06 Nov 2017 09:22:30
A lot of depressed fans around and understandably so. However looking at it in another way, we can say we played 3 our of the supposed top 6 we drew at anfield, beat Spurs at Old Trafford and lost 1-0 to the defending champions at the bridge; a place where we were scored 4 goals last season.
Realistically, at the start of the season, how many fans thought we will have a different outcome form these 3 games? I have seen a lot of posts about of defense and some attributes of lack of from various players. But for me one thing that stood out yesterday was that Mhki is no Hazard.
We have a 100% record in the CL, something which shouldn't be brushed off bcos if you remember the last time we were in a similar group we ended up qualifying for Europa.
What hurts now is the gap between city and us. Will be tough to claw back, but not impossible.

1.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 09:55:16
You think, based on the current squad that we had, we couldn't defeat a poor Liverpool side or even take the game to Chelsea?

I think the last two matches of the CL have been poor. The goal against Benefica (Away) was pure luck and so was the first goal we scored against them at home. We didn't take the game to them, if you remember correctly, then it was Benefica that looked like they might score, especially at Old Trafford.

2.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 10:24:32
I think we have struggled since the player we have built our side around got injured. We were flying when Pogba was in the team, he got injured and we replaced him with Fellaini, he was no Pogba but we continued to get results. Then he got injured and we had to replace him with Herrera, since then we have struggled to get the results.

So yes considering our injuries and how those injuries have impacted the team then yes I don’t feel there is much else we could have done with the players available at the time to improve the result.

Our midfielders being out and our drop off in form also coincide with Lukaku picking up an injury playing for Belgium. He hasn’t looked quite the same since. He has missed a few chances in several games he was smashing away in the first few games this season. If he scored his chances in the last few games then we would have beaten both Liverpool and Chelsea in all likelihood.

3.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 12:00:25
Sorry mbd, but yesterday you could easily have lost 4-0 again. Bakayoko alone could have had a hat trick!

4.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 13:56:12
I hate to agree with Chelsea but he's right. We were well beaten a 1-0 defeat flattered us.

I was amazed how we approached the game and the space afforded to Hazard, Fabregas and Morata was criminal I have no idea what our game plan was yesterday, if we even had one? Very strange! Jose was even magnanimous in defeat.

We could have maybe nicked an equaliser at the end playing huff ball to Fellaini. He should have come in at HT instead of Miki, played higher up the pitch and we could have played over their high press which we just couldn't cope with. Our defenders aren't the strongest in possession and when they get pressed we can't retain the ball and give it away in dangerous areas. At least Fellaini might have given them something to think about. The fact he slotted in next to Matic and Herrra was baffling. He's not the best in possession himself and almost gave a couple of goals away losing possession around our box.

Conte got his tactics spot on and Jose had no answer.

5.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 15:28:15
We also missed some good opportunities and Courtois made some good saves as well.