19 Dec 2018 08:35:15
For the last 3 managers the club went for candidates that either had vast experience or a strong proven track record for winning.
All 3 failed
So its nice to see the club try a different approach and put someone in with little or no epl management experience that has had no major success in his coaching career.

Ole is a player that served the club well has great support from the fan base.
His credentials are somewhat suspect when it comes to taking a job of this size but i wish him the very best of luck.

Brining in a proven winner has not worked. Maybe a complete novice is the right move only time will tell.
I feel he needs a good start and we have a couple of fixtures that we should win so it might get some momentum going. The players will be happy. He can't do any worse so its a pretty free ride for ole.

1.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 09:34:23
Ken - I was initially underwhelmed and apathetic to the news but he'll obviously get my full support. I loved Ole as a player he was the epitome of a Club man and team player. An unselfish warrior that put the team ahead of his own personal ambitions but when called upon he always made an impact and help shape the history of our Club. We will never forget that balmy night in Barcelona not to mention a last minute winner against Liverpool along the way which saw us lift an historic treble and many other memorable goals along the way.

His appointment reeks of sentiment but at this time maybe we just need some romance and excitement in our play.

Forget tactics, video analysis and detailed dossiers on the opposition let's just hope he picks an attacking team, increases the intensity and brings some joy and confidence back into our play. We have some talented players in our squad and if they are allowed to go and play with freedom and expression then we might at least witness some decent football.

Good luck Ole make us happy whilst skies are grey! You always did! Welcome home!

2.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 09:55:27
The important point is that it is a temp post atm. he knows the club and with the right people around him could provide the jolt that the squad needs to get their arses into gear. We've had the names and they haven't worked out and Sir Alex wasnt exactly the finished article when he got the job way back but look how he developed.