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22 Nov 2017 19:44:33
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22 Nov 2017 09:07:15
Reading the every reliable MEN paper, there is a story about Real Madrid doing a big clear out this summer of 10 players. The usual lazy link of Bale to United is then made. I am not sure I want Bale at United, but that is not why I am here.

Another player linked with the exit is Modric. This one caught my attention. He would be turning 33 at the start of next season, but as a squad option, would people consider him?

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22 Nov 2017 10:24:42
Ed002 have provided good insight on Madrid rumours page, they will be big changes there, Hoping De gea doesn't end there.

Wouldnt take Modric due to age but is a very good player. We need to build for the future, there are good talents out there we should target.

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22 Nov 2017 10:27:23
Wouldn’t touch bale reddub as his injuries have caught up with him. On form he’s up there with the best but he has missed something like 60 out of the last 80 games.

I saw the Modric link. Absolutely love him think he is such a classy player and always wanted him to replace Scholes when he was at spurs. I would definitely take him but he has not been great this season. Either way he would be that player that gets on the ball i'm midfield and calms the team down and sets the tempo of the team. We massively lack someone who can do that in the big games away from home.

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22 Nov 2017 10:43:13
Well Modric would be a much better option than fabregas. Would be a great alternative and option for us if we are unable to get our 1st choice Savic.

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22 Nov 2017 11:51:20
I would take modric 100% he is still more than caable to ply his trade in the prem. Very good short term option.

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22 Nov 2017 14:15:06
We need to follow the city model which used to be our model. No point buying older players as every season you have to rebuild. We need to have top quality youngsters ie 18 to 24 who will bond grow and mature together through shared experience. The key is buying or bringing through top quality. If Madrid are getting rid of so many players it would be stupid to buy their oldest ones.

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22 Nov 2017 19:38:31
We would be buying Modric whilst City integrate a young dynamic Foden, doesn’t work for me. We have cried out for pace and power so when Madrid struggle with an ageing Modric some think it is a good option. Too old now, move on.

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21 Nov 2017 22:53:10
Anyone seen mighty reds?

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21 Nov 2017 23:33:21
He went out to Spain to ask Sevilla did they want to take Moreno back free of charge.

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21 Nov 2017 23:52:37
Haha leahy brill.

My money is on they say no!

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21 Nov 2017 23:55:56
I was going to post on the scouse page just asking the same question but i don't want a barage of abuse from them all when its only mighty white i'm after 🤣.

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22 Nov 2017 01:29:47
EZRS you shouldn’t worry. You won’t get abused as I’ve been told supporters should play fair. I got yellow carded for tackle on Mighty Reds 🤣.
But yes I wonder where fair Mighty Reds is?

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22 Nov 2017 10:05:52
There's no need to abuse or even use the word. A bit of banter is fine,
We are all big enough to take and give a bit of banter without getting personal with anyone.

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21 Nov 2017 21:38:11
Ahem. Liverpool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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21 Nov 2017 22:20:09
kliperty i have sorted out our leaky defense ha ha.

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22 Nov 2017 06:16:04
He has! Leaks better than ever especially under pressure.

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21 Nov 2017 13:26:48
Finally caught up with the Sharkopod, very interesting. Sounds like we have a number of targets for all positions so circumstances will dictate which ones arrive and which ones don’t.

Loved the observation on Fàbregas “if you lose the ball he isn’t going to be running back, if he does run back he is to going to catch anyone”. Ouch.

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21 Nov 2017 16:13:11
Yeah not a player i'd want us to be in for to be honest. i'd far rather have the guy from Lazio.

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21 Nov 2017 13:26:18
Thought you might like this Leahy, though it is a bit after your time ;-)

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21 Nov 2017 13:43:17
Very interesting Ed, never heard that before, the pele pact, I'd say he could play football with a pair of slip on shoes.
It was like scholes when he came out of retirement he went and bought a 30 pound pair of boots in his local sports shop and had something like 99% pass rate against city his first game back.

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{Ed001's Note - I don't think any good player really needs expensive shoes really. Though I do know Stylo are still making shoes, sod the Pumas, Stylo are still black!}

21 Nov 2017 16:33:23
Now ed Steven Gerrard could have done with a pair of them a few years ago. There's a good grip on them, lol.

