15 Apr 2018 18:34:49
I think utd have played a blinder, they stopped their bitter rivals from winning the title against them, and arguably hurt their mentality with the comeback last week. Then today you somehow lost to WBA to make city champions but confirmed it in a way where you have done it on your terms.
We have all known for a while city will win the league but doing it this way seems like they won it by default.
Also still think you will finish second and win the fa cup which isn’t the worst season in the world.

1.) 15 Apr 2018
15 Apr 2018 20:18:58
Brilliant. I think they planned to do just that 😅😅Nnnooottt.

2.) 15 Apr 2018
15 Apr 2018 20:55:05
You would have a point if 2nd wasnt up for grabs, but as it looks now, liverpool will take it.

3.) 15 Apr 2018
15 Apr 2018 21:44:19
My comment was meant as a bit of tounge and cheek, and don't you boys have a game in hand, think itll be enough to just beat us to second.