20 Feb 2018 08:32:51
Is it just me or is there always some kind of controversy whenever a Pep teams loses? He or his players react badly, toys are thrown from the pram.

For someone who is supposedly a football purist, he certainly doesn't act with good grace or within the spirit of the game when his team loses.

Apparently his chat with the FA and the Referees was not about seeking some kind of advantage for his team but about protecting all football players.

Well that includes those that play for Wigan and instead of getting aggressive and in the face of officials and the opposition manager he should accept that the attempted tackle from his player was reckless, dangerous and could have seriously injured a player if contact had been made.

It seems Pep is a lovely well mannered football enthusiast when his team are winning, yet we see a very different side to him the moment his team loses, the vail slips and we see maybe the real him for just a moment. Maybe there are other reasons he doesn't stick around for more than 3 years at clubs.

The Aguero incident at the end was different from the Evra and Cantona incidents in that with the Frenchmen they went to the fans and attacked them across the barrier, where as last night the fans had crossed the barrier and confronted the player. Still the player has the responsibility to act in a certain manner and resorted to a violent action in the face of a verbal confrontation, thus escalating the incident. As such he should face a ban, but in the circumstances it shouldn't be as long as those of Cantona and Evra. 3-5 games should be around the right mark. Either way neither Aguero or Delph should be playing in the league cup final, which certainly makes that game far more interesting.

1.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 09:02:05
Liverpool fan in peace, just wanted to see what you boys where saying about that game last night, he is a hypocrite. he can`t whinge about protecting his players or all players and then moan when delph does the same style of tackle it wasn't a red but it was an extremely dangerous tackle that could of seriously hurt the Wigan player the one thing I hate is last night the media where defending everything Man city or Pep, oh he is allowed to react like that oh Aguero is in his right to basically punch a fan, oh the City fans are allowed to rip up Wigans stadium because theirs not enough stewards or police absolutely ridiculous.

2.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 09:31:07
100% agree with you kloppers.

3.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 09:57:40
The media love in will have to end at some point, I remember when Mourinho first came to England. During his first stint at Chelsea he was the media darling. It soon wears off.

If City don’t win the league cup or the UCL then how will the media portray they greatest ever side to play football only winning the league title. Effectively the same achievement at Leicester City a couple of seasons ago.

As for the reaction of the Man City fans, I feel they were showing a small club mentality in having a temper tantrum at the final whistle. Yes the Wigan fans goaded them, but any supporter of any traditional big club will tell you that goes with the territory of being a big club. As a United fan that is what we have been met with every time we lose a game to a supposed “smaller” club. Every time for the last 30 years at least. The same for Liverpool fans, and Arsenal fans, and Chelsea fans over the last decade.

It is something they are going to have to get used to as a new member of the “big” club brigade.

I still think it was a red card, it was dangerous and had he caught a planted leg then the Wigan player would have suffered a serious injury. It was reckless, it was out of control, it was high and it was studs up. Therefore it was dangerous and a red card is the right decision.

Pep wanted to get these kind of challenges out of the game for the protection of the players, so he has to accept his players red card with good grace.

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like the media love in will end anytime soon though, in the car this morning I subjected myself to talk sport, and on there they were defending Aguero saying he has a right to assault a fan if they invade the pitch, and he surely can’t be banned for that.

They said how the FA have to investigate Wigan for allowing their fans onto the pitch, and how a lack of stewards lead to violence and advertising hoarding being ripped up and thrown at police. They way they said it insinuated that it was Wigan fans causing trouble in the stands and not Man City’s. Nothing mentioned about how the FA will have to investigate Man City for failing to control their fans, nothing about Pep being overly aggressive on the side line and in the tunnel.

So it looks like somehow the media will continue to turn a blind eye to Pep, his players and Man City fans wrongdoing in order to continue singing his praises.

4.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 10:01:36
Spot on Shappy. The way Pep behaves when things don't go his way is just ridiculous.

The media absolutely love him and so do the pundits, and for them, he and his team can never do any wrong. Yesterday's tackle was a bad one. Delph was rightly sent off, whether the ref changed his mind because of players or because of assistance is irrelevant. I can bet a million pounds that the way Wigan's players surrounded the ref after the tackle, city's players would have done the same.

City for the crying and the whining are equally bad when it comes to bad tackles. Fernandinho is no bloody saint, he is guilty of a few bad tackles, whenever City lose the ball.

As far as the pitch invasion goes, then yes, that should not happen, but it's criminal for a player of Aguero's stature to hit a fan.

5.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 12:52:16
He's a fraud and a hypocrite. Is he a football purist? Surely getting your players to make snidy fouls the second they lose possession isn't purism.

6.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 13:37:56
Agree with all the above posts about City and Guardiola. He's a top coach but he comes across like an over indulged, spoilt child, even a little bit deranged. He was the same at Barcelona. Moaned about the way his players were treated, the referees and opposing teams if they didn't play the way he wanted. He had Busquets in his team and as gifted as that Barcelona team was, they play acted and harangued the referees more than any team I can think of.
His behaviour last night was appalling, he should be embarrassed. Good on Wigan for putting his nose out. I hope it's a United v Wigan final now.

7.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 13:40:53
Forget about City! Nobody's interested and that's why they don't get the same media scrutiny as the big Clubs.

Despite playing some of the best football the Premier League has ever seen they still consistently fail to fill their small stadium and most of their fans don't really know how to handle their new success. In some regards it's taken away everything they loved about City which was to hate Utd.

If you speak to most of them they still long to be back in Division 3 so they can gloat about their huge following, loyal support, tall flood lights and their mint kits! They wore their mediocrity on their sleeve like a badge of honour. If Carlsberg did football fans hey.

In the future they may continue to grow their commercial business with their god like manger reinventing football. He might stimulate a new generation of fans and they may fully establish themselves as one of Europe's elite but it won't be the same City we all used to love to hate.

That Club died when they sold their soul to the Arab gold and became a caricature of everything they once despised.

8.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 13:57:05
The press are building Pep up as they do with most and then the fall makes bigger headlines for them.

That tackle was a straight red every day and if it had been against a city player Pep would have wanted further meetings with the FA

The question for me is that given all the furura from Pep about tackles against City did it affect the referees initial feeling about the tackle? . Was there even an inkling in the refs head that it’s City players that need protection not the other way round? Hence why he drew the yellow out of his pocket before the red?

The scenes at half time were a disgrace and if Jose did that you can’t see anything other than a long ban, the FA, we are watching with interest to see what you do.

9.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 14:00:57
I did like their kits, tho.

10.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 22:40:21
I honestly think that some press are directly paid by City’s owners to do PR for them.

11.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 22:48:13
Pep is just a phoney 😆😆.