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{Ed001's Note - oooooo harsh but true!}

22 Nov 2017 00:40:06
Ouch leahy 😁.

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20 Nov 2017 23:37:22
Just wanted to give a shout out to Darren Fletcher. When you think of the illness that he had, I think a lot of people thought he would quietly fade away after leaving Utd. But 100 consecutive Premier League appearances since he left, is an amazing achievement. Also became the Scotsman with the most appearances in the EPL, tonight. Incredible determination on his part, and a fantastic achievement.

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21 Nov 2017 00:39:59
Well said Noucamp.

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21 Nov 2017 00:43:46
Absolutely mate!

Brilliant player for us and obvious warrior on and off the pitch.

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20 Nov 2017 23:33:30
Top of the table clash in my dream team this week.

£8m to spend on a midfielder.

Martial or Pogba?

If Martial plays, he'll obviously be playing in an attacking role, and yet he's listed as a midfielder, so obvious chance for points. But it's a big if. Pogba pretty much guaranteed to start, but not so much of a goal threat.

Any help would be appreciated.

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21 Nov 2017 07:52:26
Well there’s no guarantee that Martial will set so I’d stay with a Pogba who is also handy with goals.

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21 Nov 2017 19:31:56
Pogba mate. Martial is a bigger gamble. Pogba shoots more than a porn star, Martial gets dragged off as well if he does start.

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21 Nov 2017 20:28:26
Yeah, think Pogba's the safer choice. Of course, it's now guaranteed Martial will get a hat trick.

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20 Nov 2017 17:29:48
Hey ed002,thanks for the great sharkopad as always 👍
You mentioned a couple of times that mourinho may go in the summer, do you think this could happen and who would be the possible candidates to replace him IF he did go? thanks 👍.

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{Ed002's Note - That is why I said "may". As I said before, I don't want to getting in to what the options will be just yet.}

20 Nov 2017 17:47:23
Pochettino would be the fans pick. Getting him from Spurs may prove tricky. Can't see this getting addressed until the summer anyway.

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20 Nov 2017 20:16:08

I like Pochettino, plays some nice football however, he hasn’t won anything and seems to struggle to win the vital games when It really matters.

Some fans will want him but not all, for me he still has to show what Jose has loads of, being a winner.

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20 Nov 2017 21:48:28
Well said Red Man 👍.

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20 Nov 2017 22:00:57
Either the young talented chap up at Celtic if we want British or if we go foreign then the skilled tactician up in Newcastle.

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20 Nov 2017 22:22:48
Or keep Jose who is better than all of them.

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20 Nov 2017 22:28:50
I don't really think of recruitments until the windows itself or end of the season. I don't have preference on either manager. As long as the results and the performances are coming. I don't take too much notice.

Im sure Mourinho will stay. He just using the "PSG link" to increase his say within the club as most successful managers do and probably earn himself a better contract. Can't blame him. He did win trophies last season.

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20 Nov 2017 22:54:59
Jose going nowhere imo.

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20 Nov 2017 22:59:37
As it stands -for me its jose all the way for me.

Poch is a good shout but maybe in 12 months time.

Anf i'd hate benitez at UTD.

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21 Nov 2017 11:04:23
Jose will go if he doesn't get what he wants I believe but I'm sure there will be some sort of compromise. I hope that is the case because I'd like to see Jose continue to build what he has started. No good looking at another manager now, we really need stability.

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21 Nov 2017 12:40:41
People obviously need to retune their sarcasm filters.

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21 Nov 2017 23:12:22
Oh. 🙂 retuning is done.

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20 Nov 2017 16:49:01
Ed001, great article on pele.
What a player the reason football became famous was because of pele.
I remember watching the film escape to victory and myself and my mates playing football out in the road breaking our backs of the concrete trying to do bicycle kicks. I still have a hard back after it.

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{Ed001's Note - hahahaha I remember hurting myself a few times trying to do those, but not because of Escape to Victory or Pele, as I am obviously not as old as you, as they were both before my time. Have to admit, shamefully I have never seen Escape to Victory!}

20 Nov 2017 17:18:27
Ed a film you should watch, ed I thought you were around the same age as myself.

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{Ed001's Note - I have no idea how old you are but it seems I am much much younger. Someone around here has to be young and pretty....}

20 Nov 2017 18:34:14
Is that not Bond's job, Ed007?

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{Ed001's Note - he is old and decrepit mate, he has never been young or pretty. He is like Benjamin Button, except he was born old and is getting older.}

20 Nov 2017 19:01:02
Ed just out of interest do you write for any newspapers or internet blogs as you are fairly good at it.

