18 Jun 2017 06:28:16
Hi EDs and all fellow Reds. I have a question for u all, what do u guys think about Ousmane Dembele of B. Dortmund, I think he's good as Mbappe, as Man Utd in search of new winger, so shouldn't man utd try to buy him, he can be a good option for now as well as long term, rather than spending as much money for perisic who's eight years older than him.

And what do u guys think about Santos FC's Defensive Midfielder Thiago Maia? He's one of the most talented young Midfielder in Brazil, and lot of European giants are after him, As Man Utd in desperately need of. signing a Defensive Midfielder so shouldn't we make a bid for him?

I'll be pleased to know your opinions.

{Ed001's Note - personally if I was buying from the Bundesliga, it would be Pulisic. Dembele is good, but not convinced he is at the same level as Pulisic.

No idea about the other, I have not seen any Brazilian football in a while.}

1.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 08:39:58
Dembele is very talented but pretty sure he is a RW, Pulisic has a ton of potenial aswell, both be better to stay at Dortmund for now and develop more instead of moving this summer, I would of loved Reus but he starting to develop the same issue another talented Dortmund player had a while ago Rosicky in that they are injury prone

Thiago Maia again very talented but don't think he be able to cope with a move to one of the elite clubs just yet, look at Gabigol at Inter, be better to go to Portugal and play for one of the big 3 clubs first for a few seasons and adjust to European Football.

2.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 09:11:26
Maybe the first time but I disagree with you ed on Pulisic being better than Dembele. I think Dembele is a bit better and consistently produced the goods for first Rennes and now Dortmind. Pulisic no doubt is also good but not as good imo.

On the topic ed1 who do you think is better Dembele or Mbappe? Cureently I think Dembele but Mbappe has lots of potential.


{Ed001's Note - Mbappe is defo better imo, and Dembele has clearly not been consistent, so I don't know where you get that from. His lack of consistency is something Dortmund have issues with. However, like the other two, he is just a kid and so will struggle with consistency for a long time yet.}

3.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 09:26:42
Ed I haven't seen much of this so called superstar Mbappe but have obviously seen the hype. From what I watched in the CL this season he does seem very composed for a young man. In your opinion are we looking at the next superstar of world football here or just another overpriced and overhyped kid?

{Ed001's Note - potentially he is, but it is still potential. He has everything to be the next big star though. Needs to keep his head in the game though.}

4.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 10:45:43
I guess much like Martial Ed to you are buying potential in the hope he can be coached to elite levels at that age. I will admit though he does seem very level headed from what I read in the press and seems to have athleticism. I hope he stays and gets game time.

{Ed001's Note - except it is a whole other level. Mbappe is way above Martial, who was just another exciting forward. Mbappe is top tier, Martial was never that good.}

5.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 11:23:32
Maze Mbappe gives problems to each and every kind of defenders be it quick, strong, solid, erratic, aggressive etc. He creates lots of problems for them.

6.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 12:38:05
Ed1 I think consistent was the wrong word, what I actually was trying to say was that he has performed for longer peroid than Mbappe although Mbappe was almost unplayable this year.

{Ed001's Note - I understand what you are saying but you are talking about potential in Dembele, but it was actual performances in Mbappe's case. He had an end product, whereas Dembele often doesn't. That is a major difference.}

7.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 15:57:39
As an American who lived in the UK for years and now back in the US, I think you are spot on. Pulisic is pure class and I would sign him over James Rodriguez at this point. He has that extra fight and gets back to help out, something JR lacks.