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12 Dec 2018 18:19:35
Most will know that Garner and Greenwood have been involved with the squad for tonight, maybe one will make the bench, even get on. However, look up Shola Shoretire, 14 years and 10 months, who made his debut in our U19 win tonight. Apparently extremely highly thought of and I believe the youngest ever to play at that level. Keep your eye out for him.

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12 Dec 2018 19:02:19
And the other fella fish (first name escapes me) is only 15. That current under 19’s side is excellent, I love watching Gomes.

12 Dec 2018 19:23:00
Good shout red man. The u18s and u19s have done quite well this year. Hopefully a couple in there that will excel.

12 Dec 2018 20:20:21
Nice to see a Neville back in the team too haha.

12 Dec 2018 12:27:04
Big game this Sunday guys. How do you think we are going to lineup and what do you think the outcome will be? Can see us perhaps going for 3 at the back and looking to go long like we did last season to by pass the Liverpool press. Have no issue with this if it gets a result. Of course we would like to rock up at Anfield and try to play them off the park but unfortunately we aren’t good enough at the moment. Would take a one nil scrappy win any day of the week.

Would like to see Dalot and shaw and wingbacks but think we will see young playing instead of shaw. Cbs of bailly, lindelof and Rojo but most likely it will be jones smalling and one other. De Gea needs a big game he’s struggled of late. Head doesn’t seem right since the World Cup. Still incredible but he’s having a bit of a dip in form. Understandable as he has been exemplary for 3/ 4 years. Midfield 3 of Matic Herrera and pogba. Probably see fellaini for pogba. Front two of Lukaku and rashford. But can make a case for either martial (if fit) and Lingard as well.

This Liverpool side is very strong. It’s diffc as united fans to have our two biggest rivals as top dogs this season. But we must go to Anfield and fight tooth and nail. The players need to press and make life as difficult as possible for this Liverpool side. Don’t give them an inch of space and time of the ball. Play them at their own game. Teams that have done that this year have made it tough for them. Both Chelsea and city did so and PSG in the champions league. Napoli tried to do it last night. In derby games form goes out the window. Jose is reknowned for these ‘one off’ games so let’s see if he can prove that he can still do it when it matters most. This game is about pride. I don’t want to go into work on Monday and have to listen to ‘this year is our year’ rubbish. The reality is this Liverpool side could win the league. We cannot rely on our rivals to stop them. We need to take this matter into our own hands. At the moment I’ll be honest I’m a bit deflated and not buzzing for the game. But come Sunday morning I know I will be bouncing off the walls and ceilings hoping for a win. We are still the biggest club and most successful club in england. Let’s get onto the Anfield pitch on Sunday and knock the scousers back down to Earth.

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12 Dec 2018 20:28:32
Park, another good post. can't understand the thumbs down with no comment left?

12 Dec 2018 22:52:53
Cheers Cantona. Must be Liverpool fans 😂.

12 Dec 2018 08:05:55
Hi all,
Thanks to the Eds as always.
Quick one for the Eds, was Pogba a Jose signing or a 'club' signing? Papers reporting today that he wasn't a Jose signing - this sort of opinion just confuses me so any clarity would be appreciated.
Hope everyone is well in the build up to the best time of year.

{Ed001's Note - the club do not make signings without the approval of the manager. This reminds me of the final days of Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, when his friends in the media kept making up bull about the transfer committee calling the shots. Just like then, they conveniently ignore the fact that he has final say on incomings. If there is a disagreement, you end up in the situation you were in during last summer, when no consensus could be reached no signing arrives for the centre back position.}

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12 Dec 2018 09:06:57
Didn’t Jose try to bring Pogba to Chelsea prior to this? Jose has spent his entire career trying to protect his own reputation by throwing people under the bus that he parked.

12 Dec 2018 15:33:46
I assume the deal was in the pipelines before jose mourinho came into the position but as ed001 said the move would have required mourinhos approval for it to go ahead.

