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21 Oct 2017 12:57:33
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Premier League Match Preview Saturday 21st October 2017

21 Oct 2017 05:49:25
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Saturday 21st October 2017

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21 Oct 2017 06:58:42
Ed001 great preview and thanks to all the Eds as well.
I would say I agree with the major games mainly Chelsea, ManUtd and City. However I have a small point to make whilst looking at the predictions from the Eds.
I feel that Watford will give Chelsea a run for their money and could possibly come away with a draw or maybe even a win if Chelsea is not up to mark. Of course a Chelsea win is expected since its a home game but we never know.
I know a lot are expecting City to run amok and all over Burnley but I beg to differ. I feel Burnley is no pushover and playing steady football. That said City is at home and can be very worrisome for some teams so it depends on Burnley’s mental strength and patience. Obviously I hope for a Burnley upsetting City 😂 but I don’t think it will be a massacre that Burnley will lose by many goals.
No offense to any Eds on their predictions - just my view. Thanks.

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{Ed001's Note - it's alright mate, interesting views and we will soon see who was right.}

21 Oct 2017 10:15:41
Ed, on behalf of ken I'd like to say a tremendous thank you for all your hard work in pulling no this together, it is a stupendous effort.

I think there may be some interesting results today. Chelsea are struggling and Watford are stronger away from home so that looks tasty. I hope we have had a kick up the jacksy and return to free flowing ways but I have to disagree with 666, I, th No Burnley will get hammered.

Really looking forward to the Spurs Liverpool game tomorrow, whatever the score I am guessing it will be entertaining.

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{Ed001's Note - hahahaha thanks ken!}

21 Oct 2017 12:20:13
Thanks ajh nothing wrong with a bit of manners. Nice to see.

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{Ed001's Note - I doubt it will last though.....}

20 Oct 2017 16:56:18
Wondering people's opinions of the Ozil talk. I've never rated him especially highly, so it shoiuld be no suprise that I wouldn't want him. I just don't think he's better than the options we already have and he's certainyl not better than the options we can buy from elsewhere. He's a defensive liability and doesn't have that pace anymore. For me, let him go elsewhere and keep our focus on better and younger targets. what's everyone else think?

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20 Oct 2017 17:58:12
He is a player Jose likes a player that fits in very well to his system .
I wouldn't be surprised at all if we signed him.

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20 Oct 2017 18:01:13
You haven't read down the posts have you.

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20 Oct 2017 18:07:18
He seems to split opinions KG. Personally I think when on form he’s one of the best 10s in the world. A few seasons back he got 20 odd assists and was almost unplayable. I understand the objections to signing him due to his weak mentality and his soft underbelly which makes it all the more surprising we are linked with him. But he was unplayable at times under Jose at real and if he can get him back to that level it will take our team to the next level. I am of the thinking that Ozil has become stale and disinterested at arsenal and needs a new challenge and a kick up the backside to get that fire in his belly back.

I personally would be very happy to see him here and think he would flourish with the formidable platform of matic, pogba and our defence behind him. Couple that with the runs by lukaku, miki, rashford and martial then I think he would be an astute signing. People have mentioned that miki and mata are better are 10 but for me miki goes missing too much. I love the guy and I think he is supremely talented but when he is a passenger then it’s time to rest him and take him out the team. Having Ozil yo rotate will give us the sort of depth city have.

On to mata, again I hope he stays but for me he’s an inverted right winger and he does quite well out there. If Jose wanted him as a ten he would have played him there and he hasn’t. Ozil will know he will have to graft under Jose and he will graft because he knows if he does not then he will warm the bench. Wenger has lost that fear factor and Ozil knows Wenger won’t pull him up on the grafting side of the game. I do think Ozil does get scapegoated in the media due to his lackadaisical berbatov-esque style of play. I think I read somewhere he ran more than Sanchez last year (don’t quote me) .

So to sum up yes I really hope we do sign him if there is anyone to get Ozil to the level we saw a few years ago then it is Jose. A midfield three of matic pogba Ozil with miki able to come in is a mouth watering prospect. And I am sure Ozil will be chomping at the bit to prove the media wrong and also at the possibility of playing in front of a solid midfield and defence.

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20 Oct 2017 18:32:28
He mostly played from the right say madrid can also play from the left so very effective in all 3 positions behind the striker. For the sort of fee being mentioned i think its a no brainer.
We have good numbers and quality in those areas in miki mata jessie rash martial really fighting it out for 3 positions. So if he comes in one of those will have to go and i would suggest that martial or miki are the ones would be most likely to leave next summer.

