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21 Oct 2018 04:30:52
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20 Oct 2018 19:10:49
Pride and Passion is back, the team is together and looks like they are playing for Jose. Let's keep it going, if these displays continue we will be moving up the table very quickly.

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20 Oct 2018 20:04:56
Nice to see that, players looked 'together', need to start on the front foot from now on though.

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20 Oct 2018 20:25:54
90 minutes against juve and a win is certain at home not just 45.

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20 Oct 2018 22:36:26
Just imagine if we had of signed a decent centre back. We wouldn’t be shipping as many goals and today would of probably been a win.

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20 Oct 2018 23:13:44
Alderwireld maybe?

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20 Oct 2018 23:28:45
Almost as if Jose knows what he’s doing and knows what he needs. 👀.

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21 Oct 2018 03:47:07
Almost. Martial has More goals than any Utd player since his debut, he would probably have a few more if he as a regular.

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{Ed001's Note - I wonder how many centre backs Jose needs to sign before he finds one considered decent?

As for Martial, he is not a good winger, put him up front where he belongs as Lukaku is like a bumper in pinball. He doesn't control the ball, it hits him and bounces off with no one knowing where or how far it will go. Especially him.}

20 Oct 2018 15:57:18
Hi Ed's.

With all the recent links with Nathan Ake what are your opionions of him? Any chance of a player profile? With Mou having him at Chelsea he knows what he is capable of but if I remember correctly before moving to Bournemouth he was seen as more of a holding midfielder?

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{Ed001's Note - I have added him to the list for player profiles. He played a few different positions because he was not seen as good enough defensively to trust in the centre back role initially.}

20 Oct 2018 17:02:00
Thanks for the reply.

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20 Oct 2018 18:58:02
Ed1 I don't think there's a pp on Umtiti. Could you do one on him. And also Nikola Milenkovic since we have an interest in him.


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{Ed001's Note - added both for you mate.}

20 Oct 2018 20:22:15
Ed001, how do you rate Ake?

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{Ed001's Note - for Ake I use a sliding scale which goes from zero degrees Kelvin to 7 Troy weights....depending on how his hair do is measuring up on the day.}

21 Oct 2018 03:29:40
Thanks Ed.

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate. Nice to have a couple of new players to watch closely. I don't remember having seen Milenkovic play to be honest, so it will be interesting to see what he is like.}

20 Oct 2018 15:01:00
Shaw and martial excellent today.

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20 Oct 2018 15:40:15
They were pal. Ones signed on hopefully the other follows.

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20 Oct 2018 15:59:57
Mata was good aswell. Would people droo Lukaku and play sanchez.
Attimes Lukaku is like a donkey. Slow to turn, but on the other hand at least he has scored wel for us.

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20 Oct 2018 16:32:21
I think the way we were pressing from the front today suits an interchangeable front 3 of martial, Sanchez rashford. With mata and pogba linking and playing balls through to that fluid front three could be extremely effective. Lukaku just looks woefully out of form, but worse he looks disinterested. Sanchez deserves an opportunity at cf. we showed today that we can be a very good side. But the energy levels and work rate must be higher.

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20 Oct 2018 17:06:32
I though pogba had a good game second half as well, not great defensively but brave enough to get on the ball .

Martial is like Shaw just needs games imo gets a lot of stick on here but he really is a talented lad .
Was playing his best football when we bought Sanchez and dropped him .

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20 Oct 2018 17:16:07
The martial goals were so like his first season. Deadly. He placed the ball in exactly the corners. He was very very clinical.

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20 Oct 2018 17:16:26
Very good game from Martial, Shaw and Mata today.

I hope these guys carry on from here and let these players play together for a few games.

Lukaku does look out of touch but i would still play with him for now as he is close to scoring a goal very soon.

Really shame about the assitant incident with Mourinho and it will most likely make Mouinho look bad in the press even though it was the Sarris assistant's fault.

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20 Oct 2018 17:27:31
Mad Hatter- I would play rashford through the middle dropping RL and try sanchez on the right. If sanchez doesn't work out mata or linguard but RL is playing like emile heskey . loss of confidence but only in a utd shirt?

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{Ed025's Note - maybe he has juve on his mind cooky?...if he goes les dennis would say...i will give you the money myself..

20 Oct 2018 17:44:17
Agreed jred. I'm so happy to see them playing to their potential.

The interreaction between jose and marital when being subbed was nice to see too.

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20 Oct 2018 17:45:11
And you would play Rashford? A bigger donkey. That guy is a waste of footballing space.

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20 Oct 2018 17:51:51
How'd you do in your professional footballing career united addict?

Score many goals against Spain?

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20 Oct 2018 18:04:43
I dunno about anyone else but I came away from today gutted that we drew and I would have ripped your arm off for that before the game.

2nd half we were brave and played very well I personally think Chelsea have been the best team in the league this season with the best player and we went toe to toe and should have won.

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20 Oct 2018 18:21:25
Agreed deano.

Gutted in the moment but happy overall. The players need to build up their confidence. After today Jose will be ram it home that we are more than capable.

