27 Oct 2018 21:11:58
Just wanted to say thoughts are with Glenn Hoddle at this terrible time. Wonderful footballer and very knowledgable about the beautiful game. Hope he makes a full recovery.

And as I write this, hearing news that the helicopter owned by leicester’s Owners has crashed outside their stadium. Let’s hope they were not inside as the fire does not look good.

{Ed025's Note - with you all the way park, lets hope things look better in the morning mate..

1.) 28 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 01:33:51
Puts things in perspective. Thoughts with Glen and his family as well as anyone effected by the helicopter crash at Leicester.

2.) 28 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 10:16:22
Thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the Leicester crash, Glen Hoddle and the person who died at Brighton, a truly awful day.

On the Glen Hoddle one, it sounds like he was lucky they had a defibrillator handy. If your office or workplace doesn’t have one, do consider it, it makes an enormous difference to survival chances. Wishing him a full recovery.