11 Jul 2018 12:33:45
Impressed by Pogbas performance and also that last night he dedicated the win to the schoolkids trapped in the cave in Thailand, saying they were the bravest.

Tomorrow the backpages will no doubt have the word hero splashed on them because tonight someone scores a goal or saves a penalty - I get that, got plenty of my own.

But in the modern world the word hero is bandied about to easily, imagine volunteering to go into a cave where 95% of the worlds divers wouldn't even attempt to go and pull out 13 people over 10 days. no one knows their names or faces really, and we won't hear of them again until the next such emergency. The real deal right there.

1.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:55:17
Pogba has had a good tournament, needs to keep it up and continue playing in the centre.