05 Feb 2019 13:36:15
I will be at the psg game,

Is midweek parking/ travel worse than the weekend?

Traveling from the Midlands.

1.) 05 Feb 2019
05 Feb 2019 15:53:23
Yes people going home from work etc, give yourself plenty of time.

2.) 05 Feb 2019
05 Feb 2019 16:25:16
The M6 in the evening? Should be a doddle!

3.) 05 Feb 2019
05 Feb 2019 21:20:40
Lots of roadworks with 50 mph max speed limits. Give yourself minimum 2.5hrs to get there. If you arrive early you can relax have a drink or two and soak up the atmosphere. If you are sitting in traffic with kick off fast approaching it can be a terribly frustrating feeling of being unable to do anything about it.

4.) 05 Feb 2019
05 Feb 2019 23:09:42
Nice advice hedon. big v don't have a couple of drinks and drive home👌👌.

5.) 06 Feb 2019
06 Feb 2019 00:45:17
Ken. Was not advocating being over the limit. You are quite right to point it out though.

6.) 06 Feb 2019
06 Feb 2019 09:19:13
Or have more than a couple of drinks, celebrate after the match and go home next day. You will probably wake up after rush hour. :P.

7.) 06 Feb 2019
06 Feb 2019 16:52:57
I park at the bridge inn in Sale and jump on tram from dane rd, 2 stops and your there. Better for traffic getting back on the motorway.