22 Nov 2018 18:09:27
Just wanted to make a point about a popular phrase : 'he isn't getting the best out of xyz player'.

As a professional, do you not have a duty to get the best out of yourself? Especially in a career so finite as a footballers. The greats have the mentality where they perform regardless of circumstance.

1.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 18:24:47
I hear you Fresh, and completely agree. It's funny how in all walks of life people are responsible for their own actions and performances - except football. Footballers play well, it's down to them. Play poorly, it's down to someone else. All too easy for them these days.

2.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 18:30:38
Exactly Fresh most modern day players are cry babies who can’t take criticism and blame everybody else. Hate the way football has gone.

3.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 18:35:36
I have to disagree, we all in our professional lives have probably had managers who we've enjoyed working for and some we have differences with.

When you are enjoying you're work, you are more willing to put the extra effort to get the job done.

The martial sanchez issue last season was a typical workplace dispute. You work really hard and perform really well, then the company brings in some big shot from another place who is very average and seems to get away with everything whilst anything you do is put under the microscope, your attitude gets questioned and you personally pack it in and look for employment elsewhere.

Also we have seen at chelsea, madrid and our club where players have not performed their best for certain managers.

Are the likes of ramos, modric, terry, drogba, even rvp under moyes not greats?

4.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 18:36:12
There's such a thing as coaching and tactics Fresh, they have quite a big impact on how a team and thus the players perform. Rashford doesn't decide to play well for England. Sanchez didn't decide to forget how to pass when he came to United.

5.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 18:42:58
Bang on betty fresh and blackpool red.
Bunch of snowflakes.
Jose the bully. ha ha don't make me laugh. He is a pussycat compared to fergie.

6.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 19:37:50
It's not about being a bully it's about the right techniques, tactics and motivation to get the best out of a group of players .
Jose is doing that at the moment it's been a real strong point of Jose in the past but it seems his best days are maybe behind him.

Times change need to keep players happy it's part of the job.

7.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 19:56:24
Doesnt the snowfalke tag then apply to jose then as well, fell out with woodward in the summer, didn't get the centre back he wanted.

Then three his toys out of the pram and was miserable for the first part of the season.

Why didn't he just pick himself up and get on with it and i don't know coach the current players we have instead of digging them out in the media.

8.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 20:02:08
Jose is partly at fault and must accept that as must his most ardent of supporters. I certainly do.
The players are partly at fault.

The 4 games before city saw 3 wins and a draw. Most players were playing well enough. With martial very much improved.
We have a decent run of fixtures coming up if we can regain that momentum again and pick up 6 wins between now and new year we will be a lot closer to most of the teams above us (city aside)
I see some signs of unity or at least some sort of truce between the coach and some key figures in the dressing room.
There has been no negativity In the press from coach or players during the intl break.
I think jose will go to madrid in the summer unless something unexpected happens and he stays here.
Will he win major trophys again elsewhere. Yes he will I've no doubt about that.
Will a new coach come here and win major trophies yes of course I've no doubt about that.
But I've no doubt that whatever coach comes to united he will not win the epl trophy with young valencia smalling and fellaini mata herrera in his starting team 30 times a season. No coach in the world have that many average players in his starting 11 every week and win the title at united.
But they play most weeks here because the people fighting for their places are darmian rojo jones mctom hopefully dalot soon and a woefully out of form bailly.
I mean that's a woeful selection of defenders to choose from imo.

9.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 20:08:26
Isn't that really really should be Jose isn't.
It Jose can get this team playing well playing to it's potential we will be fine make no mistake martial Sanchez pogba Rasford etc etc all playing well all playing to there potential and this team wouldn't be sat in 8th along side bournmout and Watford, playing boring footy.

10.) 23 Nov 2018
23 Nov 2018 11:49:15
Ferguson learned everything he knew off the master, Jock Stein, he's said that in many interviews Ken.