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{Ed001's Note - only for these sites and for the youtube channel linked in the articles sometimes. I don't have the qualifications to get a job writing for newspapers etc, as I was told once many years ago when I was recommended to a newspaper. They got me in for an interview (long before the sites were actually anything more than a hobby) on the back of what I wrote on the original site, but were no longer interested once they saw I had no qualifications.}

20 Nov 2017 20:16:57
Ed I worked in buildings, plastering, block laying and I see blokes coming on with qualifications and they wouldn't build a house with Lego, then you see the boys with no qualifications but plenty of experience now there the boys that can build.
My old fella was a tree surgeon and I got in to the chainsaw work about 7 or 8 years ago and I've seen fellas with qualifications nearly killing themselves knocking trees.
I just can bare these fellas with qualifications who wouldn't work to warm themselves. Rant over.

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{Ed001's Note - you are preaching to the converted mate, natural aptitude will always be more important than qualifications, though I wish the coaching fraternity would remember that. Far too many coaches with lots of badges but no idea about the game.}

20 Nov 2017 21:02:48
Yes ed I've seen that also. can't beat experience. same with some players ed they are over coached, they don't play with freedom and natural instinct.

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{Ed001's Note - very much so, they don't get to play in the streets like we used to, sadly. That is why indoor versions, such as futsal are so important for players to develop flair.}

20 Nov 2017 23:05:05
I remember seeing an article about the England set-up at St George's, and the overwhelming sense was one of bright, young, wet-behind-the-ears teachers and analysts walking round with clipboards. When you think of the experience amongst recent ex-England players going to waste.

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20 Nov 2017 23:32:49
Have the England under aged teams not going through their best ever ruin of results ever winning euro and world cups. Someone is doing something right with these elite players.

Its thre rough diamonds that don't get access to the elite coaches and facilities and education that are suffering.

The elite underage coaching is fine all belie that is a mess and Tyne fa need to sort it in order to become a superpower art international level again. Too many youngsters getting too much too soon and never fulfilling the potential they had as teenagers.

I have no idea what The answer is but premier league clubs are not bringing through enough English youngsters.

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20 Nov 2017 23:46:19
99 there's a lot of them blokes around and they can't even kick a ball. Get the scholes the Gerrards. lampards coaching, people will sit back and listen to them boys.

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21 Nov 2017 14:57:04
Or roy Keane. because that's gone well unless you support Ipswich Sunderland or Ireland.
The best players don't always make the best coaches in fact they seldom do.
And not too many retiring epl players want to coach for 25k per annum at an acadamy or for free at grass roots.

The whole system needs updating in the UK from grass roots right through to the epl, that is of course unless everybody in Spain Holland Germany italy and France has it wrong and all those world cup and euro wins were flukes.

At grass roots level I've seen referees parents and coaches come to blows and have arguments at u12 age group. I mean they don't even play competitive football in Spain or Germany or Holland at that age.

But as I said perhaps they all have it wrong!

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{Ed001's Note - a lot of the problems stem from the ridiculous cost of getting badges meaning you only get people doing it who see it as a career. The enthusiastic amateur simply cannot afford to do them and so you end up with a bunch at the bottom end coaching kids with a chip on their shoulder as they think they should be coaching Premier League teams.}

21 Nov 2017 16:15:33
Its a good film though. Forget the ropey acting its just entertainment.

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{Ed001's Note - I will have to watch it one day when I have some spare time.}

21 Nov 2017 16:25:21
That is one off the issues ed but the structure of underage football is all wrong couple that with the pressure put on under 8 div z to win its not conducive to developing player skills.

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{Ed001's Note - very true, but again part of that is down to the coaches wanting to show how good they are to get promoted up the chain. Youth coaching should be seen as the highest level, it is the most important time and when a coach can have the most impact on a player's development, if they are good.}

20 Nov 2017 13:41:09
I'm not sure what other people's opinion is and although I'd like United to endeavour to catch City, I am happy with second place! To go from 6th last year to 2nd this year is fine with me! Build from there and go again next year I say.

