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25 Mar 2019 14:38:23
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25 Mar 2019 09:40:15
Frankly I have not watched much of Sancho or Odoi, but the frenzy about them has caught my attention. One question for all that have seen them play, are they a better option than bringing Depay back?

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25 Mar 2019 11:13:31
Both seem to do a better job on the right wing than Depay.

Sancho seems great but I wouldn't underestimate the affect of playing in Germany out of the spot light.

Not seen enough of CHA looks a talented player but very young.

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25 Mar 2019 11:40:01
Depay has improved dramatically since he moved, did we have some sort of clause to buy him back? If we do I'd take him back, he was the right player but at the wrong time. He would fit into this style 100%.

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25 Mar 2019 12:50:53
No doubt Depay has improved since his move to Lyon. But has he improved dramatically or has a run of games in a comparatively weaker league enable him to find his best form?

I wonder if he would be able to perform to the same standard in the EPL at a club that is constantly playing under the spotlight of the world's press.

Great players have struggled under the weight of the United shirt playing in the unforgiving EPL.

I think he is an excellent player, but I question whether he has the mentality and attitude to make it at a top club.

I think we should look towards other players now and let Memphis seek out the right career path for him.

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25 Mar 2019 12:57:53
Thought Depay played on the left wing?

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25 Mar 2019 13:03:05
To me Sancho and Odois work ethic and image alone would be tempting rather than Depay who just wants to be famous and extravagant.

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25 Mar 2019 14:19:13
Shappy, same way we can't be sure either Sancho or Odoi won't struggle with the weight of donning the Utd shirt. To be fair, Depay has also been good for his national team not just lyon.

The Eds did say the move was too soon for Depay, add that with the number 7 Jersey, and you get double the pressure. Even Valencia with his experience at utd could not handle that pressure. Perhaps now with a bit more maturity he can fill slot back in.

You are right Steve, Depay is predominantly a LW as is Odoi, Sancho though seems more of a RW.

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Review Of The Day 25th March 2019

25 Mar 2019 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 25th March 2019

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24 Mar 2019 22:48:09
Hi Ed's any truth that we are going for felix, Dias and Fernandes and if so have we made contact?

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{Ed002's Note - Try searching.}

25 Mar 2019 09:08:27
Sorry wasn't more clear has there been any further developments?

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24 Mar 2019 16:21:32
Ed001 how are things mate?
Idea for an article. Can you do one on the fate of ex premier league clubs.
A rough count tells me there are some 25 to 30 teams playing in the championship league 1 and league 2 including Wimbledon that used to ply their trade in the premier league.
A lot of these clubs chased the dream were poorly run and have been paying the consequences for years.
I think it would make great reading. But lots of research needed from your end. I've had many a conversation with david o Leary on what went wrong at Leeds. i'm sure its the same elsewhere.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend pal.

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{Ed001's Note - I like that idea mate, that sounds like a real fun one to do, though it might have to end up being split up into one for each team. One article would be huge! I do really like the idea though thank you.

I am sure my weekend will be good, having a party here tonight for some members of the Salah family so should be fun.}

24 Mar 2019 18:50:37
Great idea, would be a good read, maybe you could add ed how certain clubs have kept themselves in the league, because they've been run good. Obviously not all as you would be there for a while.

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{Ed001's Note - good think mm. That's a good one. Clubs like Burnley, who dropped out and came back would be particularly interesting.}

24 Mar 2019 18:55:50
Cool its a big task but there are some crazy stories there rags to riches and back to even borrowed rags. Oldahm bradford blackpool Swindon the list is endless🤣🤣
Ill do you a deal. For every club you do one on ill do one the following week.
Enjoy the party. don't be posting any photos online or you might get done for abusing image rights😁😁.

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{Ed001's Note - that sounds like a good deal mate.

Photos? Good idea I should take photos. I never take pics.}

24 Mar 2019 22:08:34

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25 Mar 2019 08:49:59
Ken any chance you could ask DOL for a signed leeds Jersey for my GF's Uncle Jakey

He is a die hard Leeds fan, who had been very ill the last few months and the gesture could brighten his day.