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20 Oct 2017 19:11:39
Ken your forgetting ibra .
I think he will go next summer .
Talk is lingard could be on the move as well.

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20 Oct 2017 19:37:59
I left lukaku and ibra out as they are a different position i see them purely as strikers.
Yeah jessie is going to have to make a choice. He can play for his club and be around the fringes of the england squad start 20 games probably make 35 appearances a season and be atonund top players earn top money and play against big players in the best stadiums and be a sqiad player like neville o shea or the likes or play 35 games for a mid tier prem club prob earn the same money.
I don't think he will be forced out it will be his choice.

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20 Oct 2017 20:29:15
I don't think anyone will be forced out.

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20 Oct 2017 21:03:55
I like Oezil and due to our lack of midfielders I certainly see him coming to United. We may cut a deal with Arsenal too as they will want some money for him. I think he'd be a good addition and he can play in a few positions. Have to say Mikhitaryan's position would be under threat. His through-balls would be great for Lukaku and Ibra.

Lingard I can see moving on eventually. But he's a useful squad player. I think he's not clinical enough to make him a firm choice each week.

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21 Oct 2017 06:44:22
Ozil has recently bought a house in Ldn so a bit puzzled why would he really want to leave Arsenal. That said he can probably get a higher salary with use due to his cheap transfer fees. No qualms paying him higher if he saves us transfer fees. Whilst I do have a little thrown about him joining us based on his lack of defense capability however he is definitely a good addition in our midfield or even wings. He adds a different dimension to our attack.

We do not then need to sell others if we are planning for a team to take on all fronts in terms of silverwares this and/ or next season. I have every confidence that Jose will know how to motivate Ozil jujutsu like he does Martial, Mikki and currently Lindelof. Unfortunately Shaw is another matter as it need individual passion and hunger which he has not.

So end of story is yes Ozil is good addition IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT 😂😂.

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Premier League Preview Friday 20th October 2017

20 Oct 2017 04:30:00
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Preview Friday 20th October 2017

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20 Oct 2017 00:50:45
Anyone believe these Ozil rumour's? How much do you think we'd have to pay in January if we went in for him?

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20 Oct 2017 07:13:33
Anything below £30mil and I think it could be a decent deal. Cover for #10 position and can play in mid 3. However we do still have Mkhi and Mata for this position. Strength in depth never hurt us, we definitely need it atm with Micky off the boil. I think if we could get him in in the summer on a free and offload Mata it would be the best deal. Seems to have lost his way at arsenal - still a class player imo.

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20 Oct 2017 08:07:22
Everyone has their opinions but I wouldn't swap Mata for Ozil, Mata should get a proper run again.

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20 Oct 2017 08:33:17
Be surprised if Ozil would want to stay in the Prem after getting battered by the media at Arsenal for being perceived as lazy, be under even more scrutiny at United. Top player imo.

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20 Oct 2017 09:00:12
Im with tony. mata every day over ozil.

Now let's bid for sanchez 🤣.

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20 Oct 2017 09:42:25
I'm also with AJH i'd rather keep Mata he genuinely seems to love the club, I'm not a fan of ozil.

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20 Oct 2017 11:21:01
I would take ozil ahead of mkhi all day long, mata though should be given a chance at no 10 before turning to ozil.

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20 Oct 2017 13:08:16
Why is it that under any united management mata hasn’t really played in or nailed down that number 10 role? Rooney in the way, Miki now or isn’t he trusted there or is it because he is trusted more than any other on that right side?

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20 Oct 2017 13:57:45
I don't like Ozil and his attitude. No thank you.

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20 Oct 2017 16:47:16
maybe one for commercial reasons. Mesut Ozil has near 20m followers on twitter,

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20 Oct 2017 21:20:57
Not one that I would be excited about but that doesn't mean he couldn't prove me wrong and either a summer free or January tiny transfer fee could be good business.

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20 Oct 2017 21:21:28
IM7 - I don't think it has anything to do with that mate. Jose likes him and he's going on the cheap. He's also versatile and has that killer final ball. He can play in a three man midfield too. We lack midfielders.

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20 Oct 2017 23:48:21
SchMidfield, I get that he looks like he has a bad attitude but I do think a lot of that is down to his demeanour. Since he arrived the English media have unfairly targeted him. The majority say he's lazy, but he covers more ground than anyone in that team. I'll admit his desire to defend can go missing but you're not signing him for that.

Put him in a Jose team that is well drilled, balanced and solid, wind him up and let him go. He's one of the world's best at what he does and for free. No brainer for me!

