31 Dec 2018 04:34:41
Such a joy to see midfielders making late well timed runs into the box. Now there are multiple targets and threat dimensions allowing Pogba to show us the player who ruined City's championship celebrations at the Etihad last year.

The defense needs some serious work. Bailly is mental. He could well have been sent off earlier for a high boot in the penalty area. We all know we need at least one top class center back. However to eliminate the team's attacking potential by falling back and trying to overweight the defense just invites even more pressure on a group of players who have shown little ability to deal with it.

1.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 09:20:24
I agree with Shawthing. I think that Bailly is a liability. He doesn't seem to have much self control. His dangerous challenges began with one on Josh King on the side line. It didn't help that Ashley Young congratulated him for it, which may have contibuted to him getting wound up.

2.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 10:04:53
I stand by everything I’ve said about Bailly, he isn’t good enough. He’s an accident waiting to happen and as mentioned above he was lucky to last as long as totally he did yesterday. He’s reckless and not great on the ball.