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25 Mar 2019 08:57:46
Top Idea Ken.
Looking forward to these articles Ed :)

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23 Mar 2019 17:10:08
From totally left field, but would Sir Alex be a good Director of Football for us, wonder was he ever asked or considered, worked with David Gill back when he was manager and has all the contacts in the game. SAF our new D. Gill and Ole our new Sir Alex!

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23 Mar 2019 17:30:46
The guy just had a brain hemorrhage. We should probably just let him rest. As a football club we should be able to cope without his influence.

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23 Mar 2019 18:06:12
We need to move on from his era and try find a new Gill and Fergie rqthen then going back to the old one.

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23 Mar 2019 18:59:59
No. He is too old not to mention not in the best of health.
I do agree that three new Dof must uphold the club ethos and ethics. Maybe ole if he doesn't get the coaches job😂😂😂😂😂 he ciuld be poch's boss.

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23 Mar 2019 19:06:27
Dont be like Liverpool by clinging onto the past.

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23 Mar 2019 21:01:01
Live it Ken.

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24 Mar 2019 13:58:59
It's obvious who it should be - Paddy Crerand.

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23 Mar 2019 09:54:51
Paper talk-....

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{Ed002's Note - Wrong page.}

Review Of The Day 23rd March 2019

23 Mar 2019 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 23rd March 2019

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23 Mar 2019 11:26:04
Ihenacho overhyped Ed001? Never, wasn't he 10x the player Rashford is/ was by scoring numerous tap-ins playing for the most attacking team in the league whilst Marcus was playing under LVG's defensive, slow ponderous system? Also nice to see PSG lose the plot since we knocked them out.

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{Ed001's Note - apparently he was the next big thing. As for PSG they are insane. Truly insane.}

23 Mar 2019 20:07:46
Great read Ed001, by god i detest Neymar and PSG I hate what they stand for it was the perfect way for them to leave the champions league AGAIN 😂.

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23 Mar 2019 01:43:59
hey guys am new to posting but been addicted reading my fellow reds posts for getting on 10 years maybe more just never had the back bone to post haha no only joking ya couldn't be a red devil if you didn't have one and every fellow supporter a would hope to agree with me that man Utd inspire people give strength to people and let are younger generation be able to make there dreams a reality that's why there will never be a bigger club in the world love or hate them they love to present opportunitys to any youngster with the will and desire to make it ya will never get that at any other club fact.

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23 Mar 2019 06:41:05
Welcome mate and the best thing here is that there are many good posters with differing opinions but all good as we all want the best for the club we support. Best is the Eds are well connected and their information is very accurate. Aside from that we have the strong participation from quite a lot in the chatroom during game day. You should join some time. Am sure you will enjoy the atmosphere 🤣🤣.

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23 Mar 2019 06:48:24
Welcome to the mad house mate!

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23 Mar 2019 09:59:30
Welcome aboard😂.

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23 Mar 2019 11:32:16
Welcome to the Madhouse.

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25 Mar 2019 09:19:28
Welcome sir!

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23 Mar 2019 01:01:45
how does everyone feel about Southgate being baffled by olle picking lingard for the wolves match when the national side already ruled him out of the qualifiers a mean he deserves a crack at the job but that's a school boy error if true definitely for him to really succeed he needs the right people to guide him but for me he has fergie potential and he would of needed help aswell nothing wrong with getting help as long as you reach your goal and the tide is turning for us reds a can feel it guys.

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23 Mar 2019 09:27:46
If our medical team passes someone as fit then what else is he meant to do? I doubt he forced Lingard to play.

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23 Mar 2019 09:58:49
Many managers have played players injured or not fully fit.