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20 Oct 2018 18:25:57
Park - I agree although I thought Lukaku looked better in the second half! I'm not convinced about Rashford on the right either.

I think Martial and Rashford should continue to push each other on the left. I'd give Sanchez a chance up front as I don't think Lukaku is offering us that much at the moment. I think Mata deserves a chance at 10. Can't help thinking we might have wasted a very good player in that position over the years. We've got Lingard that can play at 10 as well. I think we're weak on the right and can't see an obvious solution maybe Pereira or even Chong!

Jred - I agree about Pogba mate. He's brave and courageous on the ball I think we just have to accept that he can fall asleep defensively at times and hope he influences the game enough to cover for his lapses in concentration.

I don't think anyone was expecting us to line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation today. I think it was so Mata could stop Jorginho influencing the game and playing a third deeper midfielder would have give him too much time and space.

Moving forward maybe we should revert to that formation. Thinking back to the start of last season it was a Matic-Pogba axis in midfield with Martial and Rashford pushing each other from the left which had us playing the best football under Jose. The wheels fell off when Pogba got injured and we had a few bad results including City beating us at home. Some consistency in team selection and formation might just help us build some momentum on the back of two very good second half performances. It's going to take a monumental effort just to get into the top 4 and clinging on today would have been a great start. I guess all we can do now is hope for a run of good results and ask some questions of the teams above us!

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20 Oct 2018 18:53:25
Yeah Angelred, that one game covers up for more than 3 years of hopelessness. grow up and speak facts not emotions. no matter what you will say, Rashford isn't and will not be a Manchester United level player for me.

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20 Oct 2018 19:22:30
We look a better team in 4231 always think we look flat 433.
Sanchez? Really he has been awful since we signed him.

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20 Oct 2018 20:10:32
Jred - I agree re 4-2-3-1 and in relation to Sanchez I think he might just give us more mobility and guile up front! Yes he's been very disappointing so far but he looked so sharp playing up front in pre season and perhaps more importantly forged an almost telephonic understanding with Mata. In fact the only good thing about pre season was those two!

If we play 4-2-3-1 and give Mata a chance at 10 we might just stumble onto something really good. Lukaku's had a dip in form, he's not giving us much at the moment so why not give it a try?! If Sanchez is poor bring him off and it might just jolt Lukaku back into action.

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20 Oct 2018 21:00:26
Lukaku has been excellent for Belgium.
And has scored more goals for United this season than Sanchez has since he signed .
Lukaku has had a poor couple of games, Sanchez a poor 8 month .

Don't get the love in with big names, Sanchez has been massively detrimental to martial and Rasford . Martial in particular.

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20 Oct 2018 21:05:45
He's been there a few seasons now united addict and scored a good few goals so he's doing alright for 'not a united level player' 😂.

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20 Oct 2018 23:27:59
United addict seems to have another addiction. Needs to phone Frank.

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20 Oct 2018 14:58:53
Im sorry but that is absolute bull, 6 mins of added time? That is ridiculous, Jose will get annihilated for that scuffle though it wasn't his fault. Players played really really well today but Pogba for the first goal was anonymous, then for Barkley's equaliser he's literally standing there like a statue.

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20 Oct 2018 15:53:26
Never he s fault he been winding people up for years.

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20 Oct 2018 16:33:03
What's the past got to do with what actually happened today mate?

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20 Oct 2018 16:43:16
Think it was mostly for the Rashford time wasting late on.

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20 Oct 2018 17:01:28
Yh but 6 mins Sepp?

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20 Oct 2018 20:22:35
The past have everything to do with it he dishes it out but can't take it.

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20 Oct 2018 20:29:49
Can't remember him screaming in front of another manager's face Roy mate.

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20 Oct 2018 14:52:57
Lukaku is truly awful, he gets the goals but we won't be winning the league anytime soon with him leading the line. Poor movement and touch that makes emile heskey look like Messi.

Good game, bitter at the last minute goal but that's football I guess.

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20 Oct 2018 15:21:16
Who you going to single out next week with your witty anecdotes? Slating players of a team you supposedly support and trying to come up with creative ways on how to ridicule them (are you sure your not a Liverpool supporter from your previous posts) is what grips my *h** about some people. The emphasis on particular players on this site over the years has been embarrassing. If you talk about it to people/ friends with knowledge of football then it seems to be different but once people have access to a keyboard it seems to change amongst some. This is covered under the big umbrella term wheeled out by Ed002 as "Toxic".

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20 Oct 2018 15:42:33
Lukaku was poor though. Or aren't we allowed to say when players under perform. I'd like to see him dropped an Sanchez played through the middle. We need a back up striker or a first choice right winger an give rashford minutes up front. Lukakus played every minute of the recent games he needs a rest.

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20 Oct 2018 15:54:05
Although Lukaku does have a terrible touch and poor movement, and is not a top CF. That is the truth.

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20 Oct 2018 15:55:47
So everything is fine and no one should have an opinion.

