09 Jul 2018 23:31:43
I know I posted this a few days back. But I want to make sure this gets saved for reference purposes. Not going after Ronaldo is an 11/10 as far as mistakes go, and all of you who disagree, please feel free to respond to this post. Will be nice to revisit next spring when we're 3rd in the PL and out of the CL while Juve are going after a double or treble. #RememberThis.

1.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 00:12:33
So if utd don't win the EPL and juve win trophies in Italy you can come back and say I told you so? The odds seem pretty stacked in your favour. And no, it won't make you right.

2.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 00:23:47
Would be happy if we signed him if we also sign a lb, rw and cb. But if we sign Ronaldo we won’t and those areas are more pressing. I would love him back and I’m sure most people do as well. But realistically it wouldn’t be best for player or club.

3.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 05:03:39
Juve always wins local titles, the difference Ronaldo (if joins them) needs to make, would making the win champion league.

4.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 23:17:34
Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But I will definitely be back on here reposting this stuff when he's got 30 goals by Xmas and on the way to another Ballon D'Or. while Sanchez, Mata and Lingard combine for 10 goals by years end. SMH. I'm clearly in the minority, but that just means most of you will be proven wrong! lol.