Review Of The Day 7th April 2018

07 Apr 2018 07:22:17
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1.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 09:46:05
Interesting pick of time by Baldy to voice ManUtd players being offered to Citeh. I did not doubt the agent is trying his luck and doing his job although I think we need to kick his fat butt. I just feel that Pep is trying the mind games since there is strong expectation of Citeh winning the game today. He wouldn’t have done it if Citeh came away with a win against scousers in CL game. Covering his backside I feel which is nothing new.
On the other subject I think Pogba should take his head out of his backside and start playing to his best of abilities and potential. He should not get too involved with the wage thing as he can demand that once he starts consistently producing and if we do not give him a better deal. To me it is: prove yourself first then demand a higher package. He is still very young and has not fully proven himself. Earn your salary or get out. The club is bigger than any player.

2.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 11:11:22
This is the problem you experience when you decide to recruit players who are the finished article. You have to pay massive wages which causes problems with other players in the side.

I kind of agree with the thought process many of our players might be having. Sanchez is a top player, but one who hasn't hit top form for nearly two seasons now. He has come in on more than three times the wages of many of our players and as yet hasn't put in a performance three times better than those players. Football is a team game and even the best players need 10 team mates contributing to give them a platform to perform.

If you were working in a team at work and new guy with a big reputation joined but then failed to do as much or as well as you while picking up three times your wages I'm sure you'd be a little pissed off.

We might have the revenue to pay the big wages, but if you create a massive gap in wages between the top earners and the rest in your squad you are sowing the seeds of disharmony yourself.

Clearly Sanchez is a better player than McTominay and both are at different points in their respective careers, yet can you say Sanchez performance is 18 times better than that of McTominay? As he is being paid 18 times McTominay's wage.