Review Of The Day 30th March 2018

30 Mar 2018 06:36:39
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 30th March 2018

1.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 11:02:49
I forgot Ben Arfa even existed ed!

{Ed001's Note - is that because the excitement of the van Gaal era, as he moved you towards playing like Pep, made you forget?}

2.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 12:03:54
That hurt, ed : (.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know what you could mean, he just needed more time!}

3.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 12:18:28
I was usually on the edge of my seat during the Van Gaal era. mainly so I was closer to turning of the tv ed. I’m not sure if you’ve ever covered it on here, but what do you make of LvG as a manager? He seems to talk a good game based on previous accomplishments but that’s really it.

{Ed001's Note - awful. He has made every team he managed into a bunch of robots. Terrible manager who has succeeded by talking bull**** and taking the credit for teams improving the moment he is sacked! Surely someone one day will realise they improve because he was holding them back, rather than because he laid down the groundwork.}

4.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 12:25:50
Couldn’t agree more! Bet you’re gutted Liverpool never got the dreamteam of Martinez as coach and LvG as director of football eh!

{Ed001's Note - oh yes mate, that is one of my life's biggest regrets *sigh*}

5.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 12:35:29
Was there anything good he achieved at United ed? I know he cleared a few out but replaced with mostly rubbish. How much influence did he have behind the scenes regards scouting and the academy?

{Ed001's Note - be thankful he didn't have anything much to do with either, though he did start on an overhaul of the scouting, he was kept well clear of the academy. You only have to read what Cruyff said about him: "Van Gaal has a good vision on football. But it's not mine. He wants to gel winning teams and has a militaristic way of working with his tactics.......On the basis of the criteria now in use at Ajax [which were recommended by van Gaal] I would have failed the test."}

6.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 12:56:09
Thanks ed. I was wondering if he'd had much to do with those. The scouting did need an overhaul.

If you don't mind, what's the latest with the academy and are things now going in the right direction?

{Ed001's Note - it depends on how you view it. They have improved the scouting to find better players, but there is still an emphasis on the academy as a way of making an income for the club, rather than expecting it to produce players for the first team. There is little in the way of planned progression from youth to first team now because, like most teams, there is very little that can be done to get players a good level of football at reserve level. While the club works to get the right loan moves, it is a very hit and miss way to develop youngsters. The fact Rashford and now McTominay are getting regular gametime has helped lift the belief in the academy though, which can make a significant difference to the youngsters involved. Sometimes they just need the belief they have a chance to bring out the best in them.}

7.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 13:17:49
Yeah I guess its tricky. The pressure on the club to deliver regular champions league football means its harder to throw in raw youngsters now. I doubt we'll ever see 4-5 all coming into the first team squad in one go ever again. At the same time the lack of decent reserve football surely has to sit with the FA and the premier league. We've got some good prospects and hopefully a few of them come through.

{Ed001's Note - the FA have been trying to fix it, but it will never work while so many players are sent out on loan each season. The reserves sides are reserve youth teams most of the time.}

8.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 13:44:25
But their sent out on loan because of the lack of decent standard reserve football. Its catch 22 isn't it. Hopefully the world cup hammers it home and they have a proper look like the Germans did and force through the necessary changes. Bug I won't hold my breath.

9.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 18:41:22
Ed001, your views on Van Gaal are almost, dare I say, toxic 😉.

{Ed001's Note - hahaha they probably could be viewed that way.}

10.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 19:17:13
Ede 1, if you don't mind. Don't know how much have you seen of McTominay.
What do you make of him going in the future based on what you seen?

Thank you. Much appriciated.

{Ed001's Note - I like him a lot, though it does worry me that he was nearly dumped but for growing so tall. There still seems to be far too much emphasis placed on physical aspects in the later years of development. He has a lot of potential to be like a Matic 2.0.}

11.) 30 Mar 2018
30 Mar 2018 22:24:42
Quality that noucamp99!

LVG was part of the plan Ed01 how dare you!

12.) 31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018 12:25:53
Thank you Ed.