13 Apr 2018 21:45:32
"I am going to fulfil the year that I have left but I don’t know if I will renew, ”

“We have started talking, although nothing has been decided yet. ”

1.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 22:06:55
Can’t see him staying. He’s reaching the last peak years of his career, and wants to be a starter. Same with Fellaini. We have a big investment to make in midfield over the next few years.

2.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 22:25:20
Looks like he will see his contract out like fellaini .

3.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 22:49:12
We should sign him to a new contract and He should b3 given more game time.

4.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 22:57:52
Love Ander but not quite good enough for the highest level.

5.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 05:02:19
I really like Ander

Shame the other players don't have as much passion for MUFC like he does.

6.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 06:27:18
Eros, he was our player of the year last year, and look how he payed against City. Not sure what has gone on but he hasn’t had a fair run this year.

7.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 09:07:25
Eros? Sorry Eric, I renamed you there.

8.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 11:13:03
Herrera ia a good squad player.
Always gives 100%.
If he stays i'm happy if he leaves i wouldn't be gutted.
Id rather give me an extentention on same terms so if he doesn't get anymore game time next season and decides to leave then at least we get a fee and he is the type of player that won't let you down if he plays regularly.

{Ed001's Note - I am sure you would rather give yourself a contract on his terms! Not sure how that would Man Utd giving you a deal though??}

9.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 12:13:33
Sorry ed typo obviously 😂 not 'me' him.
That said they might be better off giving me a contract over fellaini but to be honest herrera has the edge over me😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - just checking...}