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19 Oct 2017 10:48:54
3 wins in a row in the champions league for the first time since Fergie was here, 2 of them away from home, 8 goals scored in the 3 games with 1 conceded and all I can see in the press this morning is how Mourinho is ruining our club. In my mind he must be doing something right to get everybody to hate us again.

We all know the Liverpool performance was a poor one, I think both teams cancelled each other out, he expected klopp to be more pragmatic, he wasn't and even made subs that took away their threat, we move on from that and get another away win in the CL pretty much confirming qualification into round 2 and hopefully as group winners if we don't get hammered in Switzerland.

We are playing without Bailly, Jones, Shaw, Pogba, carrick, Fellaini and Zlatan and possibly now rashford as well. Mkhitaryan has also been poor since Pogba got injured and we are still getting results in tough games and remain unbeaten so very unsure where the negativity is coming from, even Maze hasn't been on here yet so things must be going well so far.

It was nice to see McTominay get a go last night even if it was for a couple of minutes, I really like him as stated in pre season, he always wants the ball and always looks to be positive, fingers crossed he progresses as I like his attitude and how he plays the game.

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19 Oct 2017 12:02:55
Good post GDS, very level headed view of the present.

I enjoy reading the headlines. It reminds me of when fergie was in charge and there were many many negative headlines about this club. But yet we kept on winning.

We, United and Jose will never be perfect, not everyone/ fan will be happy with our performances in certain but there is no doubt that we are on track now and to use a boxing analogy, we will still be punching in the 12th round and will have our hand raised many times, which is what we have craved since fergie left.

Yes, a good player GDS, really hope he progresses and gets the chance to play in a number of games this season.

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19 Oct 2017 14:24:37
GDS2 - It's hard to argue with what you say mate as the cold hard facts indicate we are a force to be reckoned with. My major issue is the same as always - what's the point in having a a glamour model bird if you have to watch her perform way past 10pm on cable tv and she turns up knackered as you leave for work? (loose connection with last on MOTD again and we would be for CLTV)

So much potential, so boring to watch - be nice to enjoy all the kit we have in the locker for once.

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19 Oct 2017 16:02:33
I'm just a bit confused. We started like a train but the last 2 and a half games have been dire. Hanging on for dear life against Southampton with 8 defenders on the pitch, the bore draw at Anfield, and a somewhat underwhelming performance last night. Perhaps this is a short dip, a few aren't playing well at the moment. I think Huddersfield will tell us, we should set up to attack and win.

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19 Oct 2017 16:16:04
Poor game to watch last night, I think we have seen a lot of them games away from home in europe .
Keep a clean sheet do enough to win .
Can be a bit painful to watch .

We scored 8 goals in 2 games before the international break but have looked a bit flat after it.

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19 Oct 2017 16:18:44

Might be a coincidence but the performances have dropped since our best midfielder and link between midfield and attack got injured, fortunately the results haven't, but I can't wait for him to be back, always loved Fellaini.

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19 Oct 2017 16:21:08

We won 4-0 between the Southampton and Liverpool games, I am guessing you missed that out by accident but it does seem like all of the good perfmances are being ignored at the moment for some reason.

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19 Oct 2017 17:02:43
Was that with pogba.

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19 Oct 2017 17:59:49
Read the lampard interview. Bye said jose asked him about 6 times a season to stay in a defencive position and to curtail his runs. He hated doing it but doesn't think about those games when he polishes his medals.
There will be days with negative tactics and days when players simply don't play well but if we had 32 games like the first 7 and 6 like the Liverpool game with the same point return i'd be happy with that.

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19 Oct 2017 22:32:25
Only thing i have hated about this week have been mourinhos comments about PSG. I think he should show a bit more respect to the club than force their hands regarding a new contract.

Dont really mind the performances against liverpool and benfica as you have to dig in and win ugly sometimes this season and mourinho has got us excelling defensively without a regualar left back and to the extent of making phil jones a reliable defensive force this season.

However I still think the club should have a contingency plan in case mourinho implodes next seaon, prefferablly pochettino from spurs in my opinion.

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20 Oct 2017 07:00:28
The Liverpool game was tough to watch but everyone knew how Jose would set up. He set up the right way in my opinion, the players let him down big time in that match. It's not his fault they couldn't string 3 or 4 passes together. And even with playing so poor we were never in any danger of losing that game.

It was the two week international break and the fact everyone was saying "yous haven't played anyone decent yet" which made everyone overreact to the performance. There were more articles about Jose ruining football and how he's the anti-christ by getting a point at anfield then there was about Arsenal and Chelsea both losing!

