07 Jun 2018 12:50:11
Hey eds/ all,
Hope everybody is good 👍
Just wondering if ye have time does ed002 or any of the eds have a possible update on where united are at the minute with possible incomings and outgoings? is there any chance a 2nd cm could come in and martial could stay?
Thanks eds really appreciate the work all of ye guys do for the site 👍.

{Ed002's Note - I cannot answer questions about the timings of transfers.}

1.) 07 Jun 2018
07 Jun 2018 15:12:46
Could you answer a question about martial ed002. Are the club going to be offering him a new contract or will he be leaving this summer?

{Ed002's Note - I expect that they will offer him a contract but no guarantees.}

2.) 07 Jun 2018
07 Jun 2018 20:15:01
Thanks Ed.
But this raises the question whether he is actually interested in a new deal