07 Nov 2018 22:00:12
Lost. For. Words! Wow, what a huge huge win! Unbelivable, massive win. Credit to Jose and the players again, another win towards the end of the game, another comeback, becoming a theme under Jose. COME ON UNITED!

1.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 22:07:51
Props to lindoff again.

2.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 22:19:29
I feel sorry for the fans who turned their back on the team a few weeks ago, they have missed a great time to support us, what a win tonight, Jose has done incredibly well to turn this around since the Newcastle game, I wonder what we can do this season.

3.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 22:56:20
I couldn't care less about those fans. I've more respect and admiration for fans of city and liverpool than i do united fans who turn their back on the club.
Id still be watching us in div 2
We are far from out of the woods yet but one thing for sure is jose is not finished.

4.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 08:30:21
That must be a joke.