are clearly buying into what Jose is doing means this can't really be compared to the previous 2 managers.

6.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 12:07:25
GDS2 didn't you say that the club was clearly buying into what LVG was doing and he has brought the fighting spirit back to the club?

Very short memories on here.

7.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 12:05:27
The big question for me is, how come all of your posts Shappy end up on the banter page and yet others, just as interesting and insightful, end up in the backwaters and ne'er read pages of "other" posts. :-)

8.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 12:15:24
DSG, your assuming that both Moyes and LvG were sacked for their failure to get UCL football alone?

Do you know that was the case? There are far more factors than just that which the board would take intp consideration before deciding whether a change in manager was needed.

Personally if Mourinho does get sacked at any point before his three year contract is up the Ed Woodward should be following him out the door.