16 Sep 2017 12:53:33
Question, its something that's confused me for some time, i have a few mates who are very good with a ball at their feet, they are asian and say this is why they'll never get the opportunity to play for any clubs in this country, be it the PL or League 2 and it got me thinking, why have we never seen a young asian lad play for any club in the PL, Championship etc., surely there's some lads who can make it?

1.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:12:59
Was park not Asian?

2.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:25:13

3.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:50:52
I suspect that by Asian he means from India, Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc and not Korean, Chinese, Japanese Asian.

There was one lad who made it to the first team squad. I think his name was harpal Singh.

I vaguely remember reading an article many years ago that stated that culturally there is more of a focus on education and other sports particularly cricket. Albeit that the article may have been slightly stereotypical.

4.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:56:20
I think Michael Chopra was the only home-grown Asian lad, that's ever really figured in the EPL.

5.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:56:50
I think he means south Asian over east Asian. Although British clubs have never tapped either pool of talent successfully.

6.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 14:31:05
I mean players of Pakistani, Inidan, Bangladeshi origin.

7.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 16:05:41
Scholes they perfer IT and cricket 😂.