As for the game last night. A 1-0 away win in Europe is always welcomed regardless of the laboured performance. If you look at the season as a whole, we're in good stead.

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20 Oct 2017 06:32:57
GDS, I have enjoyed many of our games and we have created a lot of chances. I just struggle to see how we can go from being so damn good to so average so quickly. As I said previously there were some very odd results and performances after the international break and as is always the case on here, it is is to take a very short term view, i. e. the last game only.

I'm just still not convinced about Jose. I guess for me it's a bit like Rooney, I just didn't like the bloke and try as I might, I can't warm to Jose. Apparently he's warm, compassionate and lovely in private but hid public persona and comments are bloody annoying.

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20 Oct 2017 08:08:07
And I'm not sure we can count Shaw as a loss right now.

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Midfielders - Part 2

19 Oct 2017 05:54:21
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Midfielders - Part 2

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19 Oct 2017 08:55:55
Thanks for very good and informative article Ed, Matic, Pogba and Sergej Milonkivic would form a complete and balanced midfielders if played in the same team?

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{Ed001's Note - should do yes.}

19 Oct 2017 09:11:14

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

19 Oct 2017 09:31:21
Good post ED001. Thought you might have mentioned Roy Keane ;) .

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{Ed001's Note - ah now you have done it, when Ed007 reads this he will need an hour off to recover and change his underwear. The mere mention of the names Roy and Keane together in a sentence is enough to overexcite him.}

19 Oct 2017 13:21:30
Haha ED001 Xmas has come early for ED007. Imagine if Celtic had won last night. He might have reached enlightenment.

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{Ed001's Note - he would have done that with just a draw mate.}

19 Oct 2017 22:51:01
What type of midfielder do you think pogba is ed001?, he seems to have all the attributes to be a complete box to box midfielder but he seems lack the desire to bust a gut and get in the box and can negate his defensive duties which was a probelem last season when he was paired with ander herrera.

Thanks for any response.

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{Ed007's Note - Well he's no Roy Keane! ;)

19 Oct 2017 22:51:01
What type of midfielder do you think pogba is ed001?, he seems to have all the attributes to be a complete box to box midfielder but he seems lack the desire to bust a gut and get in the box and can negate his defensive duties which was a probelem last season when he was paired with ander herrera.

Thanks for any response.

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{Ed001's Note - he should be the complete central midfielder, but he has a lot of work to do to prove himself. Potentially he is the best in the world, but he is too laidback, however he does do more than it appears due to his running style making him look like he is not trying even when he is. His movement is languid, it looks lazy but I am not sure it is.}

20 Oct 2017 00:30:25
Great read. I am surprised that lampard was not mentioned for me he is the best box to box midfielder since bryan robson. Unbelievably consistent goal return season after season and never found wanting in defence. intelligent guy too the timing of his runs sets him apart from any other box to box midfielder for years imo.

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{Ed001's Note - it is because of that, he is such an obvious example and I was trying to be clever. Or it could just be that I was writing it and had one of those moments where the name I was searching for was just out of reach and I couldn't think of it. I will let you decide whether I chose not to use him as an example or just couldn't think of his damn name!}

20 Oct 2017 13:04:24
Not a criticism ed. there are always players that come to mind after the event i'm sure. you know my views keep the articles coming👍🏼.

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{Ed001's Note - I know mate don't worry, though when you said him I did think I was an idiot for forgetting him as an example as I based most of what I was saying on him as the ultimate example! It was only when I was typing it up properly that I forget to include him. I am using the excuse that I was in a rush for that, as the electricity was about to go off for a couple of hours while maintenance was done so I knew I was about to have no net for a bit and wanted to make sure there was something new there to read.}

20 Oct 2017 17:29:12
Top stuff 001. old age does that mate you don't need to worry till you go to the shops and can't remember how to get home or where you live😂.

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{Ed001's Note - I probably should have started worrying about 20 years ago on that basis. I can't even remember what I walked into a room for.}

19 Oct 2017 01:28:08
To use a famous quote "i come in peace! "-not a red but i thought i'd share something which has been nagging at me and finally dawned on me after watching the spuds v. el cid, it might just be me but do any of you think pochettino has a touch of the 'fergies' about him (not looks or diplomacy obviously! ), but the brand of football he plays?

the way he gets the players engaged for the club, the way he deals with players who throw a strop (danny rose springs to mind), how he's able to get that extra 10% or more from players who don't always show signs of being better class, attracting players to a club that don't pay top whack and works with the youth to bring them through, just like fergie did.

