Review Of The Day 9th October 2018

09 Oct 2018 07:29:01
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1.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 12:15:21
Mourinho getting charged for THAT Ed001? That is ridiculous, actually bordering on a f'in joke, Pep got about 100 different warnings last year despite bringing politics into football, Conte jumped like a maniac on the touchline and in front of the officials for 2 years without a punishment. FA is run by absolute persons! Like last year, step a yard out of the touchline vs Southampton and got a ban, bloody hell!

{Ed001's Note - this is the FA.}

2.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 15:24:54
Oh yh Ed, incompetent F'in assholes (FA, just realised that's what it stands for)

{Ed001's Note - spot on.}

3.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 13:58:07
We talked about Hazard just yesterday ed1 and how great a start he is having this year and Boom he again says he wants to play for Real as it's his dream. I take credit for this haha.

Also ed1 I remember when you guys were linked with Chilwell people were saying ahh a kid a random name who can't even break into the Leicester team, he is not a good player not good for Liverpool blah blah blah. You always maintained he was a good prospect and now proving you right finally.

{Ed001's Note - yeah it is nice to be proven right.}