21 Feb 2018 23:25:53
I was really looking forward to tonight. 1st game back in the champions league ko stages for 4 years. Tough but not a daunting fixture. Tough place to win only Barcelona have beaten them there in last 35 home games.
But nonetheless not a vintage seville side. Their new Italian coach is getting them organised and they work hard for him.
I got a little less than i was expecting from us though. To play like we did without martial or rashford seemed a waste. Mata and sanchez need the team to have good possesion to thrive. Whereas martial sms rashford dont.
Nil all can be very precarious but if we go at them and i think we will then we will have too much for them.
God knows what will happen on sunday. i'm hoping we see shaw and one of martial jessie or rasford playing.
Not got the balance right just yet. Next 5 games could be glorious or horrendous. Chelsea, palace Seville Liverpool Brighton (cup) . 4 huge home games. Ethnic of ote players are going to come out of these 5 games the hero which player is going to stand out or come into the team and deliver big performance after big performance. There are lots of potential candidates. let's hope a few step forward and rise to the challenge. There is a couple of not lose games there but also a few must wins.
I'm looking forward to seeing who rises to the challenge. Mctominay did it tonight but we need our game changers to start changing games. This is the time of the seadon when the best players shine. The winners come alive dedpite previous form.

1.) 22 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 23:50:46
It waa a typical Jose performance which i hoped wouldn't have been thr case as i prrdicted goals in this match.

I thought there eere a few positives to take out of the game, Lindelof made a few good tackles, scott looked very good for a 21 year old and Matic looked good as well and oh yeah David De Gea you beautyy! .

Lukaku didn't really have support and his touch was poor, Sanchez looked like he had no one to play with.

The rest did okay and Pogba looked initially looked like he was restricted but he grew into the game.

2.) 22 Feb 2018
22 Feb 2018 07:49:12
Oh man! Half drowsy while I sit at my desk and pretend that I have all the energy in the world to go about my day, but the truth is, it's not sleep deprivation as much as annoyance at what I saw last night.

We all tend to cover the bad aspects with the good, I mean yes, De Gea was world class, Lindeloff was good, Smalling was not horrendous, Matic looked energetic and Sanchez was always hungry for the ball, but then that's it. We can't keep doing this and pretend this is the best we will play and the fact is, we have been playing like this, especially against teams that will press us in the middle and who will take the game to us.

Lukaku had a wonderful chance to score a goal but he fluffed his chance, a bad miss, but not the end of the world. The problem is not the miss, the issue is, how many times did United work the ball into the box? How many times did we see the desire from our players to take the game against a side who has struggled to score goals at home and oh, their top scorer was not even playing. For all the movement that happens behind the half-way line in our half, the movement is next to nothing when it comes to us attacking.

Yes, we hoof the ball upfield, and hope that the big man up front will head it or chest it or do something with it. The thing is, even if we are hoofing the ball upfield, there needs to be a second player coming for the drop down or flick on and guess what, we never have that. That's a problem. Putting the ball in the channel is good, opens up the defence, but then, the player running for the ball needs help and that is never there, that is a problem.

The problem is not just passing in the opponents half, it's about absorbing the pressure and keeping the ball, all great teams do it and I cannot accept that the players who play for United cannot keep the ball even when pressed. Or fullbacks, rather than try and keep the ball, kick up upfield, it's more of a - "I've done my bit, why don't you guys go and do your thing up there. "

There is not a single player in our squad who can keep the ball rolling, shuffle possession. Matic tries and does it to a certain extent, but then he can't do it alone. For all the attacking talent that Sanchez possess, I think he's having trouble with the way Mou is making him play, yes, he doesn't have to track back and has the freedom to roam around, but even to play a free role, one needs the support of the other players to make it work.

Last night, Martial came on around the 80th or 82nd minute. A couple of minutes later, one can see him walking on the field and not pressing for the ball, I mean, come the **** on! You've just come on, the manager has sent you on for a reason, you can for the love the god, press once and then if you feel tired, you stop. But, one doesn't even try.

For all the problem that the media is talking about Mou and Pogba, I think it's utter crap. Pogba's performance has dipped, he seems slightly tired or at best, lost. Is that due to him not being able to play in a 2 man midfield? I don't think so, we started the season with just him and Matic playing in the middle with runners around them, he didn't struggle then, why now? Normally, a manager puts an arm around the player and protects him from criticism, especially that comes from the press, but I guess Mou doesn't work like that and his way of getting a reaction is what he does. Was yesterday a test for Pogba? A reaction that Mou was hoping for? I don't know. But the team and the Frenchman struggled again.

What makes it sad is that one waits for a week, in this case, months before a match of stature comes around and you have high hopes of the team, at least in terms of a performance, but then, you are served this. it's like going to a world famous mutton kebab shop and the owner saying, - "we only have vegan food, sir. "