Especiallly considering he had just got into the job, his authority was probanly at its highest when he first came in, everyone was optmistic that we had the right manager in.

Also when you come in and the midfield options are an ageing carrick, fellaini, herrera and an ageing wayne rooney, mourinho was never going to say no to paul pogba.

12 Dec 2018 16:45:22
Why then were chelsea also targetting Pogba when Jose seemed to be there DSG. He wanted Pogba at chelsea then at Utd, just because he did not know what to do with pogba doesn't mean he never wanted him.

11 Dec 2018 17:49:25
Quick question lads, if we signed Alderweireld would he be eligible in the next round even if spurs progressed? Someone at work was adamant the cup tied rule in Europe is gone? Could anyone confirm?

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11 Dec 2018 20:47:51
No he is cup tied can't play in same cup comp for 2 different sides.

11 Dec 2018 23:05:10
I’d heard they scrapped the rule this season, could be wrong though.

11 Dec 2018 23:47:59
They have changed the rule but it dosent come into play until next season unfortunately.

12 Dec 2018 07:23:30
Let‘s be honest, we shouldn’t be in planning for the Champions League, but rather try to make sure we are part of it next year again.
Focus should definitely be the Premier League.

11 Dec 2018 11:23:15
So looking at the CL tables, topping the group this year is much better for us with the pottential teams we could face.

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11 Dec 2018 14:54:36
Yes, but we aren't going to win it so might as well have a big game to look forward to, we aren't going to finish top of the group and hopefully we rest a few to keep them fresh for the big game on Sunday. Only one game I am bothered about us performing in this week.

11 Dec 2018 15:01:45
Its not in our hand anymore EZRS, Juve need to drop points against BSC, I really hope Napoli win or it is going to be a complete rubbishshow in the R16 draw.

11 Dec 2018 16:01:43
Yeh, Sunday.

Was trying to forget about this Sunday.

11 Dec 2018 17:15:35
Personally I would rather play a "big" team than a so called smaller side.

First off, there are no bad sides in the knockout stages of the UCL. All of them are there on merit and have had to beat good sides in the group stages.

Secondly, if we lose to a so called smaller side the press fallout will be much bigger. As will the fan fallout. I know I'm more annoyed at losing to a side I personally don't feel we should be losing to.

Finally and probably most importantly, I feel the way Jose sets our team up we are better placed to win against the better teams than the lesser ones.

Jose may not be my cup of tea, yet one thing he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is that his style of football is exceptionally successful in cup competitions. 17 cup competition wins compared to 8 league wins. His style while lacking in entertainment and excitement does grind out results in those tough games. This season we haven't looked anywhere near as bad against the top teams compared to the poor performances against the "lesser" teams. I wouldn't be surprised if we beat or at least draw with Liverpool for example.

So I don't mind if we finish 1st or 2nd in the group, as long as we get a top side in the draw. Besides isn't the whole point of being in the UCL for the big nights against the top teams.

11 Dec 2018 19:43:43
Good post Shappy completely agree mate.

12 Dec 2018 09:29:57
Agree shappy- I am optimistic regarding the champions league. At the start of the group stages, in fact the season we were never regarded as frontrunners to lift the trophy or indeed any of the top teams thought to be even in the mix, but its a knockout comp and we proved we can play againnst great teams re juventus. Over 2 legs no team are invincible so owt can happen.

11 Dec 2018 10:32:06
Theres a good piece in yesterdays MEN about and ex scout Derek Langley who was with us for 16 years and got removed for speaking his mind rather than being a yes man, he went on to explain some things about missing out on young players such as De Jong and De Ligt and the reasons behind us not getting them players.
Have a find if you get chance.

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11 Dec 2018 11:36:46
It is an interesting read, however I'd guard against saying he 'got fired for speaking his mind' as, while this might be true, we only have his word for it at this time. Could be correct, could be a bitter ex-employee having a moan.

Review Of The Day 11th December 2018

11 Dec 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 11th December 2018

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And Finally.....The Good Old Days?

