16 May 2018 08:15:58
Read about what GN commenting on us winning the title next season and it would be a bigger achievement than what Paldy has done with LightBlues.
I think I totally agree with him and it will be a very big achievement as far as Jose is concerned. But what I want to add is are the players up to it? Do they have the hunger? Do they have the passion?
Manager aside, I feel it is the players that has to prove themselves and that even if we have the best manager in the world if the players do not want or have any hunger then it'll be back to drawing board.
I love it that GN set this challenge and it should mean as many ch to the players as it is to Jose.
Season's more or less over and let's try to win the FA Cup and challenge the PL title next season.

1.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 10:24:42
This comment just sent me down a rabbit hole of YouTube interviews by both mourinho and guardiola with regard to tactics.

The first thing I noticed, guardiola is so much more humble, talking about the quality of his players and how he adapts his tactics to the qualities of the individuals he has, and also how great players are needed which is why his clubs spend so much, as its more about the quality of the players than him.

Switch to mourinho and its about how he can influence things and the effect he has. Quite the juxtaposition.

Secondly, Guardiola comes a cross as much nicer guy, way more approachable and endearing.

Finally, guardiola seems much more eloquent, engaging and self aware. Where Jose seems so arrogant and dogmatic.

I'm sure this isn't always the case. I know Jose can build strong relationships with players and is obviously far from tactically inept, plus it may well be that pep is happier to reveal his philosophy and techniques where as jose keeps his cards closer to his chest. But from watching the interviews, it's obvious who I'd prefer to have as our manager.

2.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 12:34:52
Depends how you look at it. I see it as a managers job to get the best out of his players. He needs to devise a system that gets the best out of what he has, he needs to work out how to motivate the players he has.

The whole point of a manager is having someone who can bring it all together. What is the point in hiring a manager who can only get the best out of a quarter of your squad forcing the club in to buying 18 new players who hopefully will suit what the manager wants to do.

However, that isn't always the case, just ask Mkhitaryan.

3.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:03:15
Old Plop at the blue rinse mob is no doubt a slightly above average manager, however, if he doesn't rate a player, then you'll know the side of him that he's careful not to show, he reminds me of a tv character with a split personality, or put another way, if he were a pet, he'd be a cat-when he gets what he wants, couldn't be nicer-but when he doesn't get his own way, out comes the dummy and off he saunters to whoever is the biggest club at the time--where as to me jose is like a dog, he has his good and bad side but least what you see is what you get, no pretence, you either like it or lump it-and one final point, in plop is this worldy of a manager, how come he's never had the nads to go to a club with a limited budget and build a team where being a good man manager trully counts, say what you like about jose but he's ticked that box in portugal, old plop has only ever been at a club or Gone to a club where previous managers have left him top, top players to work with, so does that mean he's arrogant enough to think that's his level, nothing else is worth his time, or simply he hasn't got a pair enough to prove himself with a less than stella squad, so as for being the best manager out there, for me that's a NON.

4.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:07:56
Haha Shappy been reading all your posts and can really feel your disdain for Jose 🤣🤣🤣
I am not the best supporter of Jose but neither want him out at least at this moment. I think he has improved us albeit still boring games but tactically strong. However I’m quite sure he was not hired to objectively play beautiful football without results. I am quite sure he was hired with objectives of top 4, silverware if possible, improve team and structure. He inherited players maybe not up to his standards and have started to change the team. Still I think we are a bit short at the back but I think this summer he should already have identified who he will get to boost the defense.
Having said all that my suggestion is just give him the next season and let’s see what he can achieve (no that you have a choice) haha. I am sure if the team doesn’t perform (even if not his fault) I am sure there will be plenty of people who will join you to call for his head 🤣. Afterall he is not known to stay long in a club but I do hope he will bring us to become champion again and become an attacking team.

5.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:23:05
Ask pep shappy.