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23 Mar 2019 00:59:18
Ed001 hope all is well.
Id like to ask your onion of the england team and how you think the squad is developing under Southgate.
Im not an english fan but for the 1st time really since gazza robson and co in the late 80s early 90s i enjoy watching england.
Players playing with pace and confidence and a surprising amount of technical ability.
I know intl football is not a great barometer especially for epl suitability but i was very impressed with sancho tonight. that's the best I've seen him and he looks a real talent.
The diff between him and hudson odoi is about 50 snr games as he looks a great prospect too. With alli rashford kane sterling and lingard also available thete is a crop of really talented young players to choose from.
Full back options are more than decent in walker trippier TAA. Chilwell shaw rose. Not all great defenders but again at intl level in most games its about overlaps and attacking support.
Gomes should come back soon along with stones maguire keane its possibly at cb where options are not at as high a level. Rice dier hendo give good defencive midfield options.
I feel the missing link is a top midfield playmaker with passing range and tempo setting ability.
Southgate for me has been a revaluation. He broke up the playing on reputation stigma that's been holding England back for years.
Only 1 Liverpool and no united players starting tonight. 2 18yo played.
Ok the opposition were poor tonight they are not the force they once were but England look very much on the up.

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{Ed001's Note - sorry no interest in England at all, I don't watch them, so I have no idea. For me international football is my chance to get a break from football.}

23 Mar 2019 08:24:27
England and the FA have set up a DNA of football that is coached all the way down to grassroots .
It has had a huge affect in my area, every local team has a qualified coach coaching to the same principles. This goes right through to the ACC teams up to the England school boys . It's been a long process but as a country we are seeing the benefits.

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{Ed001's Note - yes, no one can actually play or think for themselves, but there are lots of technically adept but not very bright players around. No leaders. No commanding defenders. Just lots of samey players who are not coached, but taught instead, so they all play the same way instead of their natural talents being brought to the forefront.}

23 Mar 2019 08:49:57
For me the biggest thing that strikes me about this england team is that it actually feels like a team.

Previous generation have had had cliques formed along club lines. But these guys seem to put their club loyalties to one side and actually get on well together.

Also it helps that england are actually nurturing talent from one of the most talented areas in the country and that is south london.

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23 Mar 2019 09:33:12
Ed I would say the opposite is true, excite on the ball Express yourself big mantra of the DNA .
Future looks good and very exciting for English football, the work at st George's park and the likes of people like sturgess is having an effect .
The English youth teams are all looking to promote and develop the right type of player/ brand of footy .
The sooner our clubs fully buy into it the better.

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{Ed001's Note - if you say so, but they are all just robots following a tactical plan and it is boring as hell to watch. It is the same reason why I can't stand Pep's teams. They play with no freedom or expression, everything is drilled into them. You are quite simply wrong in this matter I am afraid. It is not good footie, it is robot along the lines of Pulis, but just with a different tactic of passing to death. They all follow instructions, there is no off-the-cuff Jimmy Johnstone/George Best-type players around because of it and football is much the worse.}

23 Mar 2019 10:39:53
Ronaldinho would probably get crucified if he played in this era.

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23 Mar 2019 10:34:16
Ed we will have to disagree then, I've watched a good bit of the England youth games I think they play some great footy.

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{Ed001's Note - that is not what I am disagreeing with, I am disagreeing with you suggesting they are playing with freedom to express themselves. They are following a tactical plan closely. As for the 'great footy', each to his own, but it is not my thing, I find modern football tedious and repetitive and based solely on keeping the ball.}

23 Mar 2019 18:59:42
Ed001 I agree with you, players are over coached, half afraid to move out of position, no freedom, take off the shackles,
I seen a young lad playing down the local park one day with his mates while I was walking the dog, I said to my self there's a player so I watched him for a while, I found out who he was and saw him playing a few months later, he was being coached by tha fai, right back he was playing and wasn't allowed move past the half way line, I said what a waste, he should be playing in midfield with free roam,

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{Ed001's Note - it has moved away from coaching into directing. Managers all micromanage everything so players have to fit in.}

23 Mar 2019 19:29:22
I thought England were good to watch last night. Lots of off the cuff stuff skills etc. Sure its mostly done within a tactical framework but it was easy on the eye last night.
It was not possession for possessions sake. There was attacking intent throughout and a great work ethic. Such a young team too. Harry kane could break rooneys intl scoring record he is still improving and there will be plenty of soft games to add to his tally.

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