10 Dec 2018 16:46:21
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, And Finally.....The Good Old Days?

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10 Dec 2018 18:06:25
Worth the read!

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, glad you enjoyed.}

10 Dec 2018 18:37:19
Good read that Ed, but the last paragraph is so so true. Selfies should carry a custodial sentence. Even worse, bloody selfie sticks. Now they should result in severe corporal punishment by means of rectal insertion by said object.

{Ed001's Note - the only thing a selfie stick is good for is beating the person attempting to use it.}

10 Dec 2018 20:40:16
Great read. Every generation is told by three preceding one 'it wasn't like that in our day'
I've said it to my own lads.
One of the biggest earners on you tube last year at £18m was a 7 year old doing toy reviews. The worlds gone mad.
By the way betty i'm with you on the selfie loons😂.

10 Dec 2018 21:11:11
Great read, my gf wants yo take a selfie stick on our first holiday.

I have a feeling it will break during the flight.

11 Dec 2018 01:00:41
Great article Ed. Am sure this was inspired from your catch up with your parents 😉. Makes me miss my late father and the times he was around epitomizing the meaning of “good old days” for me. There were tough times but good and great always follow after that.
And yes I agree with all on the selfie stick. Have yet to own nor use one and probably won’t ever.

{Ed001's Note - they are not here until tomorrow morning mate. I like your interpretation of 'the good old days'. And thank you, glad you enjoyed.}

11 Dec 2018 07:45:12
Ed001, great read but how did you forget George Harrison? 😱.

{Ed001's Note - easily, he is a bit boring like.}

11 Dec 2018 08:12:50
Haha, surely that's Ringo Starr?! (Albeit he was quality on Thomas The Tank Engine) .

{Ed001's Note - I have a daughter, I knew Ringo from Thomas. I remember Lennon purely because me dad looked the spit of him.}

11 Dec 2018 10:07:10
Not a fan of their music then?

{Ed001's Note - not really my thing, plus my grandad told me they couldn't play their instruments so it is obviously not really them is it? ;-)

11 Dec 2018 10:35:22
Hahaha. But to be fair the music producer Quincy Jones said the same thing about them!

{Ed001's Note - good point, maybe the old man was right all along!}

11 Dec 2018 10:49:01
The good ol’ days were right! On a side note Ed, been seeing my missus for just over a year now, a Scouser 🤦🏻‍♂️ You can’t begin to imagine how much pain I’m feeling at the moment.

{Ed001's Note - you are a brave man. Very brave.}

11 Dec 2018 10:55:04
Ha. Luckily she doesn’t like football anymore but her old man and bro are staunch fans. I’ll be up there just after Xmas. Luckily not on Sunday. Not feeling too optimistic about the game if I’m being honest unless the Jose bus turns up!

{Ed001's Note - her not liking football explains why she hooked up with you, as she won't see any played by United these days!}

11 Dec 2018 12:22:37
Luckily she doesn’t like football anymore and I only go up to Liverpool once a month. Thoughts for Sunday’s match, Ed? I’m not feeling too optimistic, hoping Jose’s bus will be turning up!

{Ed001's Note - I don't do predictions mate, bad luck!! I am the most superstitious person there is.}

10 Dec 2018 14:30:08
Just to expand on the earlier post about Axel Tuanzebe. As we have number of 'squad' players who are either not playing or who would you replace and add to the first team squad for 2019/ 20 season.

Smallling - Tuanzebe
Valencia - TFM
Young - Mitchell
Matic/ Fellaini - Pereria
Sanchez - Gomes (Martial to start)

I would also add Chong and Greenwood if they are ready.

Some great young players who supplemented with Elite level singings such as Koubalily would be decent. And kind of similar to what Poch did at Spurs. Maybe that's why there's interest?

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10 Dec 2018 15:36:44
Tbvh, Pereira doesn't have that physical attribute in his game which we need for a CDM, his best position is #10 and hence does not fit in Jose's system.

