Philippe Coutinho

08 Feb 2019 10:57:50
{Ed's Note - has posted a new player profile about, Philippe Coutinho

1.) 08 Feb 2019
08 Feb 2019 13:53:39
Ed do you think one of the problems at Barcelona is that he was very much seen to be a replacement for Iniesta? Looking at Coutinho's game he seems to be a very different player, and if Barcelona bought him as a like for like replacement it's obvious to most he was never going to work out like that - I think Iniesta has been incredible and often underappreciated and underrated outside of Barcelona.

{Ed001's Note - his problem is that he insists on shooting when space opens up for a pass. He just doesn't see it with his head down. No one could replace Iniesta. }

2.) 08 Feb 2019
08 Feb 2019 14:12:08
I’d be delighted if we didn’t sign him, would be the biggest waste of money yet.

3.) 08 Feb 2019
08 Feb 2019 15:26:27
He's infuriating to watch. But football manager is realistic because he does it constantly. Nearly smashed my laptop in after one game.

4.) 08 Feb 2019
08 Feb 2019 18:07:10
Then you'll be delighted fresh.