he also works within a budget and doesn't spit the dummy, just cracks on, i know you've got mourinho, but honestly, wouldn't you rather have gone to the scouse sludge and at least given it a go, like 2 boxers in the final round, that's what fergie did as i remember, if he lost, fair enough, but at least the fans went home with pride.

i know jose is a pragmatist, but for me, pochettino really does remind me of the way fergie used to go about his business, keep trying till the last whistle, players come and go, but great managers come along maybe once or twice in a generation.

i think pochettino is just that, and he'd suit your club and style of football you fans want and demand, so for me, i'd nab him before someone else does, and if levy demanded pogba or lukaku, or both, i'd snap his hand off, no i'm not mad, but seriously, pochettino would be worth every penny, how long will mourinho stay?

4 years is the average, and as i'm sure you've read, he says united won't be his last club, while previously stating he want to stay at united for years and years, yet teasing psg in an interview with a french paper, maybe its a way of getting the contract he wants, but i'd say this, there is no way any club can afford to keep buying players who cost 75 million + each season, and wanting more than 1 in that price band (unless you go to work on a camel).

so a manager who promotes youth, sees a player who plays okay, but can be turned into an international (trippier springs to mind), amongst others, i'd say is worth way more long term than a mourinho type of manager, so there you go; maybe you think i'm talking tosh, and that's cool, but honestly, pochettino i think is your next fergie, right then, back in my box!

Agree2 1Disagree

19 Oct 2017 03:09:34
I'm not quite sure why you think we can't keep up with this level of spending, the financial results of the club are published regularly and the club is constantly one of the richest in the world.

Poch is a good managed. Fergy had great success with Aberdeen before coming down to Man Utd. Poch has done very well at Tottenham, for me he is running out of time to win something with this squad though. Maybe this year will be his year? (Now where have we heard that before 🤔)

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19 Oct 2017 14:30:32
Really rate Poch, wanted him after Moyes, definitely after LVG but I think Jose is here for a while yet.

Poch has his teams play tight but with bags of energy and no fear. Major criticism I have is our players look scared to commit going forward and we are too defensive for our stature and quality.

I think he will be our next manager.

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19 Oct 2017 15:11:15
I 2nd that. I think poch will be manager after Mourinho.

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19 Oct 2017 18:04:52
If he fails to win anything again this season with the players at his disposal the team will lose some of its best players. He has to start winning silverware. Personally i hope spurs do win something. I like him and i like the way he has spurs playing but I also think he will be barcelona or Madrids next manager if he does get spurs winning.

Agree1 0Disagree

19 Oct 2017 22:55:00
i hope pochettino becomes our next manager when mourinho calls it a day. The likes of TFM, tuanzebe, lingard, rashford and martial would definitely excel under his management.

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18 Oct 2017 21:42:47
Class from Lukaku at the final whistle towards the young Benfica keeper.

Agree8 1Disagree

18 Oct 2017 22:09:50
Scholes: "it was the closest Lukaku got to him all night". Classic 😁.

Agree12 2Disagree

18 Oct 2017 21:27:44
Anyone want to see Mata given a run at 10? I like Miki but he seems to just have flashes of brilliance. Opinions welcome.

Mr A.

Agree2 1Disagree

18 Oct 2017 21:49:31
Yep completely agree with you.

Agree0 1Disagree

18 Oct 2017 21:55:26
Me, with Rashford and Martial either side to stretch them.

Agree1 0Disagree

18 Oct 2017 22:20:32
Miki was very poor again tonight, can't wait to get pogba back in the side.

Agree1 1Disagree

19 Oct 2017 00:52:26
Miki is a class player he needs confidence backing from all of us and the freedom to play his game.

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19 Oct 2017 04:24:51
Sorry hedonred but he has been anything but class, his assists and few goals were papering over the cracks now that those have gone down his performances are seen as what they actually are, rubbish.

Agree1 3Disagree

19 Oct 2017 09:14:54
Dortmund suited miki style all out attack.

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19 Oct 2017 12:42:42
He reminds me of a young attacking player. Has pace and ability when he wants to, yet is just so wasteful and inconsistent when it comes to end product. When you realise he's 28, it's worrying.

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18 Oct 2017 20:32:30
Miki's having a nightmare.

Agree0 1Disagree

18 Oct 2017 20:46:41
Yes I think he's due a rest. He's looking very out of sorts at the moment. He will get his rest when players return from injury. Such a good player and wouldn't be surprised if he gets a goal, but he is struggling at the moment.

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19 Oct 2017 00:01:11
A rest? It’s only October. A kick up the backside is needed.

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