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20 Nov 2017 13:52:32
I’m sorry Luke but I can’t disagree with this more! We should NEVER settle for second best. We are Manchester United. Winning is in our DNA and once we start to settle for second best then we lose what makes us so special. I feel we have lost some of our soul since Fergie has left but I think slowly Jose is bringing it back.

I get what you mean that going from 6th to 2nd is decent but it isn’t for us. Maybe for spurs and Liverpool it is but we should always being aiming for first. Anything less is failure in my eyes. I think with our full team and pogba pulling the strings we have a decent side. I think we should enjoy chasing city down as we used to back in the day under Fergie. This is a crucial Xmas period and we need to build up a head of steam. Bring on city in 3 weeks time!

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20 Nov 2017 16:44:25
Luke, are you really happy with 2nd place? We're Manchester United for God's sake. We can't be happy with 2nd. We need to win the league pretty soon and I've got to say, I can't see City slipping up. I think the league will more or less be over by February. They have a strong defence despite what deluded people think. They also have an incredibly talented midfield and attack.
We have Brighton followed by Watford and Arsenal and I can't see us getting more than 4 points out of these three games.
Our team looks totally unbalanced. Two wingers playing at full backs. Two strikers playing as wingers. Two centre backs who frankly speaking are not United quality (smalling and Lindelof) . Lots of work needed and lots of money and intelligence has to go into our next purchases.
So I'm not happy we're 2nd but we won't be anywhere near City come the end of season.

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20 Nov 2017 17:08:47
In an ideal world of cpurse we want to be first in the league - that's who we r!

But to put a bit of persepctive on the postion we finish in -

What IF we finish 2nd in the league but our points and goal tally is enough that we would have actually won the league with the same amount over the last few yrs. Meaning city win it breaking a ptem reord for points.

I wouldn't be happy to lose and come 2nd but it would show a massive improvemnt.

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20 Nov 2017 18:12:39
Why do we think we should be 1st just becuase we are man utd. the past means absolutely nothing people need to stop living the FERGIE dream.

Times have changed football has changed.

You live in the present and work hard and fight.

Being 1st is earnt not demanded becuase of past accolades.

I can see where he's coming from saying "happy with 2nd" becuase I think a lot of us would be happy with 2nd.

That's not saying WERE not aiming for first. I don't think you go into a season aiming for anything less than first. But just becuase of who the club is you can t just expect to be first. That's is given through being earnt.

We have played 12 games and already people are slating the team and the manager

We will be blaming the nets and the pitch soon.

Yes there's things that can be improved on but there's a reason why we're just fans.

We're far better improved than last season and even more so than the season before. Let's judge the team at the end of the season.

AAA - you say from our next 3 games we won't get more than 4 points what's that based on?

We're having our best season since we last won it. Scoring goals for fun and playing attacking football.

We've had 2 losses and the majority have gone into absolute meltdown.

If city were not doing as good as they are. the MAJORITY would be quite happy.

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20 Nov 2017 18:29:32
Some have interpreted my comment as it was intended, others have not. I just feel that next summer if we have finished second that upon reflection I’d be completely ok with that. It would demonstrate a lot of improvement and the best season since Fergie left with reference to the league, and to me that’s ok! The cliche Rome wasn’t built in a day seems relevant here, I’d obviously have higher expectations next season but after taking several steps in the wrong direction in the last few years I’d be happy that we’re actually heading in the right direction again! I always hope United won the league of course I do but as some posters have mentioned there’s still areas of the team that need some work.

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20 Nov 2017 18:29:58
We should never aim anything less than winning the league every season. We don't want to become complacent like Arsenal. Way to early yet to be settling for places. If we get to the end of the season and end up finishing 2nd. I don't think it be the end of the world. I do expect though to compete for every competition until we realistically can't anymore.

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20 Nov 2017 20:39:02
I think we are far more competative now since Jose took over.

And last year proved are capable of winning trophies

Alot of the more experienced players have gone.

We are still in a transition and we are making positive steps

He may be annoying with the way he acts somtimes but he gets the job done and is a top class manager.

There's more than 1 trophy up for grabs and were far from out the race yet.

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21 Nov 2017 00:08:50
Can't work out if you are serious or not 😂.

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