Review Of The Day 19th February 2018

19 Feb 2018 05:00:32
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1.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 06:45:13
Interesting piece on Hawkeye re the VAR. Just shows the inefficiency of people using the system. Even though if you have a world class system and operated by idiots, the results will still be idiotic. What a bloody joke.
They took a corner with the ball not even on the right spot but nobody picked up. If that resulted in a goal against ManUtd would that have been disallowed. Not enough cameras to monitor and worse, inefficient officials monitoring the unmonitored system at the wrong time. Bloody joke 🤣🤣🤣.

2.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 10:20:04
Nice one. Loved Gattuso ‘s comment!

3.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 13:26:54
Just a question to the eds or the posters, it's regarding the VAR. I'm slightly confused regarding its working.

During the Huddersfield vs United match, there was a corner that was taken by the home side and the ball hit Smalling's hand.

Now, question 1

The officials reviewed the incident, but I don't think the ref or even the assistant ref asked for a review. So, this means that the VAR thing was working independently i. e. it will not work the way a third umpire works in cricket, is that correct?

Second, and this is more of a thought than a question, shouldn't the VAR only be consulted in case the officials have a problem? and because they can't refer to replays, they consult the VAR.

{Ed001's Note - it is supposed to be independent of the officials at the game and look for 'clear and obvious errors' by the officials. It is not meant to be a referral system, the VAR is meant to be used to flag up wrong calls and bring the ref's attention to them.}

4.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 13:41:02
Great, thanks, Ed!

5.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 15:15:12
Mata was offside, the system worked, it is more about how we are sold the decision and how they show it on TV or to the fans in attendance that is the issue.