24 Jan 2019 00:59:08
Who is better in your opinion Rashford or Frankie De Jong?

Barcelona forking out 75m on a 21 year old is a big gamble.

1.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 01:04:46
You should ask who is a better value. Pogba at 100 mil or Frankie at 75 mil.

2.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 02:00:56
Rashford as we already have him :)

3.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 02:52:08
Diff position, diff player. Hard to say who's better. But if we sell rash. On that value of frenkie, 100mil would be it I think.

4.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 03:35:59
Different players and play different positions. Both highly rated.

5.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 03:58:42
They play absolutely different positions.
Can't even compare.

6.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 08:19:58
Who's the better goalkeeper, Rashford or De Jong?

It makes little sense comparing players who play in totally different positions.

Frenkie De Jong is one of the most talented up and coming young players in the world. There probably isn't a more promising central midfider around at the moment. He will be the successor to Busquets. And one who might actually become a better player.

Rashford is one of the most promising young strikers in world football. He could go on to have a phenomenal career.

Both of them probably make the list of top 10 best players under 23.

Hopefully Rashford fulfils his potential and we never have to worry about how much he's worth as he stays with our club.

Talent gets you a chance, hard work and dedication makes you world class.

We know these lads have the talent, now we have to wait and see if they have the right attitude.

7.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 09:23:09
Good post Shaps.

8.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 09:20:05
Singh and Perth know their stuff

Rashford was a RM before LVG deployed him as a striker. The object of my post was value?

If F de jong is worth 75m based on his stats! Then what are MR stats and does he merit a 75m tag.

9.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 10:20:54
Hopefully the only time his "worth" will be relevant to us is on a balance sheet.

Does it matter if the media value him at 55m, 75m or 150m?

It only matters when someone makes a bid, and then only if the club and the player want to accept it.

Other than that it's just wild speculation.

10.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 10:24:39
To be fair, Reddevilfan, your post asked who was better. Apples and oranges.

11.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 11:44:01
Based on stats? Well goals win games and Rashford has scored more so Rashford is better. although De Jong has made more tackles which have stopped his team conceding goals, and if you don't concede then you get at least a point. So maybe De Jong has played a more pivotal role in his teams accumulation of points.

Rashford can jump higher, but De Jong has a larger hand span. Rashford has size 10 boots, whereas De Jong size 11. Rashford only speaks English whereas De Jong can speak two languages.

I mean what do these stats tell us? They are about as important in judging two players as any other stats based on two players who play in totally different positions with totally different roles.

I'm not sure what it is you want to hear, Rashford is a forward which sell for more than other positions so Rashford is worth 100m? I'm not sure what your point is?

12.) 24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019 13:37:25
It doesn't matter because we're not selling.