1.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 17:58:54
I think a valuable lesson can be learnt from yesterday's performance. We must approach future games especially at Old Trafford with courage and bravery.

Since SAF retired we have played without risk. We have paid too much attention to the opposition rather than concentrating on our own strengths. We have retreated behind the ball applying the mantra safety in numbers but this has allowed players to pass responsibility and allow others to do their job. Yesterday's second half performance was a throw back to the good old days. Marauding attacks, committing men forward, taking risks but more importantly playing without fear. We got hit on the counter a few times and against better teams we might have got caught out but it was a case of "lads it's Newcastle" type approach to the second half.

I actually thought Pogba's second half performance was immense. Maybe for the first time in a Utd shirt he took responsibility and dictated our play. He demanded the ball off the defence and had players in front of him. He threaded passes into Mata and got forward to back up play. He switched play and made runs into the box. He drove forward from midfield when space opened up in front of him. He was outstanding and demonstrated what a special player he can be.

I know Matic has come in for criticism but I thought he played well at CB. He's calm and composed on the ball and carried it forward intelligently into midfield. Jose has experimented with his CB pairings but I think it's time to move Matic into the back 4. He has the height and physicality to cope with the demands of the position and he's good on the ball. He's intelligent and positionally astute and might just give us the composure and experience we need. He's become slow and ponderous in midfield and maybe lacks the energy and intensity we need to press the ball.

I thought Mata was excellent and linked everything together. He pulled the strings further forward allowing Pogba the time to join the attacks from deep.

I think it's time Jose ditched his giants and moved towards more diminutive, technical players with a emphasis on fluidity and mobility. Lukaku's movement has been no existent and his hold up play even worse.

This would be my team moving forward (4-3-3) De Gea, Dalot, Smalling, Matic, Shaw, Pogba, Fred, Mata, Martial, Lingard, Sanchez.

I would give Pogba the responsibility of dictating the play from deep but with licence to run forward and join attacks. Our current approach is not working and we need to try something new. We may be vulnerable against the better teams but Liverpool, City, Chelsea don't change their approach why should we. Let's go toe to toe and find out how good our players really are. No more excuses, no more fear if we lose to the better team so be it.

2.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 18:59:15
DLIB that first paragraph sums up how we approach most home games.
However, sometimes we need to approach a gamr carefully depending on league position time of year and what other cups we r in etc.

Also yesterday showed how certain players who we sometimes want rid of - can actually make a difference in a game. Example mata. I love the guy and want him to stay BUT i understand y some want him gone because he doesn't have a positive impact against all teams.

Admittedly only seen MOTD but shaw and martial in second half looked great too.

All in all a typically no nonsense sat game for us actually highlighted aspects of our game play that i didn't expect.

3.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 19:04:17
*how we SHOULD approach home games.