Mitchell can be a good backup option but would definitely not be my first choice Lb.

Also i would not rush any of the young academy lads in the squad, would loan them for a season or two.

10 Dec 2018 16:42:56
At center back, I would love to see Smalling, Jones, and Rojo moved on, and bring in one proven veteran along with Tuanzebe. Young might stay, given his leadership and experience, to back up Shaw. I agree with Becks that Pereira might not be strong enough defensively for the CDM position in the PL. Sanchez gone will be a bonus by itself. Too mnay minutes taken from Rashford, Martial, Lingard, Mata, all of whom are better players now.

10 Dec 2018 17:52:33
What do people see TFM's best position as?

10 Dec 2018 18:09:17
I personally feel that gomes has little chance of making it in a mourinho team because of his height.

Same with chong unless he fills out and adds some muscle, don't think he has a chance under mourinho.

Greenwood however from what i've seen of him has both the technical and physical attributes to make it under any manager, whether that's at united or another club.

10 Dec 2018 20:43:57
Hazzard deco duff robben di maria cole all excelled under jose.

10 Dec 2018 07:16:37
The abuse directed at Raheem Sterling was appalling and the people responsible need banning and prosecuting. Sadly there are still morons who think that race, or religion, or sexuality is fair game for abuse.

Watch any match and see the general abuse that is directed at players. The ball goes out for a throw or a corner and an opposition player goes to take it. Faces contort with fury, bile is shouted at them, and the hand gestures start. This is mature adults screaming abuse at young men, very threatening behaviour that is very disturbing: outside a stadium it would be illegal but in a ground it seems anything goes. Football is a passionate game but things are regressing. The world seems an angrier place right now and I worry a fan will do something stupid. We’ve already had a couple of players assaulted in recent years and yet the abuse goes on. Is it any wonder no footballer has come out?

{Ed0333's Note - wonderful and wise words my friend. Let’s hope footballing stadia is filled with people of your mindset in the not too distant future.

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10 Dec 2018 08:00:23
I forgot to mention referees where Managers add fuel to the fire as well. At grass roots level referees are being assaulted regularly and I believe the example set at the top level plays a part (as well as societal issues) . Why on Earth would anyone want to be a referee nowadays?

{Ed001's Note - it is sad but people take a game far too seriously. It is not just football though, it is all walks of life, people over react to nothing.}

10 Dec 2018 08:04:02
Seems to happen with most black players who are percieved to be flashy and not humble.

Similar sort of thing happening with the stick pogba gets but on a lesser scale.

10 Dec 2018 09:28:53

I agree it does, however, I was also trying to make a wider point about abuse generally inside grounds against opposition players, irrespective of the colour of their skin.

10 Dec 2018 09:42:17
Well said tony, It’s totally unacceptable and I applaud sterling for standing up and speaking out. I’ve always thought he got such a rough ride by the media because of the colour of his skin. I hope something is done but call me a cynic because I don’t think this issue will ever be fully eradicated. There is always one of two Neanderthals who ruin it for the majority.

10 Dec 2018 12:01:26
I agree with ed people are overreacting to everything now. christmas songs, eating animals everything. Now I have a true story that happened here in cork, hard to believe but it's true,
A young lad started school here in cork his name was Mohammad, anyway the teacher said your in Ireland now and your new name is Mike, fine said Mike and he went home and told his mother, his mother went mad, are you ashamed of your name, your family your religion and gave him a right few slaps, then his father gave him a few more slaps, he went to school bruised the next day, what happened you Mike the teacher asked,
Shortly after I became an Irishman I was attacked by two Arabs. 😀.

10 Dec 2018 12:43:29
Nice one Mike Leahy 😉🤣.

10 Dec 2018 18:08:49
Leahy, I'm assuming the irony is lost on you.

10 Dec 2018 19:26:37
Ajh you can assume whatever you like.

10 Dec 2018 21:06:03
I know how they feel, the Irish Catholic community in Glasgow have been discriminated against since we came here after The Famine.


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