17 Jan 2018 22:17:57
Sanchez deal looking all but there now, I hope we go back for Ozil the summer. Matic, Pogba, Ozil, Sanchez, Martial and Lakaku looks a great side add Rash and Jesse and mata. Bring in a RB, and a covering holding midfielder and I think we would have a team that would push for titles.

{Ed0333's Note - aren’t you worried I’f Ozil came you would have two 29 year olds on long contracts and paying them astronomical wages jaimie? To be fair Man Utd are probably one of the very few teams in world football that can absorb that cost.

1.) 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018 22:23:22
Financially it’s not a problem, we would have two top class players tied down for at least 2-3 of their best years.

Not my money!

2.) 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018 23:21:38
I’m torn on the Sanchez deal. We lack all that he is for the right, we have been so bias to the left side of the pitch this season it almost predictable. It’s the longer term problems that worry me with a bloke of massive wages on a long term contract who starts to decline, it’s got the Rooney situation written all over it. There doesn’t seem to be a younger player of Sanchez’s quality out there for the right.

I agree with ED Sanchez and Ozil is to much long term risk.

3.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 01:10:46
3 years is long term in football. We have Rashford and Martial for the very long term, plus whatever new kid on the block comes along over the next few years. We have struggled for consistent quality, Sanchez brings that. He is also a workhorse, rarely injured, winning mindset and a difference maker regularly.

Great signing - no doubt the club got it's pants pulled down again judging by some things I am ready. If any of the Glazer's are reading, give me a spin at your negotiations, even a 2 year old can mumble the word "no" now and again! Easiest job in the world rocking up with a blank cheque, even City baulked and I bet it was much cheaper for them at the time of baulking! That said great signing for the team, no doubt overpaid again, but I've given up caring about that.

4.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 02:49:35

Sounds to me that at the beginning we were paying £30m and Miki, now it’s just Miki, so hard to believe anything in the press at the minute.

For some reason when we sign players the story about the costs includes every single cost throughout the contract including bonuses and sign on fees. Even if you add all of them together the deal doesn’t even get above what Barcelona played for in my opinion a worse player in Coutinho, so I think for once we have got a good deal.

Also, didn’t we all have Green and gold flags because the glazers were lining their pockets and not spending our money on improving the playing squad? Not sure we can have it both ways here.

5.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 04:46:30
I'm all for it mate. Ultimately we have wasted so much money over recent years, at least this may be money well spent.

As mentioned above I've given up caring about the money side, it isn't my business. I do think we will suffer during the next crash, but so will most clubs. I'm just going to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

6.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 05:41:54
For the life of me i don't get why we are spending 25 million british pounds sterling to get his dogs neutered.