07 Apr 2018 17:22:25
I like the look of our team today!

I expect us to play on the front foot and players such as Pogba, Sanchez, Lingard and Herrera should bring good energy and intensity to the team. We will see!

1.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:05:00
Oh dear this could be a landslide. Bring back Jose’s bus.

2.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:25:20
This. Could easily be 5 nil by now. What a shambles.

3.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:44:16
Don’t know if you heard the Liverpool fans ambushed Jose’s bus. Had to go back to the garage for repairs, so all out attack it is.