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20 Oct 2018 17:39:16
That's not what was said. I'm sure you'd be fine if Lukaku knocked on your front door and likened your misses to having a face like a plumbers tool bag. Is that everyone entitled to an opinion? My bet is that Lukaku will now be added to the long list of vilified players over the year. It's getting boring now.

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20 Oct 2018 17:45:07
And where has irishroy come from? 2 posts ever? Only today? Oh dear.

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20 Oct 2018 17:45:26
Lukaku is a very good player. Dip in form, confidence seems an issue.

Won't last long.

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20 Oct 2018 18:06:41
How's about you get behind your players when they are having a tough time? I can't believe some of our "fans" atm.

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20 Oct 2018 18:32:56
Supasub, how dare you be so rude. ROY KEANE joins us and you have a go at him. IRISH, you are Keane aren't you, please say its true?

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20 Oct 2018 20:06:37
When we need him the most, Lukaku goes into hiding. A few goals up against a team from the lower half and you can bet on him scoring, not good enough tbh, though i hope it works out for him here.

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20 Oct 2018 14:44:48
There's life in Maureen just yet. Great to see that fire in the belly and a good point at the Bridge!

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20 Oct 2018 14:53:11
Feels like a loss.

Once again we can't concentrate and concede to many goals.

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20 Oct 2018 15:25:43
That is not a good point when your a goal ahead in the final minute of injury time and you leave their best header of the ball totally unmarked at the back post when your clinging onto the coat tails of everybody else for dear life.

I fully expect us to be 7 points behind the top 4 after the weekend and we're not even in November yet!

Taken out of context a draw might look good but after terrible away defeats to Brighton and West Ham we simply had to hold on for the win today!

More amateurish defending in the final minute it wasn't even a surprise. But hey I suppose a point is ok if we want to stay ahead of Wolves and Watford I don't expect them to get anything at the Bridge!

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20 Oct 2018 15:44:17
Sorry my last post is vitriol nonsense nothing more than hot air born out of frustration! I'm just fuming with that last minute equaliser and it's probable consequences in such a vital game! Hang on for another 60 seconds and our season looks so much brighter. I'm even giving myself the thumbs down 👎.

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20 Oct 2018 15:59:20
Two shocking goals to concede.

People are forever saying they don't mind losing as long as we play well and have a go. Well done Jose for going to the bridge with an attacking lineup and having a go.

We have to get some consistency with this team, let them learn to play well together.

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20 Oct 2018 16:31:19
Great result after a frustrating first half, but we put up a fight in the second half when I thought we would roll over. Even better as we seem to play with 10 men with Pogba on the pitch. Great to see us go toe to toe with a rival and come out with something positive. Shaw MOTM for me, Martial was very good second half, Young, Smalling and Lindelof did well too.

If only Harrera had taken that chance. Worth mentioning there was nothing wrong with Alonso for our equaliser, he was just trying to get play stopped.

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20 Oct 2018 17:50:00
Totally deserved the win today, was tough to take.

But step back and take a look at it on the whole.

We have been struggling recently, players not playing well and underperforming.

That second half v Newcastle, the attacking style which we employed today away at an unbeaten team who have been playing a lot better than us shows that we can indeed deliver.

The players have struggled for whatever reasons but I think we showed a lot of fire and passion today and long may it continue.

If we play like we did today for the remainder of the season, add the ever growing confidence, we will be more than a match for any of the top teams.

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20 Oct 2018 14:36:21
That last minute equaliser hurts. Worse than getting spanked. Really enjoyed that second half. Thought the team looked so much better pressing and playing on the front foot. Who would have thought?

Mata centrally makes us look a much better team. Martial was phenomenal. Shaw and young brilliant. Smalling was brilliant second half. We are missing that rw so badly that gives us balance. Lukaku is a worry. He looks disinterested.

Just a bit gutted. Feels like a loss. Just want to add how classless Chelsea fans are to Jose. The manager that made them relevant.

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20 Oct 2018 14:45:57
We did very well today. Looked dangerous on the counter attack, and contained their best players.

Jose got it right today, and was let down by two lapses in concentration when defending set-pieces. Mata was very good, Martial top class, and Matic was excellent today. The equaliser hurts because we were the better team.

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20 Oct 2018 11:57:17
Looks like a be very careful what you wish for sort of line up very attacking with very little midfield cover.

We could get tonked here.

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20 Oct 2018 12:08:36
It’s certainly attacking. No point sitting back and relying on our poor defence. People wanted attacking and here we have got it. Of course people will complain either way. I think we will get beat 3-1 by a very good Chelsea side. But pleased to see mata centrally and that front three. As long as we give it our all and attack I will be pleased.

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20 Oct 2018 13:30
Is Valencia injured or is this still to do with social media?

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20 Oct 2018 14:47:07
Have you heard of defending from the front, Deano?

The way we set up today allows us to press high whilst also having enough pace if the forwards get caught out in attack.

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20 Oct 2018 11:03:36
Mike Dean. what are the odds we’ll see a red card? a penalty? Jose sent to the stands? a less pessimistic me?

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Review Of The Day 20th October 2018

20 Oct 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 20th October 2018

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