1.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 08:27:52
Admirable retraction Shan. Remember Lingard was 24 before he really started to convert the raw talent into good decision making. Rashford needs patience and support like all young potential stars.

2.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 08:57:35
Jeez RWWD. The post is for Chelsea debacle. Rashford is on the rumours page. I am done with that debate. He will have my support as long as he is a United player.

3.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 10:09:45
Rashford, despite his dip in form has 10 goals and 7 assists for us this season. How many other 20 year olds in the EPL have achieved that? Jesus for City would probably be ahead of him but for injury, but for now isn't. It's absolutely normal for a young player to have a down season after the initial euphoria of breaking into the first team dies down. Right now he's making some bad choices, probably because he's trying to hard, but there is absolutely no basis to write him off.

And I know it's only a year and a half in but Mourinho currently has a higher winning % than SAF.

Some perspective, please.

4.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 10:49:11
Seems at Chelsea the manager clearly isn’t the problem as history has almost repeated itself with Conte having a ‘mourinho season’. The players seem to have too much power and down tools when they feel like it. Also they don’t seem to be competing for the top tier players anymore. Wouldn’t be surprised to not see Conte in the dugout against us. Can see them appointing ancelloti and doing quite well next season. Perhaps Jose foresaw all of this at Chelsea and realised he didn’t have the freedom he wanted so he pushed the self destruct button?