30 Sep 2018 13:45:55
Ed004 if you are about, how would you describe this shambles that we are in? Would you get rid of Jose now and who would you like to replace him?

{Ed004's Note - Have been busy starting a new job the past few weeks so not got to comment as much. However, the game at the weekend was the turning point for me. Everyone knows I've supported and defended Jose his whole tenure here but the weekend confirmed to me that hes lost the dressing room. I feel its time to cut our losses and move on. Im not sure Zidane is the long term solution but he would be a good option for the remainder of the season. Worst case scenario is we lose Pogba in January, players such as Martial and Shaw refuse to extend their contract, we miss out on top 4 and end up sacking Jose anyways. It feels like it is the beginning of the end for him.}

1.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 19:50:11
Ed004 you speak my mind 100%. I don’t want to call for the sacking of a Utd manager but every day that now passes is delaying the inevitable.

{Ed004's Note - I dont want to see him sacked but I just think its inevitable now}

2.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 20:29:04
How’s the new job been ed? I agree completely. This weekend was also the turning point for me. Clearly he cannot get a tune out of these players so o don’t think there is any point persisting with him. Of course financially it will take a huge sum to get rid of him. But I can only see it getting worse from here on. Interesting to see how we play tomorrow. If the players show a lack of urgency again, I think a change must be imminent. However, some of these players do not deserve to wear the United shirt. Their attitude is atrocious and I won’t lose any sleep to see the back of majority of them.

{Ed004's Note - There are a lot of serious issues at the club right now. The manager and quite a few players all look unhappy to be here. Really not a good situation to be in. Zidane seems to be very popular with his players so Im hoping he can come in and help ease the tension in the club}

3.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 22:32:51
Agree with Park 100% some players are just cold chest players, they don't deserve to wear a MU shirt. the only ones that seem to be bother with the situation is us (the fans) .

I agree with Alex Ferguson when he said that a good attack wins you games but a good defense wins you competitions, but I really don't believe in Mou´s defensive football at all.

A team as Manchester United should never just give up half of the court and wait for the other team to attack, a solid defense can be played simultaneously with an attacking set mind, and high press.

For example let's say any team plays against Real Madrid, how would any of you prepare to stop, let’s say Marcelo (who is probably one of the best left backs in modern football)? .

You can try to stop him with another left back and even you can sacrifice a left midfield and set him just to defend but eventually he is going to pass through because of his speed or would be available to send a good cross and create a difficult situation.

For me the best way to stop a player like him is to give him an attacking player to worried about, for example play Rashford or Martial; any player with good speed that can worried him and make him want to stay in his toes and be more defensive than he normally is. Attack to defend.

As I said you need a solid defense for this to work but I really think our defense is not that bad, first we have the best goalkeeper in the world (at least for me), Bailey is our best defender and should be on the starting eleven, and all you need to do is work on his best partner between Lindelof, Rojo or Smalling (jones should be out of the club years ago), on the left back Shaw is doing a good job and young is a good back up (he should not be allowed never to play again as a right back, last match was a night to forget for him) and we also have exciting young players for the position such as Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, or Demetri Mitchell, on the right back Valencia is our best players but Dalot is looking great, the only issue is that he is to young and I don't think he should play all the games because it would affect his development.

On the midfield there are many options to defend properly but you can pretty much coupe with all most all of the premier league teams with a two defensive and two attacking midfield players, i think that Herrera is perfect for the role as is Matic, and we also have good young players for the role such as McTominay.

Last season we had the second best defense of the league, only behind Manchester City a team that defends itself by attacking, a team that doesn’t have better playeres to defend than as. I'm not saying we should play Peps Tiki taka but there are other types of attacking football that coupe with MU style and most important with our players.

We have a lot of speedy young (stamina) attacking players that with a little training can do some high press, try to force an error, a bad pass or a divided long ball for our defense to take control again, and if the team need´s them, they can fly back to help the defense.

I know this sound allot like FIFA talk but we should be playing better with the player we have. But if a player doesn't want to be on the team there is no sense on having them, no one is bigger than MU, no player, no manager, no one.

I know some fans want for as to lose tomorrow, and hope that that is the last drop that would sack MOU, but I just can never wish for MU to lose. So please let’s all back united tomorrow and hope for a good result.


4.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 09:44:23
I am hoping that the players turn up tonite in the CL. Looking / comparing JM's final games at chelsea saw a way too similar pattern of attitude and performance but before he got sacked in December, the cl performances/ results showed a differnt tale to the league.
i think the nail in the coffin could be a bad result against newcastle who are at best a championship side impersonating a premier league team.