31 Dec 2017 09:35:04
I’d love to see the player stats for yesterday; we were very static particularly compared to Southampton who were passing and running. I saw the debate on Pogba and whilst he hit the odd flashy pass I think Matic touched the ball twice as much as Pogba in the second half which is ridiculous. These are the kind of games Pogba needs to grab by the scruff of the neck but for me he went missing again.

I love Rashford but he was poor yesterday, the crowd cheered Martial’s arrival but he added very little, and Miki looked low on confidence.

I’m not sure what is wrong but our recent form is worrying. Chelsea passed us yesterday, Liverpool are breathing down our necks, we need to turn this round quickly but right now I’m not sure how we do it.

I still don’t understand retaining Ibra and remain unconvinced by Lukaku. As has been pointed out spending is one thing, spending wisely is another. It seems there will be a Mourinho / Woodward bust up shortly, whilst the Glazers are in charge I cannot see excessive investment so things could get uglier and I really don’t see Mourinho being around next year.

1.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:15:43
Good post, here are my thoughts.
1) Lukaku - he looks over weight to me, even for a big guy. The best ‘version’ of Lukaku I remember was one that ran at defences, held the ball up well, laid the ball off and then ran into space or in behind to receive the ball. He is too static now and that may be José’s influence but I’m more inclined at this stage to suggest he lays off the weights and gets the cardio up.
2) Ibra - for me this situation isn’t unsurprising but I did think keeping him on was the right decision because of his off the pitch influence in terms of confidence. However, I suggested he was kept on along similar lines to Owen was, a kind of pay as you play contract. I still think he will prove useful but not as a first 11 player. He will probably leave at the end of the season.
3) Rashford - I got slated at the beginning of the season for suggesting Rashford went out on loan this year. My suggestion was fuelled by my prediction that his game time would be limited this year under José and although he has featured in games he is rarely getting a full 90 mins. He just needs game time IMO and he looked enthusiastic yesterday. He is our hottest prospect and I’m worried he is not continuing to make a decent rate of progress this year.
4) Pogba - he looks worried to me. Worried about a another injury perhaps but he isn’t anywhere near 100%. Yesterday Mata was dropping off to receive the ball more than he was and that isn’t the Pogba we know. He tried to look frustrated but deliberately IMO, he just didn’t want the ball yesterday.
5) JM - having his worst spell as a manager and has been for several years now. The game has changed again, big question over his head now is can he move the game on again and start dictating the way championships and competitions are won. He looks frustrated to me and potentially running out of ideas. However, we shouldn’t write him off just yet, after all, like a great man once said “Form is temp, class is permanent”, and even h Pugh I don’t like the guy his record speaks for itself.
Happy New Year to everyone.

2.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:20:39
Miki has been poor for most of his time here he constantly gives the ball away also I am beginning to think that perhaps we all got carried away with rashford he constantly makes the wrong choice and doesn't seem to learn by his mistakes.

{Ed025's Note - hes only a kid yet 79..

3.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 12:19:54
Guys. Zlatan was a disaster. We should never have re-signed him.
Agree on Mourinho, he looks devoid of ideas and frankly, I can't stand looking at him or hearing him moan. It's getting me down, so God help the players.
I disagree on Rashford. He is a young kid. We can't be making hasty decisions because he's not tearing defences apart. If Rashford was under Pep, he would be in double figures.
We need a change of direction which unfortunately requires a change of management and ownership. If I was in charge, I will be scouting Barcelona for their coaches and bringing them to the club to change our brand of football. I think giggs and scholes will make a good managerial team and are more akin to the ways of our club.
As a lot of the posters keep saying, the current mourinho and United are not a good fit.