06 Dec 2017 22:11:24
Now we’re definitley through ;) I’ve come to say well done on getting through fellas goodluck for the draw! As much as we hate your lot at anfield (and I’m sure the feelings mutual) it’s great to see English teams doing well again! Goodluck.

1.) 06 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 22:51:51
JBLP, its good for the epl with their riches the clubs are attracting the best coaches and some of the best players are starting to come too.
It would be good to see someone break the Spanish stranglehold on the trophy for the last 4 years. Of course for me its anyone before Liverpool. I suppose Basle, Seville and Porto will be the teams that spurs city liverpool and ourselves will be hoping to draw obviously madrid bayern and juve are best avoided for now and shaktar would be an unwanted trip.
I have a feeling we will get drawn against bayern for some reason.